A cry For Love Episode 25



Having Mario in my arms again was exciting. I recall asking my mother to carry out the plan for Mario to hate Chisomo. I clearly told her to organize Chisomo and her friend Jay so that Mario would discover she was with him. Or even fake some DNA results showing Mario was not the father to the twins.

“Are you insane? You think Mario or anyone for that matter will believe that story when you have seen how much those babies look like him?” my mother laughed at me.

“Well then mother, find a way to make her leave or him hate her I don’t care, I just want my man back, now that I have thought through things. I think even the babies can go with their mother for all I care” I told her.

“Look at me” my mother ordered. I turned to look at her as we sat in my car. “You are my daughter, and by that you should know you have my power, my strength and I can assure you soon, that girl will be out of your lives for good” mom smiled widely.

“You know I don’t like being anything you are mother, am not a bad person, I just love Mario and will not let him go for another woman because of my stupidity, am trying to save what has remained of our love. I honestly don’t want anything bad to happen to Chisomo or the kids” I warned her firmly.

She looked at me and chuckled shaking her head.

“Am serious mom, don’t you dare do anything I wouldn’t do” I raised my hand at her

“Well, you are weak, and with that attitude you can forget your man” she shrugged staring in the front. “So what now? Are you in on this one or not?” she asked after some minutes of silence. I turned to look at her and back on the road.

“I cannot lose him mother, but….” I wanted to add but she cut me short.

“I know, don’t worry, I just need some money” she sighed.

“Money? For what?” I asked surprised, “the deal was you get your pay after the job is done and apparently you have not done a thing” I shook my head.

‘Well, consider the job done, as of tomorrow that fool Mario will be curled in your arms never to leave you. And about the money, it’s not mine, I need to pay off that popper Chisomo so she can leave you for good, that is what she is in for, money, and money we will give her” my mother added as I dropped her at her place.

“well, I will send it over this evening I need to pass through the bank” I responded and watched her leave after she warned me to stay home the following day and be calm as she takes care of things.

The following day, my mother called me to let me know Mario was coming home so I waited for him as I worked on my new story. I had entitled it “A cry for love “to tell the details of my story with Mario and Chisomo.

When Mario walked in I played serious and calm and I could see he believed my words of being okey with him leaving me. The passionate moment, well, at least it was for me as I could see him struggle, it was like his body was with me but his mind somewhere else, at the moment all I cared for was to keep him home as my mother asked me to.

“Make sure he delays there and I will give you a signal when all is done here” she had warned me.

After an hour of delaying Mario, I received a beep and watched him leave my house with a small bag of his cloths

“I hope he comes back soon Mother” I called mom the moment I heard the gate closing.

“Don’t worry, that popper is gone and never to return. “She laughed softly in the mouth piece.

“Just like that?” I asked her.

“Yes, she has taken the money like I told you and I threatened her with photos of her boyfriend. She knows he is dead” my mother informed me.

“But? “ I asked. She was silent.

“Mom, I swear if you have killed that poor guy am personally taking you to the police” I raised my voice my heart racing at the thought of Jay being dead. “That man has nothing to do with all this and I …..” I went on shouting and my mother sighed I could hear her from the other end.

“Will you stop ranting like a mad woman? What is wrong with you? You called me to help and now you acting like a child.

“Mother, I am telling you this again, I didn’t sign up for anyone to die, I swear if…”

“He is alive “she cut me.

“What? Are you serious?” I asked.

“Yes, I just had to threaten him too to fake his dead and smeared some tomato paste on him to make it seem real on the photos, it was just for a show to let Chisomo move faster. The idiot is alive though he doesn’t know who had him covered in sauce. He was unconscious and my men had captured him after threating him for something I will not be explaining to you, so yes you can now breath, he is alive” she went on explaining and like she was aware I was holding my breath, I breathed out in relief. She told me the twins were all mine. Honestly at the moment I became excited I cared less what her plan was, maybe it was best I was not aware so I wouldn’t feel so guilty for what Chisomo was going through.

That evening I prepared some good meal the way Mario loved it knowing so well he was coming to be with me. I waited for hours but nothing, there was no call or text to explain he was coming to me.

“What is going on? “ I asked myself as I looked at the watch showing it was past 23 pm. Panic clouded my heart at the thought of Mario finding out I had a hand in what happened to Chisomo.

“Mom this man is not here, what exactly did you do?” I asked my mother after more minutes of waiting.

“Why are you asking me that?” she responded in her sleepy voice.

“Well, because you told me Mario would be back but he is not here, he has not called me or anything, where the hell is he?” I shouted impatiently.

“relax ketty, that man will come, soon he will need you cause I can assure you he will not take the twins to his mother nor will he take care of them by himself, he knows he needs you and so take it easy, maybe he was not given release papers today. Calm down and get some sleep” my mother added and cut the line.

“Mother?” I tried to speak hoping she was there but her phone was off, I tried to call back but it was not reachable. Giving up I retired to bed, though I kept shifting around trying to figure out what to do if Mario was never coming back.

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The whole morning the following day, I waited but nothing. I was getting ready to go and see my mother, opening the car door when I heard a loud knock from the gate.

“Ba John check who is at the gate “I shouted and John ran to open, before he could even open it wider someone banged it open and a furious, in fact furious is an understatement, the man was very much upset he came where I was, grabbed me by the shoulder and led me inside pushing me so hard on the couch I winced in pain.

“Where is she?” he asked his eyes burning. “I asked where the hell did you and your evil mother have taken Chisomo? ” He pulled me up shaking me vigorously.

“Mario you are hurting me. Let go please” I cried out

“I will do more than hurt you if you do not tell me what I need to know, what the hell is wrong with you? You think you are a god? You think you can just toss people around in your plans? You think life is all about you? “He shouted angrily.

“I have no idea what you are talking about Mario. Where Chisomo or the twins are I don’t know so please stop throwing this anger on me. I know nothing at all” I told him but he was so mad he pulled me up handing me a note. Slowly I unfolded it,

Dear Mario,

By the time you read this I will be long gone. I could not wait to go away from you and these babies, I never signed for this at all, I was in it for money and now that I have been paid in full, its high time I and the man I truly Love Jay, moved on.

Am sorry if I gave you any hopes of loving you, I do not feel a thing for you, in fact I was disgusted by you all this time, the only man I love and have always loved is Jay and now it’s time we both went our way. Be with your woman Ketty, she loves you and am sure she will be more than willing to take care of the twins with you, remember she always wanted a baby for both of you.

Stay happy, because I am now.


I read the letter twice, well, I knew that was mother`s doing and I could agree she was so craft. I never thought of that before.

“Well?” I looked at Mario still standing watching me.

“Where is she, we both know that is not my Chisomo. She can never write things like that” he spat angrily.

“Your Chisomo?” I laughed out “Are you under a spell or something? The woman has written to dump you even before you could start anything and you are asking me where she is?” I shook my head.

“listen to me Ketty, if not for the past we have had together, I could have killed you with my bare hands, how dare you tease me, you and i both know Chisomo can never write that nonsense to me, you know so well this is yours and your mother`s doing. So am warning you, you will tell me what I need to know right now…”

“Or what?’ I faked being mad too, I wasn’t going to let him intimidate me. he had no evidence I or my mother was involved so I had to use that to my advantage. “Mario please I beg you in the name of God, stop torturing me, I have had enough of your embarrassment in the months past, there is nothing that I have done but to make you happy, even the idea of Chisomo giving us a child was for our own good. “ I spoke firmly.

“Our own good? Really? You think I have not figured that already? You didn’t do it for me Ketty, “he paused chuckling “Don’t ever bullsh*t me with that nonsenses, we both know you did it for your own selfishness, you wanted a perfect life, a perfect family, and you wanted to mend your family past by having a handsome man, your wealth and now a baby to seal your family. You know what? I got news for you, you will never have a perfect family and your dead father will not come back either so get over it girl, move on!” he spat shaking his head I swallowed hard, now that he was saying it aloud, it pricked my heart so much. They say truth hurts and at the moment it hurt so much.

I lost it and slapped his face so hard he held his hand to his cheek.

“Truth hurts huh?” he nodded his head. “I want you and your mother to tell me where Chisomo is or I swear you will regret ever meeting me” he warned and started heading towards the door.

“you have no proof of what you are accusing me of, just don’t throw things on me, I have no idea what is going on in that Crazy girl`s life, remember you and I both don’t really know her, she probably is in love with this guy Jay, I saw how he defended her when I paid him a visit last time.” I shouted, he walked back nodding in silence.

“There it is, you know what?” he smiled sadly. “Now you have cleared all the doubts I had of you having a hand in this and I hate you for it” he frowned.

“it’s not the first time she is leaving you remember that” I tried to defend myself but I could see it in his eyes, he was never coming back .

“You have just proven you followed Chisomo around” he added.

“I wanted to bring her back we both know that” I swallowed hard realizing I gave myself up.

“If you have never regretted anything you have ever done in your life, this marks the start of your deepest regrets, and “he paused looking into my eyes pure hatred written in them. “God will punish you for taking away a mother from her Children, those babies are innocent and still need their mother, they were born prematurely and needed all the mother`s attention, they needed her the most this period but you have taken that away from them, for this, I swear, you will pay with your soul” he sighed and walked out.

I crumpled to the couch crying softly.

“He hates me” I whispered to myself in tears.

To be continued