31st May Episode 8 The Two Face 2


The deaths started…

At first it started with finding birds, with broken necks..

then it was the animals. .

then the chickens…

untill one day ..a woman ran out and wailing in the night..

her only child had died ..

Azora had begun vetting her anger ..

The child had followed her, saw her. she had to kill her while she slept and dumped her on her mother’s bed.
she had toiled .she had walked. ..she had looked. ..

there were no other two faced children anywhere else..

Just Adora and her sister Nnnena. .

there was no way she could free all other two faced children in the forests

so if they can’t get freedom. .if they have to be condemned to that life of evil..

the humans should have a taste of it too…

what is the point to leave them alife

what was the point ..
it’s been a year now.. no one who had gotten pregnant had given birth to another two faced child. ..

no one…

what if no two faced child is born for a thousand years . what would happen to her sister Aroza…

this body , this body would wither and die..just the way humans do..

then she would never be able to free her sister.
she won’t let it happen. she would kill all of them first ..

Starting with her mother…her father. ..and others..

then she would drag Nnnena by her hair if she has to to the forests. ..her sister would enter her and they only..both of them…would have human bodies..since no one other two faced child is alife ..and maybe they can live. ..untill these bodies dies…who knows..if before they do..they can meet another two faced …Maybe the ones with pale white skins…like Adora mentioned .

who knows..then they can keep switching bodies..never to return to the forest…
Tonight. .Tonight. ..
she must kill them tonight… and take Nnnena with her.

Adora is standing over her mother’s head, she has a knife with her..Her father is snoring beside her..

she bends and goes on one knee…she would cover her mouth with her hands and she would cut her neck..then she would do the same to her father. .then she would drag Nnnena. .
she reaches for her mother, covering her mouth..
“What are you doing Adora” Nnnena is standing behind her, she sees the knife..
Adora turns with a start..their mother stirs .
“Nothing. .Nothing ” she says hiding the knife..” I wanted to wake mama up and ask her something ”
“Then why are you holding a knife”
“I saw it beside her..I was removing it.” Adora says turning away, and going back to lie down.
Nnnena doesn’t move, something was strange . Adora was strange ..

she decides to not fall asleep…

she decides to watch her. .
Adora realises that Nnnena had taken to watch her every move, she must be careful.

it is many nights later… She wakes up and lives the Hut. .heading to the forests ..

she doesn’t see Nnnena follow her…

she doesn’t see Nnnena see her go into the evil forests as the mouth open for her…

she doesn’t see Nnnena enter after her..and remains close it…

she doesn’t see Nnnena run out in fear almost immediately as Adora begins to talk to shadows. .

she returns to the hut…Nnnena is asleep…

she turns and sleeps..

Nnnena, turned to the other side. .her eyes are open, fear grips her, she has a knife with her…

she doesn’t go to sleep
“I must tell them…I must tell them…Adora isn’t Adora ..Adora is Ezora, first of the Legion. .” she says to herself.
Nnnena carries the knife tucked under her wrapper. .

she is watchful. .Adora is by the Hut, she is arranging firewood..

Nnnena watches her…
“Yes father?”
“Come let’s go to the Farm together ..”
“No father, Adora would like to do something else ” Nnnena says..
“I have my mouth” Adora attacks..
“I know I am. just saying that…don’t you wan to go into the village..play with your friends.”?
“I don’t have friends anymore..Papa I will go with you” so she can also kill him in the farm.
“No papa, let me go with you Instead”
“since when do you go to the farm Nnnena? ” they mother comes out

“since now” she replies.
“okay Nnnena, you will follow me, Adora you stay with your mother today”
“No…I will stay with mama too…she does’n’t need to bother ” Nnnena says

Adora frowns “How do you want to be In two places at thesame time..you want to follow papa and you want to stay with mama.. why do I feel as though you don’t want me close to them”?
“No don’t be like that, I am just saying that. …you should go and enjoy the day, you have been quiet for days now maybe because papa says you should go out.. but papa. she can go baa?”

he nods his head “Yes, she is not back to being the child I love. you can go but come back early oh”
pleased Adora nods ” Yes papa” she says , leaving what she was doing and dances away…
as she disappears from sight, Nnnena turns to her parents. ..”Mama , papa. quick come inside…I want to tell you something ”
she drags them into the Hut …

“What? ”
“Adora..Adora is evil. .pissed by the spirit of a two faced child. she had been to the evil forests, she talks to them.. they are alot of them papa, mama they are evil,they are planning to kill and destroy. .mama..Adora tried to kill you a few days ago with a knife to your neck. papa, she would kill you if you go to the farm..

those recent deaths..Papa, it is Adora. she has been begging me to follow her to the evil forests..its because they want my body papa..to use me as a vessel. I know..I saw then papa..I saw them. Adora is Ezora..the first two faced child and her sister is Aroza, whom wants my body for themselves. papa , mama….let us go and warn the villages.. let us go and look for the prieats..we must warn them.. we must, Adora has to be stopped. ..”
they are looking at her…scared..

“No..no..evil spirits .?”
“Yes. .”
“And you saw them, you walked into the evil forest? ”
they cling to themselves. .. “hayyyy gods of our hands..what do we do…”
“we must call the village. .we must stop her mama. she would kill us all..they would kill us all.. but she must not know..she must not.. she wants to carry me but I won’t let her. .she is evil. she is no longer my sister. .no longer your daughter. ., we must do this before she returns. .”
“The wise one used to say. ..Fire..can burn even the evil spirits lurking in the darks, holy water would vanguish them..That is what the pale skin people say…but my daughter. .my daughter ” her mother wails..
“obim..its not time to cry, before she returns let us gather the few people and go and burn the forest. .let us take the holy water and santify it the way the pale skin people do. come…come…”
They leave the Hut. ..
Relating the story in every hut, telling them, making sure Adora is no where to be found before they enter a hut,

Soon a crowd of people have gathered. . they soak their woods in oil and light it…

Men..women.., the children they leave behind with their nannies. .
They near the evil forest..

“I hear them coming… .I hear villages..I hear hearts beating..I hear them coming…”
“To deliver more two faced children to us?”
“No..they are not, I don’t hear the cries of the children. ..”
“they have come to kill us..they have come to burn us…I feel the branches recoiling from the heat that they hold in their hands..”
“No..they can’t burn the forests. ..it is fortified. .”
“When fire touches it…it would melt the fortification, I hear them speaking a foreign language, different from the one the wise man used to speak. ..”
“it is the pale skin language …it is the language of the heavens ” Aroza says….”that two faced

Child..Adora..she says they spoke the language of the one who stays in the heaven…it is getting hot in here..it is getting hot. ..”

they hold hemselves… the forest begins to get thick with smoke..they feel water..burning them…scorching them even without skin

“it is hot. .it is hot. .help us..help us..!!” they cry.

the villages sprinkle the water they have fortified …into buckets of water they have pulled from the well…

then they pour it on the ground..leading to the parts of the mouth of the forest. then they light the fire…and began to sing..sing…and sing to God…
they do not have a wise one anymore..

but they have one they call a pastor…he held a book under his arm..he lead the prayer. .he lead them…

the forests rises up in smoke as the fire eats deep within…

then they leave. letting the fire engulf the land..Soon everything would be to the ground..the evil vanguished for ever, no where to hide .
“Evil would give way for light ” he said ..
they leave to a find Adora..
Adora felt hot..she felt the burning. she heard their screams. ..she heard her sister calling her.

she had been busy…

Ten children laid liveless on the ground, their nanna’s we’re dead too.

she had come back from playing in the market square. .. she had been looking for her next victim…and she had found them.. they were eating. ..they were unaware of the evil that would befall them..

one by one she had lured them away then she had killed them, with a knife she had sliced their necks, watching them struggle till life ebbed away from them…

she was on her 11th kill when she felt the burning sensation to her chest and then heard their screams. ..
The forest !!
she washes her hands quickly..removing the blood stains from her body..

then she ran…and ran and ran. .

she saw them.. from afar

She saw them burning …her home..her prison. .Her two faced companions were dying…after a thousand years they were dying…

she clutches her chests., she closed her ears…she falls to the ground and screams and screams and screams…

but they don’t hear her..she is too far away…
when she stops hearing her sister’s screams. .when the connection to the legion were broken. .
she gets up and walks away…
she was going to wait for them..

she knew they would come for her…

she went back…
And finished the remaining children …

killing them..

leaving them like biscuit trails…

the old were too weak to fight…She sets their houses on fire ..

she burns them alife ..

they should have never left their spawns unattended to..

they should have left young able men to defend them.

Now she would end their lineage and send their old before them.
the children who she could lift , she piles them on their bodies ..

Like a throne..she sat and waited .

Her two faced companions would find peace…Maybe. .

but this sight before the villagers would live on,even cause them to run mad…

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they would cry for nights, they would not be at peace for weeks..

they shall know that they brought it unpon themselves when they went after her family and the only prison she called home.

when they went after her sister..Aroza and ended her life .

but she would be pleased to see their faces…pleased to see that. .they too would suffer for a long long time…
they came back to find the village empty. .

their families dead..

their children. .dead.

their huts burned to the ground..except one

they left leaving life behind..they came..to find death in its stead..

their wailing began…

mother’s cradling their dead children’s ..

father’s their old…

to each his own sorrow…to each his own pain…

And in the middle of it all…Adora sat..on their bodies…which she had made her throne..even if for only today..and laughed and laughed..

she knew she couldn’t take them all now..now that they all stand around her..waiting to lash..

Spears and anger in one accord..

they want to kill her..she can see it in their eyes

even the man who spoke the white people’s language can’t intervene..

his children laid beneath these one’s on which she sat and his nursing wife amongst the burnt ones. .
Nnnena. ..she is crying..she is crying..

why? she was the one who took them..didn’t she see that it’s all her fault.
and Mama and papa, they too were crying. ..

She had killed the last of their relative too..the one who used to give her hot yam and oil to eat when they go to visit.

no she didn’t spare them..not the one they too called nanna, she had been at their aunt’s hut.

she laughs again as they grab her and hold her down. .
“kill her..kill her”
Pushing them off she runs and grabs Nnnena. ..dragging her into their hut..
“come out..come out or we will burn you in there..come out ” they shouted

“No..no…My Nnnena, my Nnnena, my two faced child Nnnena, she is innocent..she is pure. .she is good…please.safe her..don’t kill her with that evil in there please noo” their mother wails..
“bring my daughter out…Nnnena come out ..come out ” Their father calls..
“burn the Hut down. ..burn it..She must not survive..burn it” they chanted
Her mother makes to run inside the Hut, they hold her down,their father struggles. ..”My daughter. .Nnnena ”

the Hut is burning. ..
suddenly Nnnena runs out..running to her mother and crying,

“my daughter. .my daughter ” her mother holds her and weeps, She hugs her
“Where is the other one..where is she…??” they asked
‘”she she tried to kill me , she said we would die together like the others in the fire.. we struggled and then I pushed her and ran. I don’t want to die papa..she is evil she is evil. she did all these” Nnnena cried
Adora is seen trying to run out, screaming
“Mama. .mama..Papa. .Papa. ..”

they grab her and throw her into the burning hut .

“Mama..Papa. ..help me..help me it is hot it is burning me…help me..it is me..it is me Nne-”
Nnnena had thrown the knife she was carrying, it hits Adora right in her neck…
Adora..chokes. .falling back into the Hut and burns to her death..”
“the village mourned..they mourned for a long time…for years they did…but time is the perfect healer..and they began to rebuild all that was lost .one by one..as the years ruled by…generation after generation. …all was forgotten.”
the children who had been listening…are holding unto themselves and shaking..

“wiseone..what happened to Nnnena?”
“she went on living her life.. and there was never any two faced child born ever again. like they never existed…” she says..
“Wiseone. .is this story true ?”
“Yes…but who knows..Maybe it is just another fable told to scare the kids to sleep” she smiles , she looks up to the moon..”It is time for bed, tommorow I will tell you another story. .about kings and princes”
they get up, gather their mats, waving her goodbye and they leave..

The wiseone gathers her calabash and makes her way back to her hut …

Sometime during the night..she makes her way down the part..

further down. .
there she stops and looks..

it’s a barren land, nothing had ever grown on it..

not since that day they burned it to the ground..

but..she would never forget her two faced companions nor her sister Aroza…
And she would never forget the look on Nnnena’s face when she pulled her into the Hut and forcefully changed cloths and carried her knife. .then she had pushed her and ran out to meet her mother…and father, when Nnnena showed her face..screaming , trying to tell them that she wasn’t Adora.. All everyone saw was Adora ..the evil twin..and she had thrown the knife, stopping Nnnena from talking. but,
No one knew…no one knew..

only she..
the last of the two faced child…

smiling she walks away..
she was still making them pay…

one child at a time she takes..

untill she draws her last breath..And she wasn’t dying anytime yet.
she laughs and laughs and laughs..into the night.

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