15 Days Fiancée Episode 42 Final


Written by Authoress Ti Fe



After giving Elena Valentine my card, I walked back to the Auditorium and then I saw Lydia and Mark waiting for me at the door with their hands folded.

“I know that look.” I said smiling.

“We saw you giving that lady your card. What is going on?” Lydia asked and I smiled.

“Okay this would sound crazy but I think I am in love with her.” I said and they looked at each other and bursted into laughter.

“What? A girl you just met? You haven’t even known her for more than an hour. Seriously dude?” Mark asked and I heaved…

“I know it sounds crazy but I think this is love at first sight. I want her.” I said to them and they sighed.

“Okay, so what if this woman of your dream isn’t who you really think she is?” Lydia asked.

“Exactly, answer that.” Mark supported.

“Then there is only one way to find out. I have to study her, the way she thinks, the way she handles situations, her anger, and the likes.” I stated counting my fingers as I did.

“And how do you plan on achieving that?” Lydia asked folding her hands.

“With your help guys.” I said grinning and they looked at each other in confusion.


“I asked Lydia to be as bi**chy as possible. Mark as good and useful as possible and my step mother the most caring of them all.”

“They all did their parts greatly especially Lydia. I saw how much she frustrated you, but trust me it was all drama. Lydia is the nicest persons I have ever met.” I said smiling.

“OMG! I can’t believe you did all this. And hold on, you said Lydia is the nicest person? But she judged me harshly.” She replied and I nodded.

“Yes I know. Before anyone is admitted into the institution, we need to look strict as we can so they would work hard on their singing.”

“And because of how harsh she spoke to you, you still wanted to get into that institution. That’s what we try to register into the participants.”

“It was because of the feelings I had for you that’s why I gave you a three.” I said and she pouted her mouth.

“Not that it was worth it right?” She asked and I nodded reluctantly.

“I am sorry about all these. I just wanted to know who you really are.” I stated and she nodded.

“And did I pass your little test?” She asked looking at me and I nodded.

“Excellently. If you didn’t, I wouldn’t have given you that.” I said pointing to the ring, and she smiled.

“You are yet to tell me how Regina and Jason came in.” She said and I chuckled.

“You meant Sandra and Philips?” I asked and she nodded laughing.

“Actually when Lydia noticed how you handled the situation she thought would tear us apart, she decided to put you through another test, weigh heavier than all we planned.”

“She organized both of them thinking you would flare up and leave me after listening to their news and seeing a fake DNA result.”

“But we were and are still astonished that you could handle that situation in the best way you could. You didn’t create a scene, you were damn selfless.”

“After we saw all these, I knew you are the perfect one for me and everyone adviced me to go for it, even Philips. So here we are, I went for it and you accepted me.” I said smiling and all she did was bow her head.

“I can’t still believe Jason… I mean Philip put on that act to test me. Oh My God, it was so real and I would have never believed it was just an act.” She stated and I nodded.

“Congratulations to us once again.” I said and we both laughed kissing and hugging each other.


The wedding party was known as one of the most famous party in town which had over a thousand guests.

The couples seemed like the happiest couples in the world. Lydia was the bride’s maid and Mark was the best man.

Celine and John were present, and so also was Stefan who for some minutes regretted ever letting Elena go in the first place.

They were so happy and looked cute together. The Bone’s family as a whole were happy to have another member in their family.

After the marriage, Jace later took Elena to the institute to see the place. She was so happy she was finally walking into the gates, even if it wasn’t as a participant.

She got to a class room where some very little children were been trained. She smiled and looked at Jace.

“We should have babies soon.” She said and he laughed.

“Of course. Babies soon it is.” He said and we both bursted into laughter holding each other.