A Cry For Love Episode 18



The sound of the coffee maker was louder than normal in my ears as I watched my mother enjoying the pleasure of me asking her for help. I had no other way now that things got to this point. Mario was calling it an obsession, but I called it getting back what belongs to me. I wasn’t going to let Chisomo, take away my man and my baby, for me whether I didn’t get to carry it, I knew it was mine since the man it was conceived from was mine, I was the reason Chisomo even had it, so come what may, I vowed to get back what belonged to me, her returning my money was not going to work at all,

“She is mistaken if she thinks I would take the money and forget everything. “ I told myself.

“Hmm, so let me get this straight Ketty, you want to hunt a pregnant woman who slept with your man so that you have the child?“ My mother asked me sipping on her hot coffee.

“Yes, are you going to help me or not?” I asked without wanting her to ask a lot of questions.

“hey, hey, easy there girly, am not someone you can just come around and give orders to, am your mother and if you are here for help, you need to work on my terms and put your horses down.” my mother raised her voice at me walking to the living room.

“You know what, I knew coming here was a mistake, I don’t even know why am here forget it mom, i will look for the girl myself” I shook my head standing up.

“oh, if I were you, I would tone down and get what I need first before storming out, besides, I know the entire truth, you cannot hide things from me you know that, that day I came to your house and you gave me some silly laugh about your man, I knew things were not right, I had to carry out my own investigation, for starters…” she paused placing down the mug.

“I know that woman I found was a girl you hired to get pregnant for you, secondly I know she is out of your house and that is why you are looking for her. How dare you? You behave and think as a person in an uncivilized world, how could you give your man to another woman like that? You are so dull I sometimes wonder how you can even be from my womb” she spat chuckling I felt hurt by her words.

“am not dull mother, I already told you it was all planned and whatever you think you know is not the entire truth, I will have things under control soon” I responded but she clapped her hands seeing through my desperation.

“You could have left already If you didn’t need me, now, what is in it for me? You know I will get you what you want, unlike you, am not a failure, sit down and lets discuss this” she spoke with so much determination, I knew I was to get what I needed. She was not a good person for sure and now was not the time to look at good, I needed someone who could get me Chisomo and get her to obey and listen to my command and there was no better person than my mother.

I went on telling her everything as she demanded and I could see her pride swell as she threw it in my face for being careless and thinking low. I had to take it all in, in order to get my results though.

“so, get me my money Ketty, 50 % of the profits you will make from your company for a year will be mine and in exchanged I will give you this poor girl, not only that but I will get your child too” she smiled widely as she led me to my car outside.

“be careful mother, I don’t want anything to happen to Chisomo and the baby In the process, I just want what belongs to me that is all” I cautioned her and she smiled at me.

“You know you’re not a bad person, and are not capable of hurting anyone, so why not let go of this then?” she teased me.

“Well, am not, you are right though, am sure you will do anything for money, even kill your husband for example, “I stated knowing that will get her of my back for a moment.

“You never stop do you?” she shook her head letting go of the car and I drove out watching her in the side mirror as her house disappeared slowly as I joined the road.

“I will wait for your call mother!” I shouted back.

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I was walking down the road from the antenatal clinic one afternoon, when a car drove by stopping in front of me.

“Good day mam” a man greeted from the window, he wore a nicely tailored suit and wide smile.

“Good day” I greeted back.

“am sorry to stop you my lady, but I need to find out where George Central police station is around here, I have been going round and round but I seem not to find this place. Can you help me with directions? ” he asked with a grin, I looked at him and he seemed not like a bad person at all, he looked gentle and had a soft calm smile, he didn’t look lost either but I had to tell him, it will be impolite for me to just tell him that to his face.

“Well, take the straight route and ….” I went to on giving him directions.

“Thank you so much lady you seem to be heading in the same direction?” he asked starting his car engine.

“Um, yes I stay a Few meters away from the police post Sir” I smiled

“Well, then, even better, jump in I take you as you show me the place too” he insisted and after a bit of hesitating, I decided to do as he asked and the rest of the journey he kept asking me questions.

“So you are married?” he asked and I knew he was starting to cross the line.

“Yes Sir, am sure you would not assume I got this pregnancy from the streets huh?” I asked sounding serious he smiled

“Am sorry, you are a beautiful woman and your man is lucky to have you. “he smiled looking ahead and I turned to look at him. He was not the first man to admire me even in my state so I blushed off the thoughts of him the moment he dropped me by the police post as I insisted I walked from there onwards.

Jay was outside hanging his clothes when I got there and he rushed to get the plastic of vegetables and bread I had carried in my hands.

“Welcome back Bana Mpundu” he teased as he always did.

“Say that again and i will punch you in your face, you sound like those call boys in town” I scoffed sitting down on a stool. My pregnancy was now showing at 7 months and i was getting tired easily.

“What?” I asked seeing Jay watching me silently.

“I love you” he spoke without warning and I looked at his face.

“What did you say?” I asked, the first thought upon hearing those words was Mario. It was like he was the only man that had told me he loved me since I was old enough, now whenever I heard the words, I remembered him and it hurt.

“I love you Chisomo, you are my best friend and I love you” he said this time with a smile I knew it was one of those times he played some jokes with me.

“Come on, you and I know that you are the only person I trust and love in this world, you are like a brother to me and you give me so much courage to forge ahead. Even when I wanted to move out and start renting my own house now that my boutique and shop are doing fine you wouldn’t allow me leave cause you feel am not safe alone. I love you Jay and thank you a million times for everything” I smiled grabbing his hand as he stood there tall before me.

“You are my best friend forever” I added

He bent down and before I knew what he was up to, he kissed my lips and smiled.

“No, I love you like that” he smiled again standing up and walking away. I was shocked. for a moment I thought it was a dream and I touched my lips to make sure I was hearing and seeing things right, feeling my lips still wet I realized it was actually happening. But before I could figure out what to say, Jay`s girlfriend walked in giggling teasingly.

“I knew it, you two were up to no good at all. Tell me Chisomo, why do you pretend to be friends with my man when all you want to do is take him away from me huh?” Esther asked standing there holding her waist in her leggings and loose body top.

“Esther” I sighed realizing how much Trouble Jay would be in for his stupid act.

“Yes me, Esther, the girlfriend to that man you are kissing shamelessly in public. What the hell is your problem Chisomo? Jay told me how you slept with another woman`s husband to get pregnant and now you want my own, no, no and no I will not allow it” she shouted her voice so sharp I was lost of words.

“Esther! Esther watch your mouth!” Jay came out pulling her away from me as tears now rushed out my eyes.

“You, you told her everything?” I Asked jay now hurt he had blown my story to the whole world.

“Am, um, am sorry Chisomo, she forced me to tell her the truth, I had no..” he stuttered and before he could finish I slapped him hard across the face.

“I trusted you! I trusted you and you told the world about what I told you? How dare you” I spat angrily

“It’s not the world, he told me because am his woman Chisomo, what were you thinking? My man would keep you in here for months without explaining things to me? You are so naïve and pathetic. He is mine “she screamed her voice out I could see some neighbors gathering so I walked into the house and went in my room crying myself out.

“get out ! You are so unbelievable!” I could hear Jay scream to his girlfriend outside and I lay down crying.

“Am I cursed or what?” I asked myself. It was like everything good coming to my life found its way out immediately. First it was my father and brother, they died leaving me with my mother, now she too was gone, I found the unexpected love of my life and it all ended in tears, now this? The man I trusted as a friend confessing love to me and now the drama with his girlfriend.

“When is this going to end?” I asked myself “When?” I whispered loudly..

I heard footsteps and Jay came standing by the door way.

“Chisomo, please don’t cry please I beg you” he whispered

“Why won’t I cry Jay? Tell me why I should not cry when everywhere I pass people are always laughing at me because you went to tell your girlfriend what I told you in confidence?” I sat up looking at him.

“am so sorry, I really didn’t mean to tell her but you know how she is, she started accusing me that am in love with you and I had no other way of defending myself” he sighed

“Well, now what was that outside, huh? Why did you kiss me Jay?” I asked. He looked down the floor without a word.

“You see, you had to cause that trouble for me for nothing, you are right? It was better for your girlfriend to know the truth but you should have asked me first. Now she has blown the news. Anyway, am leaving. I really appreciate what you have done for me and if it was up to me I would pay back everything but you won’t allow me. I cannot stay here anymore, I just can’t” I shrugged wiping my tears.

“No, you cannot leave, yes, I kissed you because I meant to, I love you Chisomo, I have always loved you. I never had the courage to tell you before and when you came with the issue of Mario and Ketty I was heartbroken but I had to take care of you. After all they say love is greater shown in action than spoken, I love you please don’t leave” he begged holding my hand.

“My God, even you?” I asked him.

“You are the only person I have Jay, you are my friend and my family, now you want to push me away? Why? Why do you want to make life a living hell for me with your girlfriend? Why do you want to become another Mario in my life? Am I cursed that I have to always cross the path of love belonging to another woman?” I shed more tears my heart was bleeding.

Jay apologized for saying something about his feelings for me and insisted I stayed with him, but I could not, I packed out a couple of days later renting a house close to where I had opened my shops within the area. “Am sorry but I have to go” I told him as I left.

“No, am sorry for causing you pain again Chisomo, no wonder I said nothing before because I wanted us to be friends for always. Am sorry”

He was right, now I felt bad I had to avoid him too. I needed him as a friend but with Esther figuring out his feelings for me, I was never going to have peace at all. I had to move on and take care of myself and the baby.

To be continued