A cup of passion Episode 5


A Fortnight later, Jemimah became the happiest when David got her a new Range Rover and a nice apartment.She moved away from her friend’s place and began to live an extravagant life.David tantalized her to the fullest till she no longer thought of any other guy except David.He seems to be the perfect man for her.

Jemimah drove steadily as the radio in the Air conditioned Range played celine dion’s I’m alive to her hearing.She smiled to herself as she remembers David,its almost a month now in the relationship and david never asked of sex.They only kiss and smooch.Her mind went back to Jake and a pang of guilt swept through her mind but she waved it off.

She looked and saw her friends waving her to stop. She smiled and swerved towards them.She lowered the glass.

“My babes ooo…Come in”She said.Enny sat beside Jemimah whilst christianah sat at the back.

“My friend..you are now a big babe,so you’re forming levels uhn”Christianah said smiling.

“Ahnn ahnn…No now,I’ve just been so busy(She honks at the students walking on the road”Jemimah said looking at christianah through the mirror.

“Uncle dave.How is he?,he has really taken care of you..You are robust”Eniola chipped in.

“Hahaha”Jemimah laughed. At that moment,Jake and his coursemates,Moses and Ayo were coming from the physics laboratory after a brief reading.

They were chattering happily about the ongoing school football tournament and the previous match between Industrial chemistry students and Mass communication students. Jake was at the front and on seeing him Jemimah told her friends and they laughed in mockery seeing how emanciated he was.Jemimah pressed the turtle hard and raced the range into a big ditch water causing the Brown water to splash on Jake’s white shirt thoroughly.

She lowered her glass and spat at him before racing off.Her friends laughed real hard.

“That babe is crazy o…Is that not jemimah?”Moses said in Anger.

“Sorry guy..Maybe you should go home to change your cloth”Ayo said patting Jake’s back.Tears welled up in Jake’s eyes and he tried cleaning the mud off the white shirt but it only made matters worse.

“Or i should report this girl to the ĂYE cult?”Moses asked.

“Ahh..no don’t..Remember David sef is ÁLORA,it will only make matters worse.The school will be in war”Jake said.

“Shey you be ĂYE?”Ayo asked Moses.

“No.Do you know Otesh?”Moses asked.

“Michael otesh,that guy dating Fatimah in our department”Jake chipped in.

“Yeah..That guy na ÁLORA too.The ĂYE matcheted him last week inside the Market”Moses said.

“See let’s go.i’m scared they are hearing us”Ayo said looking around with fear.

“Haha.Lazy boy”Moses laughed.

“I don’t know SUG president belongs too”Jake said as he removed his shirt.

“You’d better free that girl to him”Ayo said.

“I’ll try”Jake replied sadly.

“Don’t try,you must”Moses said.

“Ok,let’s start going to New science complex”Jake concluded. The guys moved on.

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… …

Angela sat in her office thinking real hard about Jake.She hadn’t been herself since she met him.Day after Day,she hoped he would call but he didn’t.She stood up and started pacing around. Angela Tarsey was a beautiful,fair-skinned lady.She was 5’6 tall,with cute freckles,a pointed nose and Large sparkling eyes.Her b—–s rose up with young full ripeness.Her well curvatured lips gave her the sexiest smile whenever she did. The door opened and her friend Bolanle Thompson entered smiling.

“Sorry i’m late”Bolanle smiled and said.

“Hmm..since when i’ve called you”Angela replied

“Maa binu.You know it’s not easy to drive all the way from my place”Bolanle said adjusting herself on the chair.

“Bola”Angela called.

“Yes dear”Bola replied.

“I’m tired of my life.Ever since i was born i’ve never seen a guy to ask me out or ask me even for sex.I have the money and fame as a clinical psychologist but what’s the essence of all that but no husband.Look at you,you have Benjamin and you’re getting married in a month’s time.I don’t have anyone to f–k me all i do is m——–e every night..Is this how i am going to continue…”She said with tears streaming down her face. Bola stood up

”It’s okay darling,all is well.We only have to be prayerful”She said.

“I hope so”Angela said and looked away.

“Do you know we are having dinner tommorrow at Mc laurels gardens.?”Bolanle asked.Angela looked at her and brightened up”Ohh really,tell me more!”.

“It’s lovers dinner.So you’d better get a guy just to follow you”Bola said.

“Hmm…Guy”Angela said and looked away.She smiled as her mind went to Jake.

… …

“Yeah…ahn ahn..”

“Yeah…ahh ahnn”

“I used to sit by the river with my lover”

“With our eyes spinning just like a rover”

That was Lewis rapping for the students in the New science.Jake was beating the table producing a rap beat while the students were moving and saying

”Yeah”.They were happy.Why won’t they be?.Their first semester exam results had just been released.They all did well with the lowest having 3.2 G.p.a.Jake Miles topped the department with 4.8 G.p.a over 5.0.

Those physics students are braniacs. Jemimah had gone to check hers,she was happy that she had done well too.Having 3.4 points,enny had 1.4 and Christy 2.8.All the best,they had muttered,laughed and zoomed off in the range rover.

Jake was the happiest,he knew how good he was and he hoped to make it again this second semester.

“Miles!..A lady is asking of you”Aishat shouted as she entered the hall with a nylon of buns and canned pepsi.The Boys chased her begging for it .

“okay.”Jake said getting up curiously. He moved out and to his surprise it was Angela.He was at loss.The girl was more beautiful than when they met at first.

“Hi”He said and looked down shyly.

“Hello,jakey”She said sweetly.

“Hum..How did you know i’ll be here?”Jake asked.

“Asked from Aishat.She’s my school daughter”Angie said.

“Oh..i see”He replied scratching his head.

“I’m not annoyed of you for not calling.I just came to invite you for a dinner tommorrow at Mclaurels”Angie said smiling.

“Oh..i’m having tutorial tommorrow”Jake replied.

“Hun..bookworm..Be free for once at least..I heard how you physics student came second and Medicine students.”Angie teased.

“Ok,i’ll follow you”Jake agreed.

“Ohh thanks darling”Angela said and pecked him.He was surprised.The girl was so soft and sweet-smelling.

“Your number”She added.

Jake gave her his mobile number and she flashed him with hers.She thanked Jake and entered her xterra jeep,waved and zoomed off. Jake stood afixed for some seconds until the guys came running out shouting

”Oyaaaaa”.He picked up a race. . . .

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To be continued…