8 signs indicating a man is ready for a serious relationship


No doubt, men can’t compete with women in the level of mystery but when it comes to dating and falling in love, every woman would go the extra mile to find out whether a man is serious about her.
All women are looking for some cues that would allow them to understand men’s true intentions. According to the relationship experts from vava brides.com, there is a set of signs signaling that a man is ready to take a responsibility.

  1. Saying “we” to refer to a couple. One of the signs that man is serious about a woman is that he often uses “we” mentioning their couple while talking to his friends. This is pure psychology: if a man openly associates himself with the other person, deep down, he has already got rid of his status of a lone wolf.
  2. Spending much time together. Usually, if a woman doesn’t mean much to a man, he will not waste his free time on her but will spend it with his friends or get busy with his favorite occupation. But if he’s in love and views a woman not just as a girlfriend, he’ll spend every free minute with her.
  3. Preferring her company. This sign is related to the previous one. If a man reorders his priorities in favor of his woman, for example, prefers to spend his weekend with her rather than his buddies, it tells much about his attitude towards this woman. However, this sign can be considered sure only if a man always prioritizes spending time with his woman, rather than hanging out with his friends or other people.
  4. Sharing his “toys” with her. If a little boy gladly shares his favorite toy with a girl, he either trusts her or likes her, or both. When boys grow up, their toys change. If a man lends a woman his car, laptop, or any other “toy”, he can totally trust her and this is indicative of his special feelings for her.
  5. Having the first real fight. Men will never waste their time and efforts fighting with the women who don’t play the most important part in their lives and with whom they don’t plan any long-term relationship. If a man doesn’t appreciate the relationship with a particular woman, he will not fight and have it out with her but will just leave. A real fight can be the sign of his serious intentions only if partners make up after it.
  6. Introducing her to his friends. A man considers introducing a woman to his friends even more important than introducing her to his parents. His friends are those people with whom he can relax and be himself. If he introduces his woman to this circle, it means that she is a special person. Also, he wants to get a sort of approval from his friends.
  7. Doing something useful together. A man and a woman get much closer if they’re engaged in a challenging activity, especially the one connected with manual labor. When partners work in the garden helping each other or clean their apartment together, a man subconsciously realizes that he wants to share both happy moments and difficult situations with this woman. And this is what real couples do – they stay together through thick and thin.

Making plans for future. The main difference between plans for future and fantasies about future is that a man takes the responsibility for his and his woman’s future and start doing something to make it happen. For example, paying for dinner is not a proof of his serious intentions – this is only a gentlemanly gesture. But if a man rents a flat and asks a woman to move in, he makes a very important step, which is indicative of his serious intentions and dedication.
Credit: ameyawdebrah.com