A cry For Love Episode 27



My life had been turned upside down, since Chisomo disappeared on me, I tried to look for her everywhere I could think of but nothing. I even went to check on Jay and after finding him, he clearly denied seeing or running away with Chisomo.

“I have searched for her everywhere too and I was suspecting you and your Fiancé` has something to do with her disappearance” Jay had responded after I went on asking about Chisomo. He explained his mysterious waking up covered in tomato paste but with no idea what happened to him.

“I know not what is going on with Chisomo but I will find her one day, Ketty and her mother still play innocent even though I know they got to her somehow” I complained honestly feeling desperate.

“If you are sure they took her or made her leave, why not report to the police for kidnapping?” Jay suggested. It had been 4 days after Chisomo was gone. I thought through Jay`s idea and went on to report to the police even without proper evidence. The police argued that Chisomo was a woman and was capable of making sound decisions including deciding to leave her children behind.

I was so tired getting to my new home a day later, when I saw Ketty`s vehicle parked outside my yard.

“What are you doing here?’ I asked her getting off my car. She smiled.

“I came to give you this” she sighed handing me a paper.

“What is this?” I asked without taking the paper from her hands.

“Read it Mario” she shrugged casually.

“What? A summon? Are you mad or what? Those babies are mine, I and Chisomo gave birth to them and not you. Why on earth do you even think you will have the rights to get them?” I asked now closing the gap between us.

“Well, if I will not have you back, then I will have the kids. It was my idea to have a baby. I paid Chisomo to sleep with my fiancé and now that they are born you are refusing to give them to me. Chisomo is gone because she knows the deal” she paused seriously looking at me.

“You are insane!” I yelled angrily, she was getting on my last nerve.

“well, that will be my defense and I have witnesses, the court will rule for me to have equal rights to the children or even adopt them since their mother left them for me, you will not have me lose you and everything else I have worked so hard for Mario” she sighed and stepped back. I swear the sight of her arrogant face made me so mad. I wanted to hold her neck and strangle her for what she was doing but I held myself.

“You and your evil mother will not get away with this, you won’t” I pointed at her and walked away.

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The First court session we had, Ketty and her other had forged Chisomo`s signature signing a letter where she gave custody of the twins to Ketty, stating she had carried her end of the bargain to bear her a child.

“Captain, do you agree with the concerns that this woman is claiming about the twins? Is it true she paid a woman to lay with you to bear a child for Ketty your fiancé?” the judge asked me. I looked at Ketty and her smiling mother, then back at the Judge.

“Yes she paid a woman to sleep with me” I responded,

“Well, so you are agreeing to the fact that she has the right to the twins as much as you have?” he went on.

“no, your honor” I sighed, I went on explaining all the details of what transpired with Ketty and Chisomo, stating the fact that Ketty and her mother had a hand in the disappearance of Chisomo. The Judge asked why she had written a letter to explain her leave. I tried to argue of the fact that it was fake but I was asked to present enough evidence of my claims.

My lawyer told me we had to find something that would make the courts see the plot that Ketty and her mother had, in the few days we were given. I was so scared of losing the babies, in my heart I knew I needed to defend them, I was never going to let her win.

A day before the final trial, I was babysitting the twins, the nanny I hired was in the kitchen preparing their formula, I heard a car drove in and I stood by the window to check who had come.

“What is wrong with this woman?” I asked myself seeing Ketty dressed in a short dress and high heels walking towards the entrance since I had not yet put a wall fence around the house. She saw me watching her and she stopped outside waiting.

“What do you want again?” I asked the moment I stepped outside.

“I came to give you a last chance Mario, we both know this issue can be sorted out easily, I still love you and all I wanted was for us to make a good and perfect family, just come back to me, come lets us raise the kids together it’s what Chisomo would have wanted” she explained her voice calm.

“I see, this was your plan, to threaten me with the court case with fake documents so that you have me and the twins, well you are so pathetic, I cannot believe I once loved you. You disgust me” I spat honestly hating her very presence.

“I love you Mario, I really do and I never wanted all this you know that “she whispered walking close to me.

“Come any closer to me and you will regret it Ketty, you know what? people were right, my mother was right, she saw through you and knew you had some part of your mother in you, I wish I had seen that earlier, you and your mother will pay for what you are doing to poor Chisomo and the twins. “ I shook my head.

“Well your loss, don’t say I never warned you Mario, I came in peace and you throw insults on me? You are the one who will regret ever letting me go because of that Chisomo, she abandoned you and you won’t accept the facts” she smiled and walked away.

I so much wanted to pour my heart out to her and let her know what I was really feeling about her, but I couldn’t get myself to do it, I prayed a little prayer hoping a miracle would happen so that the courts would see that Ketty and her mother were up to no good at all. She turned to look at me and I shook my head. She was not worthy my time, so I walked inside and sat with the twins, thankfully they were growing big and now at 9 days old, they looked good and better than they were when they got discharged from the hospital. I was glad I hired an experienced mother as their nanny and she was taking good care of them.

“What did she want?” the nanny asked when she walked in with some bottles of milk.

“God knows, just came to disturb my mind, but I will not allow her. “ I responded with a weak smile she shook her head.

“your story is something else Sir, how come the woman you loved for years turns out to be the one to cause you pain?” she sighed sitting down next to the girl. I had not named the twins yet not knowing Chisomo`s ideas of names, I was so much hopeful she would come around and name them herself.


A couple of days later, my lawyer and I walked into the court room, the trial started and we got to the point where i had to defend myself of all Ketty`s accusations and claims. But it was so weak.

“Well, Captain am sorry but we will have to allow Ketty to have custody of the babies, she is the woman and from the explanations she has same rights to the children as much as you have. You will have to be visiting your children and you will not have them before they are old enough, they need a mother`s care” the judge was speaking and I heard some shoes stepping forward. The entire court room looked at the door to see who was walking in and Chisomo was there standing her face wet with tears.

“Objection Your highness!” an elderly man who was standing with her shouted.

“Chisomo!” I silently screamed with a deep sigh, I felt relieved seeing her. She looked sad and thinner than I had seen her last but I was so glad she was standing there.

“This woman here is the mother to the twins and she is here to tell her story” the man went on and I immediately recognized him, he was a retired colonel from ZAF. I was still in the judgement box so I could not just move and go to Chisomo, I kept looking at her surprised.

“Where have you been?” I finally asked when they were close to me. But the Col moved close taking her forward I stood back watching her.

“Let her in the box and lets all settle down to hear the testimony of this woman” the Judge shouted before she could answer me, I held her hand as I moved out squeezing it hard.

“Am so glad you are here my love, I really needed you” I whispered and walked towards the seat. Ketty and her mother were fidgeting clear hatred written over Ketty’s mother, Ketty was facing the floor as Chisomo went on giving her testimony to how she went away.

At the end of the session, Ketty and her mother were not allowed to get the kids. They were to appear again for final trial. My lawyer told me further trials given Chisomo`s testimony.

As we walked outside, the lawyer explained it would be hard to get everything cleared completely as the Judge asked some more investigations to be carried to confirm Chisomo was the mother, but thankfully she had produced the birth records from the hospital and the judge gave her some time to be free.

The Col drove Chisomo following me behind and left her, at my place. Before they left, I watched them talk for a few minutes and Chisomo walked into my house looking rather sad instead of happy. She smiled as she bonded with the twins though, I could see she was happy to see them healthy.

“am happy to see you back” I stood behind Chisomo as she was standing by the window after putting the babies to sleep we had not talked one to one from the court and I was not yet sure of what happened to her.

“it’s not over Mario, my life is still a mess and I am here to just get the twins, when this is all over, am going away and never coming back” she spoke with so much pain tears falling her face.

“What? What do you mean? “ I asked surprised.

“It’s the price am paying to have my babies back Mario, I have to leave, am sorry” she cried the more.

“What happened to you my love? Please let me in” I begged her holding her hands but she moved back.

“I can’t, I just have to leave and if you truly love me you have to let me go. I was helped to come back, offered the protection I needed from Ketty and her mother and in exchange I have to let you go” she sniffed in and wiped her tears.

“No, you cannot do this to me, not again Chisomo stop punishing me please, just stop. “ I tried to beg her but she moved further back shaking her head.

“it’s for your own good and for the sake of the twins Mario, I need to go away and this time forever, forget about me Mario, forget I ever existed. “

“Forget you? Are you serious? “ “We have babies together, we are bound forever how can you ask me such a thing?” I was now crying desperately, her facial expression was filled with so much sadness and she didn’t seem to be joking with her every word.

“Am sorry” she added and walked away.

“No, this can’t be happening, not again.” I sighed and rushed to follow her in the other room.

To be continued