A Cry For Love Episode 17



Months of searching for Chisomo had all been unfruitful, it was like she just vanished into thin air. To make the matters even worse, Mario and I never got married, he completely refused to get married, claiming there was too much on our minds and we needed time to be sure after everything that had happened. I was devastated but I could not get a man to marry me by dragging him to the alter. So I decided to go by his terms.

“Well, since you have denied me marriage and yet you claim you still love me, let’s start staying together. We have past the stage of just girlfriend and boyfriend. So will you move in with me?” I asked him

“I don’t think it’s right Ketty, I mean, I cannot just move in with you, am a man and until we decide otherwise, we will leave our separate lives” he argued calmly but I didn’t take his response lightly.

“You will not lie to me Mario, you and I know you have changed so much. You should stop lying that you love me and spit it out to me in black and white you no longer feel the same” I cried looking away.

“I do love you Ketty, I just don’t want to enter into a marriage with lots of arguments and unsettled issues. Please understand” he responded.

“By unsettled issues. You mean Chisomo?” I asked him.

“You know what? Am moving in with you, if that will make you happy Ketty” he stood up.

I knew he was just avoiding yet another topic about Chisomo but that was a relief on my behalf, I knew having him that close would make him realise what we had before and maybe come to his senses. He moved in a few days later and unlike before, there was no much interactions as before, I noticed Mario`s schedule had changed. He would go for the gym every day after work, and during weekends he spent the days out with his friends.

Trying to ask him to spent time with me was by force, he always found a way of sneaking out on me.

“it’s all your fault Ketty, you cannot blame a man for this” my friend Sera would throw it in my face.

“well, he is wrong if he thinks am going to let him go on with this, he will one day realise what is important and necessary in his life” I told Sera.

I however never gave up on looking for Chisomo, all I needed was my baby and I was not going to let her have the baby. it was mine and no matter what, I intended to get what I had paid for.

I was lost in thoughts as I drove back home and sighed when I was there In the front, John came to open for me and walked towards me after closing the gate back.

“John, what is it? You look like you have something to say” I looked at him.

“yes madam, I have something for you” he showed me a box wrapped up neatly.

“What is this?” I asked him receiving the package, in my heart I had thought it was a surprise gift from Mario. Excited I went to sit down with a wide smile.

“What time did Mario come here to bring this?” I asked unwrapping the package.

“No madam, it’s not ba boss who brought it in.. it was…”

“What? Who brought it then?” I asked him before he could finish stammering.

“It was madam Chisomo, she told me to give it to you personally and make sure you were the one to open it”

“Chisomo?” I put it down my heart racing, “Where is that woman? Where is she?” I stood up

“She is gone madam, she just told me to give you that and tell you she is sorry for everything. That was all” he added

“Okey thank you, you can go to work now” I dismissed him not wanting him to see how his news delivery had affected me. I slowly opened the package with no idea what was inside it. Finding some money in it I was taken aback.

“What is this?” I asked myself and right at that moment Mario walked in.

“Hey baby! “He greeted throwing his cap on the couch and coming to sit next to me.

“What is that?” he asked seeing I was lost.

“It’s money Mario, its money” I responded in a rush my heart still racing.

“Yeah I can see its money but why are you wrapping it? “He asked leaning back.

“Am not, here, it’s from Chisomo, I was given this by john that that lady had the guts to come to my house in our absence and drop this money, as what? A repayment for the money I gave her, this girl is so messed up if she thinks I will accept this” I snapped.

“What are you talking about Ketty? You mean Chisomo just came and left this money without saying anything? How?”

“Here, how do you explain this?” I handed him the money and a small folded paper fall off, he went down to pick it…

“It’s a note” he sighed and unfolded reading it.

Chisomo had just explained how sorry she was for ruining our love story. She stated how she was appreciative she was that I treated her well.

“I never intended to get Mario close to myself believe me Ketty. About the baby, i have decided to keep it but am sorry I won’t give it to you. Enclosed is the sum of 20 thousand, thought of giving you back what you gave me for my mother and for all your troubles. Am so sorry, Chisomo”

She signed off the letter, Mario sunk back defeated, it was like that letter had made him lose all hopes of seeing Chisomo.

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I looked at Ketty as she went on speaking ill of Chisomo, in my heart all I could think of was where she was, who was taking care of her, how the baby was growing inside her.

“I miss you a lot Chisomo, I miss you” I whispered to myself after Ketty had left the room in a rush I had no idea where she was going.

A week later, I was driving through town still clad in my uniform in the afternoon, then I saw her, Chisomo was walking slowly crossing the road to the opposite direction, I was almost getting out of the car to get to her when a tall dark guy hurried to her and she turned to look at him with a smile. The two of them walked away they talked happily.

“What?” I asked myself. “she cannot possibly be with another man like that when she damn knows she is carrying my baby” I was not talking loudly the woman passing where I was looked back and shook her head, she was probably thinking I was crazy.

By the time I got out of the shock of seeing Chisomo with another man and followed her, she was gone, I tried to look around but it was like she had disappeared in thin air.

Frustrated, I drove back home. Ketty was in the living room on her laptop when I got home, I kissed her slightly as we greeted.

“How was work?” she asked me.

“Good, you? How is that book coming on?’ I asked

“Well, by the way I have found a solution to finding Chisomo” she announced pushing aside the laptop.

“Okey, am listening” I stopped in my steps.

“Yes, but I will not give you the details, just know that at the end of the day we will have our baby.” she smiled widely I felt shivers in my body. Her manner of speech scared me for some reason.

“Why won’t you give me the details huh? Ketty, I honestly don’t like your obsession with Chisomo, she is a victim in all this you know.” I tried to get her to reason.

“a victim, is that what you call her, she took advantage of you and manipulated you with her poverty and fake sorrow, she is the reason we are not married and to top it all, she had the guts to throw money in my face and tell me she will keep our baby? “ she shook her head.

“Your baby huh? You practically pushed that girl on me Ketty this is not fair. You cannot spite that girl to plan badly against her “

“It’s not fair? Mario. Tell it to my face that it’s not because of her that we are even talking to each other like this. You know what?, I know money cannot buy happiness for sure, but it will surely allow me to get what I have lost, that baby and you” she shrugged and pushed back the chair standing up.

“By the way, am pregnant and I told your mother that too, she was for the first time happy with me. “ Ketty smiled.

“What? You are pregnant? But… how?” I wondered looking at her holding her stomach.

“well, that baby will one day come in this house and people will have to believe I carried it, so yeah, am pregnant to the world Mario” she spoke and turned to walk away.

I looked at her, now practically worried, whatever she was at was not good.

To be continued