A cry For Love Episode 28



I had a deal to honor, colonel Bwembya made it clear he was not going to help me if at all I would not accept being his wife.

“chose Chisomo, you can leave this place and go God knows where, or you can stay here, you will be safe, I swear I will not let Ketty or her mother hurt you or the kids, I will do everything in my power to keep you and your kids safe, I will give you a decent life and you will have the life you wish to have, with peace and happiness. Only promise me you will not go to that man, that captain and his fiancé have caused you harm and there is no way you will sacrifice your children for him” he told me that night after coming back from where he had gone.

I had thought he would reconsider his decision as I told him I was not in love with him.

“Who said a woman must love a man Chisomo, my love for you is enough for both of us” the colonel smiled. I looked at him and shook my head.

“Am sorry am not doing it” I answered bluntly.

“You are telling me you don’t care that the mother to Ketty and Ketty will be the ones to raise your kids? Are you going to be happy your own blood are living with those people, I know what the court will do, they will take away the babies and give them to Ketty, Mario will not be as close to them as you think and God help you if anything happens to the poor souls, just because you won’t give up your pride to marry me because am old” he responded

The entire night I spent it thinking of what he said. Early the following morning, I woke up with the decision to get his offer, I was just tired of everything. I got so tired I felt I wasn’t going to run anymore,

“Maybe it is my destiny to be with the old man even when it was the least thing I ever wished to ever happen to me.

“I will do it” I stood by his door looking at my hands as he stood by the door way waiting for me to say something after I knocked.

“Okey?” he sighed without moving.

“I need the kids, I cannot run anymore, if this is what it will take to have my babies and protection, then yes, I will do it” I added trying so hard not to cry.

That day he promised to take me back to Lusaka and bought me some new clothes, he informed me the court session would be the following day and got me a room so I took some much needed rest. The following day, he came back and took me to the court room. The moment I set my eyes on Mario I could not help it, I felt so guilty I was never going to be with him. His face looked so happy seeing me, he was evidently worried about me but there was no giving him false hope, I was not going to stay with him after all.

The colonel made sure every step he was close by and never allowed me to get so close to Mario, I had to beg him so I could go stay with my kids before the final trial.

“Just make sure you stick to your promise, I will not be cheated on” he warned before I could leave his vehicle, it was evident he was threatening me and I knew so well than do otherwise. Here I was running away from answering Mario`s questions, he had watched me the entire time without saying a thing and when I mentioned I was leaving with the babies, he was so shocked .

“Chisomo! “ Mario called out following me into the room I was going to sleep in.

“Please don’t make this harder than it is, please just leave me alone” I spoke looking away he walked around and came to stand in front of me.

“Chisomo! “He sighed holding my face up. “Look into my eyes and tell me you have no feelings for me, look at me and tell me you never loved me and want to move on” he asked. It was the second time he was asking me that and this time, I could not get to lie to him again.

“I, I “ I stammered swallowing hard.

“Chisomo, please, please,” he knelt before me still holding my hands.

“No, Mario please don’t do this” I tried to lift him up but he remained down.

“I will not stand from here till you tell me the truth today, for months I have chased after you and I am asking you for the last time, do you love me, do you ever want to be with me or you will keep on running away from me? ” he asked. I looked at him and away, he wasn’t moving from his spot, my heart was calling out to him and I could not lie anymore.

“Yes, I love you, is that what you want me to tell you?” I sighed crying “I love you Mario like I have never loved any other man, I think of you every day and I came back from that coma because all I could hear was your voice calling out to me. I loved you when we lay together forcefully, I loved you when I left thinking I would forget you and let you be with Ketty, yes” I paused again sniffing in as he looked at me his mouth open.

“I loved you even when I was away, I could not give my heart to another man because in a few times we spent together, you marked my heart forever. I love you and cried when I was forced to write a note by Ketty`s mother” I cried out and he stood holding me close.

“Then stop this, putting us apart” he whispered.

“How can I love you Mario, when there are people all over trying to keep us apart? How can I when our kids’ lives are in danger? How can I accept to live with you when I only have one decision to make in order to save our children?” I shook my head.

“you can, it’s easy, just allow me to help you, we can do this together Chisomo, trust me, being apart will not help matters at all” he held my face in his palms. “Who threatened you this time? Is it that man? That retired colonel? Was it the condition he gave you for helping you come back?” he asked and I had no way of hiding the truth any longer, I went on telling him everything.

“Come here” he pulled me to the bed and lay me down, he sat next to me holding my hands in his.

“am not going to let anything happen to you, I swear It on my life, if that is the last thing am going to do so be it, am never letting anyone else hurt us” he vowed I could tell he was being sincere.

After hours of talking. He convinced me I had to stay with him. I had to promise him I would never leave no matter what and he promised to protect us from the colonel and Ketty`s mother. We spend the night cuddled together. At the moment I felt so much comforted and loved. There was no doubt the man in who’s arms i lay loved me. His soft breaths touched my heart I sighed watching him sleep.

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“Good morning beautiful” he opened his eyes looking at me, I felt shy he found me watching him in his sleep.

“Hey” I tried to smile.

“You okey?” he asked touching my chin with his warm hands.

“The last time I felt this calm and peaceful was way back before my father died. I cried and ran to sleep with my mother because that night it was raining heavily and thundering. I was so scared until mom cuddled me in bed where she and dad slept. I felt so warm and safe.” I smiled looking at him.

“Do I make you feel that? I mean warm and safe?” he smiled sitting up.

“Yes” I responded honestly.

“am so glad to hear it, I want you to feel that till we both leave this world cause I swear on my life I will not let anything happen to you.” He held me close and kissed my lips. The crying of the twins broke us apart, he was the first one to jump out of bed and rushed to the kids I followed him. I watched from the door as he grabbed some warm milk formula and fed them with both his hands. He smiled as he talked to the kids I smiled to myself.

“Thank you God for this good man” I sighed in my heart and walked to help me.

“Can I feed one?” I asked he stood smiling.

“um, am used to feeding them like this, I have done it for almost 2 weeks and I just got used, here, feed the boy” he handed me one feeder.

“The boy? You have not named them?” I asked surprised.

“No, the thing is I wanted you to be here and we both give them names” he smiled as he fed the girl.

“The boy is Takondwa, in my language Chewa it means `we are glad`. Am just glad my pain is soothed by the coming of these twins and the fact that I found a man that appreciate me for who I am, but I have not thought of the girl`s name.” I told him.

“Takondwa? I love it,” Mario smiled looking at the boy.

“And the girl?” he sighed.

“Give her a name” I responded lifting the girl up and he smiled walking close to us.

“Well, Chikondi, cause I have learnt and found true love” he smiled.

“Besides, it sounds both Bemba and Chewa . “He added with a smile.

We were happy walking around with the babies, our happiness was cut short by a loud bang on the door.

“Who is that?” I asked looking at Mario as we sat on the dining table having our breakfast. He shook his head and walked to get the door while I watched him. He stood by the door after opening it and the next thing I saw was the colonel walking in majestically looking around the house with disgust.

I panicked at the sight of his face, he looked at the kids without a word and at me.

“Pack your things, we are living” he ordered and I could see Mario was shocked as much as I was.

“What? “ I muttered standing up.

“You heard me Chisomo, get your kids and let’s get going.” He spoke in his firm cold voice.

“No!” Mario stepped forward pulling my hand. I was practically shaking with fear.

To be continued