A Cry For Love Episode 1


The morning rising sun was hot, I looked around the yard as I walked towards the exit. My heart and mind at peace even when my mission was hotter and very disturbing. I had no way of explaining my feelings at the moment, the only thing on my mind was to find something that would fulfill my heart`s desire, and that was the love of my dear fiancé.

Mario is a good man and I intended to make it my mission to let him have a blessed and long life. Now that my life had a large stumbling block, I wouldn’t give up hope of other`s happiness especially that of the man I had come to so much love it sometimes hurt the thought of living a life without him.

“Ketty! Ketty! Stop!” the shouting voice of Mario made me stop in my steps but I bothered not to turn around and look at his face. I was so scared of seeing what lay within them I preferred to act like I didn’t care at all about his feelings.

“I have already told you this is final Mario, I don’t know why you want to make things harder than they are already” I spoke without facing him I could feel him breathe behind my back.

Instead, he held me from my back and squeezed me in a tenderly way and like that was the only grip on the tears I had held on to in my eyes, I felt my chin wet.

“Stop please, will you?” Mario whispered rubbing his face at my back, I swallowed hard fighting the urge to turn around and kiss him, tell him all will be okey. But on a second thoughts, I stepped forward and though he hesitated to let me go, he eventually released his hands from me and I freely walked away getting on the first bus that was pacing by the road side.

Mario`s house was just along the road in Kamwala south so I had no issues when it came to transport. The moment I settled back in the back seat of the Toyota hiace, I looked in his direction and I regretted it the very moment seeing him still standing there his hands on his face.

“Men do cry after all” I shrugged not happy about the feeling though.

“Hey sister, ndalama apo” the bus conductor raised his voice and I looked up at him with a smile,

“Yes please, here” I handed him the money which was already folded in my hands.

“Town?” he asked me but I was so lost in my mind I didn’t answer him.

The next time I paid attention to him was when I recalled he had to give me my change.

“I was asking where you are going sister and you played dump, that is the problem with imwe my slay queens bamu Lusaka, you think you run the entire world” the man uttered his frustrations on me, I was tongue tied.

I took a moment to analyse my dressing, I was clad in a pair of thick jeggings and a blouse long enough, my entire back and hips were well covered, I had some white socks on my feet that matched my floral blouse. My face and hair was neatly done.

“Well, what makes you think every woman in Lusaka is a slay Queen?” I found myself answering him back after I confirmed in my head I was actually okey with my dress.

He looked at me and my calm face and instead smiled widely.

“Awe ndimwe babwino chabe mwandi sister (no, you are just beautiful my sister)” he shrugged and I had no more to say to him I even failed to pronounce a thank you.

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A few minutes later I was out of the bus and was matching hurriedly across the streets when someone bumped into me, I sharply looked in the direction the woman was heading and was so sorry to find her lying flat on her stomach, some people watched her others whispered softly I could not tell what they were saying.

“What the hell is wrong with you, you cannot watch where you are going?” I shout out before I could control it and the lady slowly but carefully stood up and wiped her back and hands.

“am so sorry dear, I didn’t see you, my mind is somewhere else” she spoke so gentle just her voice made me develop a lump in my throat, I hated myself for behaving like that, humiliating the lady when she already had enough with falling down in public.

“Um, excuse me” I walked towards her when she turned to go as I had not responded to her apology but kept looking at her.

“Am sorry I was so harsh on you” I apologized

“It’s okey dear, it was my fault really” she smiled but in a sad way I held her hand

“Where are you going? You look troubled?” I asked her

“Um, my mother” she stammered and I could see the struggle in her eyes as she tried to tell me what was bothering her.

“Listen, its okey, am a stranger I understand, but I feel bad for you, honestly you don’t look well at all. Can you tell me what is wrong, please?” I held on to her and instead of answering she burst out crying.

“My God Lady, what is it?” I now pulled her in an embrace and I am not sure what led me but I pulled her hand and led her in South gate mall and found a seat outside some café.

“Am sorry” she cleared her throat wiping her tears and trying to wipe the ones that had fallen my hands.

“It’s alright dear, you can calm down now” I whispered with the best smile I could give.

“My mother, is very sick in the hospital, am just coming from there and the doctors are recommending a huge sum of money for her medication and operation, I have no idea where or how I will get the money. She is the only one I have as family, I cannot go anywhere to ask for help. I don’t work, I lost my job as a shop keeper a few months ago due to her sickness which made me abscond from work for some time” she teary explain, I nodded my heard slowly to make sure she understood I was listening to her.

“Am sorry about your mother. What is wrong with her?” I asked her after she managed to control her tears.

“She has some kind of cancer I don’t know how to pronounce it well, it is growing so fast and is located in her stomach” she responded

“Oh, God, am so sorry for that. By the way what is your name? Am Ketty” I looked at her

“Am Chisomo” she for the first time smiled it was like her name gave her hope after all.

“Chisomo, I like you, not only are you so beautiful you seem like a good person too, some people would never care so much about their ill mother but I can see the struggle and the desire you have to get her better. “ I smiled.

“She did the best for me am just returning the favor, besides she is my mother and I would never get to have another in this world” she smiled

“I know right?” I smiled back, in fact admiring she had such a connection with her mother, the thing I always wished for but never got a blessing to have it.

“well, it seemed fate made us to meet today, am on a mission and now that I have met you, am thinking you could be the one to help me with it” I smiled holding her smooth dark brown hands she looked at my face her eyes full of hope.

“Really?” she smiled

“Really, I would help you with the money you want for your mother for some favor” I started and she sat up ready to hear it all.

To be continued

Story by Tisa Phiri