31st May Episode 2 The Killer


Jane walks in to find her roommate at home, making out with her boyfriend

“You know you should lock the door” she says dropping her bag, heading to the fridge, takes water and leans on the table. Stella, who had been grinding Tobi, a second ago kisses him gently, moaning ,

“ And you just had to come home and ruin it” she was still wearing her dress, her panty was on the floor close to her legs, while she had straddled him on the chair, his trousers were down to his knees, while his hands were holding onto her waist. He kisses her back

‘’Well it’s my house too Stella”

“Well can you give us a few minutes, not like we have separate rooms, the bed is over there, and you can obviously see everything.. give us a few minutes and you can come back in” Stella says,

“Nope, I am tired and I want to sleep, so unless you guys don’t mind doing it infront of me..i aint moving an inch. Am going to lie on the bed, make sure you wipe that chair when you both are done cumming all over it, don’t want it smelling of arse” she says walking past them, not caring, she strips to her panties , and her bra, climbs the bed and turns away Tobi and Stella looked at her.. Stella looks at Tobi with a sad smile

“Sorry babe’’ He groans , looking back at Jane

“ you can’t leave me hanging …am so high that if I don’t go..like go..i might have blue balls babe”

“You want to continue here ..while she is on the bed…a few feets away from us babe?” He looks back at Jane “ Well…maybe, you know you can ask her to join us, she is hot, that ass though..i don’t mind taking you both “ Stella now upset hits him, and gets up,

“No no no babe don’t arrggghh, come back here…” he grabs her but she hits his hands away

“so I am not enough for you and you want a threesome?”

“Hey, don’t be mad, it’s just one of those fantasies guys have”

‘’And I told you I don’t like to share, yet you still mention it and now it’s not funny, to even think to add my best friend to the mix..what’s wrong with you?”

“Hey babe, why so serious? Okay I am sorry, can you just come back please, we would be quiet..or lets go into the toilet..please”

“Well I just lost the mood. Get out. Go wank or something…or have a cold bath” She says going to open the door for him

“Babe??’’ She looks away, sighing, Tobi looks back at Jane, laying on the bed with a really good looking ass, he sighs too

Honestly he really didn’t mind . not at all. He pulls up his boxers, fighting to tuck his erected self inside, throws up his trousers , battles with his self again, and walks towards the door.

“See you later ?” he leans in to kiss her, she turns her lips away

“No” she pushes him out and shuts the door Jane is heard chuckling on the bed

“Fxxk you jane” Jane bursted out in laughter

“Don’t hate me because I am way prettier, with a sexy body and all, can’t blame me if your boyfriend admires me”

“Yeah..you just had to strip and lie on the bed, knowing it all right. Sometimes I feel you just like to rub it in my face that you are finer, got a sexy body and shit..”

“No darlyne, I am pretty obvious. You should not be angry with me, you should be concerned about your boyfriend who can’t keep his eyes away from my ass”

“Because it was in his face”

“Yet you were on his dxxk and he still was hoping to get some from me too. Really?” Silence

“You have always been like this, even from when we were young , acting like you are the best in everything, making everyone like and follow you..making all the guys I liked or crushed on to fall for you..”

“Babes, it’s not my fault..”

“Sometimes I just hate you” Jane laughs

“ It would pass. “

“Just stay away from Tobi..” Stella says

“What makes you think , Tobi would want to stay away from me?”

“Because Tobi isn’t like one of those fools who fall for you. He is better than them, he loves me”

“Well if you believe that, why are you still trying to proof it to me?” Silence Stella walks away and heads into the toilet, Jane smiles

She really isn’t a bad person, wasn’t her fault she was beautiful and men drooled when she walks pass, but what she hates the most is to be told a certain person can’t fall for her just because, so she had made it a personal mission, to proof to them that..everyone did fall Men were like dogs, once they see a beautiful bone wrapped in a gift bag, they chase it to the end of the world.

She , she had had it easy, men fall to her feet, some throwing money at her… she never fell inlove. why have one when you can have them all, and also have ones that even belonged to others..which had caused broken relationships…she never felt sorry for them, she felt she was helping them, ridding them off cheating partners, and Tobi looked like one too.

She was a good friend to Stella, and friends won’t see things like this and not do anything

She always saw Tobi, the way he looks at her when they meet or at other girls when they are all in the club, she had also seen him flirting. The last time she told Stella to keep an eye on him she had flared up. So now..she would proof to her that Tobi was a dog, just like other men. She smiles

“ You will thank me later Stella”


Many weeks later, Stella had been out of town, gone to see her mother . Tobi had stopped by, a package had been dropped for Stella in his house, so he decided to come drop it at home for her . Jane knew sooner or later, her scent will bring him and now here he was.Typical.!

“You do know that Stella has gone to see her mother right?”

“Yeah, I just wanted to come drop it off” he held a parcel in his hands,

“Really, why don’t you tell me why you are really here Tobi?” She says resting by the door, not letting him in. He smiles touching his lips,

“Actually…I wanted to see you”

“Why is that, we aren’t friends. We don’t work together , we don’t have any form of relationship other than the fact that you are my best friend’s boyfriend so why do you want to see me?” He moves closer, tentatively touches her arm

“You know what already”

“Actually I don’t “

“Well why don’t I come in and show you, we can’t very well have that sort of practical discussion out here, and I promise to leave if you don’t like that sort of practically discussion” he winks

Jane looks at him, the mischievous glint in his eyes and the way he was rubbing his lips, signs ..signs of a dog Too bad, she likes to help stray dogs Maybe its master might finally realize what a bad dog he has been, stepping away she lets him in. That was the first time. And for two weeks while Stella was away, he frequented the house, leaving at dawn and coming later at night, and soon they began to enjoy each other’s company.

Tobi began to develop feelings for her, in a month’s time he had told her he was inlove with her, Jane had laughed it off.

“So I guess the sex is that good that it’s messed up your brain?

“well it is that good but I am serious though, I am inlove with you” they were naked in bed together,

“You can’t be. You love Stella, and she is my friend”

“I like stella but I don’t love her, you I am crazy about . I am going to break up with her as soon as she comes back, when she comes back tomorrow I would do it” Silence

“You shouldn’t , she loves you. You would break her heart”

“And you care about her feelings, yet you have been blowing my brains out for the past few weeks,which is amazingly awesome by the way…and I love every bit of it. Stella…bores me now. But you are exciting. With you I can explore other sexual fantasies but with her…same boring same sex positions”

“You just like me because of sex then”

“No no…amongst other things babe, just one amongst others. You are beautiful, sexy with a great body and this ass is ..damn turns me on every time, you are funny, great company and no dull moments. Stella is like a 3 when you are a 10 Jane. I love you for real and I am going to break up with her. And don’t you love me?”

‘’hmmm, you know I do” she says rolling ontop of him “Well just incase you don’t go ahead with it, lets enjoy ourselves before it all goes south” she says , kissing him and running her hand down his stomach to grab his member which she rubbed to life like a genie, positioning him between her legs she inserted him inside her, moaning she grabs his shoulders and began to move, closing her eyes as he smiled , grabbing her waist and moved his waist in rhythm..fast and slow until they shatter , and she falls ontop of him. Before long they are at it again, and again, and again


Stella comes a day early, opening the door with her key, she drops her bag. She was going to have a quick shower and go and surprise her boyfriend at home since it was a Saturday. She told him she was coming in tomorrow but her mother was going for a boat trip with her step father, so they left early. Strange, she was hearing voices as she opened and closed the door, and every step closer, the moaning and groaning became louder. Right on the bed before her, Jane has her hands, one running through her hair and the other rubbing her bosom, while she went up and down, the hands of a man supported her in propelling the movement. Now it wasn’t the fact that her roommate was having sex in their shared apartment, it was the fact that the man on the bed, eyes closed, lip biting, groaning and smiling..was none other than her boyfriend ..Tobi

She , shocked was rooted to the spot, as she slowly sank to her feet… They didn’t stop, no..because they didn’t know she was there… not until they screamed their release and collapse did they slowly come down back to earth

“Fxxk” Tobi mutters, looking away from Jane’s Chest to the crumpled figure on the floor

“ Stella!”’ Jane turns , yes…it was stella alright .

“How could you..how could you?” Stella was looking at her, she was looking at her and directing the question to her and not to her boyfriend. Doesn’t she see that she did her a favour. Well she didn’t want Stella to find them in the act like this but hey…now that she is here ..well.. Surprises!!! I told you your boyfriend was a fxxking cheat. See !

Jane rolls off him, grabbing her rope she wears and ties it, as Tobi jumps off the bed, grabbing his things and wearing them

“Look Stella, I am sorry you have to see this but….”

“You cheat on me with my best friend Tobi..of all girls its her..its jane. Was I not enough for you?”

“look ‘’ he comes to her, trousers unzipped, shirt over his shoulders “I am sorry but….you were. For a time but…jane and I sort of connected and it just happened”

“you asshole” she spat to his face, tears streaming down her eyes

“I am sorry Stella, I was going to break up with you tomorrow when you came back but now that you are here. We are done. I am sorry i..hurt you but you will get over me and fall inlove with someone who loves you right back”

“What are you saying to me…you are breaking up with me??” she cleans her eyes standing up, grabbing him

“Don’t you want to break up with me after this?” he is surprised she shakes her head from side to side

“I know she seduced you, tell me. I know her. She.. she is a slut , always have been going after men that don’t belong to her.. I know, tell me the truth and I would forgive you” she held him with both hands, he pulls her hands away Jane folds her hands and laugh

“funny, why do you always think I do, sometimes I get seduced too”

“Shut up!!!’’ Stella spat Jane raises her hands

“Fine” Tobi is shaking his head , putting her away from him

“Leave her alone Stella, it was me, all me, I have been attracted to her for so long, I only stayed with you because I felt sorry for you, you complaining about no one loving you and I felt bad and decided to make you feel better. I didn’t intend for it to go on for so long. You are great but..i got bored, fast and I wanted an out. I mean she isn’t the only girl I have been with since dating you” Stella gasps

“Yes it’s the truth, but since being with her, she is the only one I crave and desire on a daily, I am crazy about her and I love her and I don’t want to hide it from you and I want to stop living in a lie. So this..me and you, we done. I am sorry. Really, but we can’t see anymore, your friend and I are dating now, we have been officially together for a month Stella..so don’t think this..was a one time thing, I love her”

“You think she loves you, you think, she is playing you, you are another conquest for her, another game, another thing to proof that she can have anyone she wants….she doesn’t love you, she doesn’t love anyone other than herself Tobi, I love you i..i love you..Tobi, I forgive you, we can work it out Tobi” But Tobi was already heading to the door, he turns to Jane

“ See you later babe, “ then he leaves without a glance at Stella

Stella , angry now stares at her friend ‘you bitch” she made for her

“Whoa Stella easy, c’mon, I did this for you” Jane backs away

“You cunt . you slut “ she grabs a plate and flings it at her, Jane docks ,

“Look don’t be stupid. I don’t even like your boyfriend, I tried to tell you but you didn’t listen. All men are dogs Stella and he had been wagging his tongue at me ever since , but you didn’t listen ..you didn’t . look , I know you are mad right now but sleep on it, you would thank me. if he didn’t do it with me , well he already told you he had others so you see, you were blinded by love you didn’t see he was a public dxxk” Jane docks again as another plate comes flying

“He was my man and I loved him, I loved him, you always took everything that belonged to me, every thing you knew sparkled or made me happy you took it and owned it, why why why..arghhh I hate you I could kill you” she grabs a knife and heads for her, Jane runs behind the chair

“Don’t be stupid stella , I am your friend “

‘’Friends don’t hurt friends” she chased her round the chair, jane ran to the bed and jumped on it, her hands stretched before her to keep Stella away from her

“Stop it Stella drop the knife” Stella screams running to the bed, Jane throws a pillow at her, and runs to the side of the kitchen, the divider separating them

“I swear I will kill you, I hate you so much so much all you do is hurt me ..all you do is take from me…I loved him Jane I did”

“But he is not good for you, look…I did you a favour Stella” Stella meant it, she was pained and hurt, betrayed . the only way she would be calm was if she inflicted pain on Jane.. She wanted revenge, she wanted blood. Not able to get to jane, flower vase flew, more plates and mugs, more curses.. and jane refusing to take blame for her wrong

Soon their voices were disturbing the neighbors and someone bangs on the door

They both look at the door, more bangs and bangs Stella wipes her eyes, throwing a last glance at Jane she went to the door.

“we are not done here, “

“Well drop the knife, I wonder what people would say seeing that, and the way you look at the moment, they would call the police” Jane drops the knife at the table and goes to open the door

The neighbor was worried, wanting to know what was going on, having heard their voices and things breaking and Stella crying she was going to kill her Stella laughs nervously, telling them that they just had a fight but it wasn’t serious and that it had been settled .

“When asked why she screamed she was going to kill Jane” Stella had replied that she was joking

“She is my friend, I would never hurt her” She comes back to find the knife gone, infact all the knifes gone and everything sharp

“Just so no one hurts themselves . you need to chill” Jane tells her

“Really, the person you should be mad at is him, he used you, have been using you. I just opened your eyes, you are free, so go there, take your things and tell him that no you would be the only breaking up with him. Tell you a secret, you are right, he was just another quest for me, he is a dog, so please you can tell him I don’t give a shit about him, the sex was great, I enjoyed it, but that’s it. I won’t date him, won’t love him..hell! I can’t love a dude who would cheat on his girlfriend with her best friend so..you can tell him to suck on his balls , then when he breaks down to apologize to you which he will, tell him to kiss your flat ass and walk away. Trust me babe, this ..i did for you.

Now go do this for you, tell him to fxxk off, that I don’t need his dxxk anymore, I met this great guy two days ago, some Gibson Devonson, he teaches at Georgia University,and he is hot. And we going clubbing and we going to have lots of sex and it would be as though Tobi never existed, here is your chanced to hurt him right back. And yes you are welcome .”

Stella looks at jane. She would go to Tobi alright. But she would deal with Jane, This would be the last time Jane would ever hurt her and rob it into her face

This would be the last night Jane would be Jane the slut who steals all the men she had ever loved. Yes . thank you Jane for giving me the last blow to end all this pain and suffering you keep putting me through

Without saying another word, Stella turns away and walks out the door Jane smiles

“Atta girl, give him hell” She decides to clean the house, goes shopping to buy back some plates and mugs, gets herself a lovely dress for tonight.

Gibson was a hottie, she wanted to look her best when they meet up later tonight

Then when Stella comes back tomorrow , hopefully that good for nothing TOBI would have been kicked to the curb, she would take her out on chocolates and icescream, she would let her cry and mourn her boyfriend …and then tell her to shag a random stranger , forget about him and move on, and they remain best friends for ever. Perfect !


She had come across ridiculous sites over time,

‘How to sleep with your father’,

‘How to make a bomb’

‘How to become a vampire and even how to turn into a witch’

‘How to get away with murder’, they made a movie out to it

‘How to have sex and multiple orgasms’

‘How to become a transgender’ She had always found those sites ridiculous, absurd and totally upsetting, unsettling, even uncomfortable, But today, today…she didn’t. She googles

“ How to kill your best friend” Ofcourse equally ridiculous posts pops up. Some from movies, series, books, someone wishing, someone just having a bad day or someone claiming to have killed his best friend with a fish hook, . Sighing she logs off She is sitting in her car, right opposite her boyfriend’s house, two houses away

She loved him, and there was no way she was going to let Jane win, no way she was going to Let Tobi have Jane If he didn’t want her anymore, then he wouldn’t have Jane either She losses, he losses, that would be his punishment

Then she saw her, a woman had come out from her house across the streets on where she was parked, crying , she was hugging herself and knocking on her windscreen, Stella wanted to tell her to Fxxk off, but she was crying and knocking Sighing she winds down

“Please, please can you help me, my grandson isn’t at home and I think I think I killed Bean” Her ears stood

“You what, killed someone??’ The elder woman nods crying ,

‘’ yes ..i mean I think so, he isn’t moving and I don’t know what to do? The phone isn’t working, I can’t call my grandson or the police or I don’t know who to call” Stella quickly jumps out and followed the woman into the house, for some reason , calling 911 wasn’t top priority , she wanted to know who died and how did she killed him, and with what

There was a foul smell in the house that almost made her gag, the woman is crying walking in behind her..

“Where is he?”

“He is there , under the table..” she pointed “I haven’t seen him for two days, and I wondered where he went, didn’t know he had been there all along and I didn’t check until I noticed the smell” Frowning, Stella bends to find bean , the dog. He was dead alright, the smell was every indication. Phew !! Disappointed

“It’s okay, but why did you think you killed him?”

“My grandson, was making a mixture for rat poison, we have these small farm behind our house and for some reasons..this big rodents seem to be all over the place, and even in the house , he was done with this mixture he was making in the kitchen, he was told it works faster, kill all of them , so while he was there, he had a call and had to leave for a couple of days and he asked me to clear it out you know, and put the mixture in corners of the house. This poison, which he mixed with bread and fish so they eat and die. The rats I mean, we have a lot, I don’t know where it’s coming from.

Anyways, I forgot. I slept off that day and came down to find out that it had been eaten up already, thinking maybe the rats did it. So I went back to sleep, hoping to wake up and see the rodents dead. But I don’t see , not even a tiny rat, but I don’t see Bean either. The light supply had been cut because of a pole falling due to the storm three days ago and I couldn’t reach my Grandson because my phone.. I didn’t have service, I am old I can’t walk very far..but today, the lights were restored, and then the smell, I followed it and saw..and saw Bean there..there. he ate it..i killed him, I forgot and I didn’t remove it from there and I poisoned my grandson’s dog, he loved this dog” she cried

Not intending on consoling the woman, she walks to the kitchen , seeing the items that was being used

“Is this what he used…this” she picks a small bottle, it read CYANIDE


“well, this isn’t safe around you ma’am, you could get hurt, your grandson was careless to leave this to you, what if you had mistakenly drank it or it spilled into your food. It killed your dog, I should get rid of it, we can’t call the police, let’s call your grandson okay, he would know what to do. It’s not your fault, don’t cry okay?’’ she calms her down, and puts across a call to the number the woman had given her


Alone in her car, the bottle in her hand, She knew what she had to do..this was enough to end the chapter of Jane once and for all. But how does she poison Jane without it being traced to her. She looks across , leaving her car she goes to Tobi’s house and knocks on the door He opens it, frowning

“I already have your box packed with things you have left here , when you come to visit, I would just bring it out”

‘’Can I come in for a minute, please?”

“Look Stella, it’s over okay so let’s not have a drama”

“No drama, just want to talk, I would leave as soon as” Sighing he steps away


“I don’t believe you, she loved me, she won’t do that to me” Tobi is shaking his head, not believing what Stella had told him

“Yeah and I thought you wouldn’t do this to me either, how ironic’’

“So you are saying all this was just a plan, to proof something to you” he raises an eyebrow


“You lie”

“Well why don’t you find out for yourself, she is meeting some Gibson dude tonight at the club, I think she was with him same time you guys started hitting it off behind my back, how does it feel to be cheated on with someone you cheated on your girlfriend with eh?’’

“Why are you telling me ? why are you lying …it won’t change anything, I love her”

“I am telling you so that you realize that we both were played, you have been cheating on me with other girls and with her, yes I am hurt and angry, but after you left she told me you mean shit to her, she even gave me the information so I tell you. You can call her up yourself and ask her. I won’t lie” Not believing her he dails Jane’s number

“Baby, Stella is here and she told me…what??” he frowns…listening, his frown deepening, his knuckles flexes as he grabbed the phone tight to his ear

“What did you just say…Jane, jane??” she cuts the call, he calls again, she answers, he becomes worse when he listens. She cuts the calls and realizes that he was barred from calling her again He slowly sits down

“Told you, I wasn’t lying” A pleased smile on her face

“Get out, get the fxxk out!!!’’ he gets up and points to the door, he wanted to be alone

‘’ I will. Do I feel good at this moment for you? Yes. Atleast you realize how it feels, I was betrayed by my best friend and my boyfriend, two people I loved the most, atleast the only pain you have is that the girl you left me for didn’t want you in the first place but you were a fxxking game to her. I hope you do realize that it makes me extremely happy”

“Then leave , I want to be left alone” She comes to sit beside him

“I love you Tobi..i do despite it all. But Jane . Jane has to be thought a lesson, to never mess with other’s feelings and emotions, she does this all the time and she feels she is on top of the world and can’t be touched, she can’t be hurt nor feel pain. But we can make her feel pain, just the way she is feeling. I and you are the only one suffering it while she is on her next conquest, maybe someone’s husband or boyfriend to continue this circle again, we must stop her , and let her know that, if you hurt someone, they can hurt you back. Once and for all” He is quiet for a while, he rests his head on his hands, the swatch he wore..he silently rubbed the surface. He always wore that watch, even despite knowing it had stopped telling the time . when she had gotten him a new watch for his birthday, he said he preferred the one he wore, something about a sentimental value attached to it.

He gets up and takes a bottle of spirit and gulp, his eyes are red, he flings the bottle to the wall, it shatters, the liquid treks down the wall.

“You know, before my grandpa died, he told me the reason why he never took this watch off? It’s to remind him of what he had lost..the day and time, when his world came crumpling down, the day my grandmother had been taken from the car they were in, how he survived the accident he didn’t know, but he did. His hand had hit the windscreen, he figures that’s when the watch stopped.

While dragging himself from inside the car after he rolled off the cliff, it was dark in the night you see, this watch ..has this sort of fluorescent light that blinks when its dark. So when he crawled out, not seeing in the dark..this watch and its tiny light was like a flickering candle in the dark. He noticed it had stopped moving, the watch, and it stopped at a particular time. That was the exact time the black jeep hit them, some men came down and dragged her away. The police came, they found her many days later, beaten, raped, dead. But you see, gramps was broken, pained..he wanted to die. She had given him this watch. But you see what he did months later, he went after them…they were three, he saw their faces, he found them. After he could walk again, after he was healed he went for them…and he ended them. Or so he says, we never found dead bodies, or police come knocking down our door so we never knew if he told us the truth.

He became sick..sick in the head after grandma died so…we figured he just talked crazy. We never believed him but he seemed happy too happy and said it was true. Till this day we aren’t sure. But you see on his death bed, he calls me, and gives me this watch, I told him it wasn’t working and he said he knew..but this swatch means a lot to him, the last thing he had of her, and he was weak and won’t be able to wear it no more and she had made him promise to never take it off, if I could be the one to wear it from now on. I shouldn’t fix it, or change it..this was his wife’s gift of love to him, now this is his to me. Then he told me…if someone hurts you or take away something you love, make them pay.”

Tobi looks away from the wall to Stella,

‘’I will kill him” he says , metaphorically “I would “

“Not him, he is innocent. Her, kill her Tobi. End her . she has to die” Tobi stares at her as though she was smoking something new. Maybe black weed and piss in it?

“What. Ok maybe I am being too dramatic, why don’t we just scare her or something” stella says seeing the look on his face, he wasn’t going to kill anymore, much less a girl he loved. Fxxk!, that means she has to do this indirectly without him knowing

“What do you have in mind?’’

“Food poisoning, give her tummy upset for weeks, acne for days, and a few bloating of her stomach, she loves the way she looks and the way her body is..that’s her asset, so if we ruin that, she can’t be around people let alone show her body naked. Self esteem is important to her and when she doesn’t have that anymore or for a long time, she would be broken, even depressed. And she won’t hurt another relationship ever again “

“So what do we do, ?”

“Way ahead of you…there is this liquid..it does all of it. All you need to do is give her to drink without her suspecting”

‘’where did you get it from? And Why can’t you do it”

“Welll erm.. a friend used it for another friend, that one was sleeping with her husband, she landed in the hospital for two months, but she is fine now.. and I can’t give Jane myself because I already chased her with a knife so she would be wary of me”

“What did you try to do, stab her, are you crazy?””

“No, I was angry but no , I wouldn’t hurt her. So anyways, this would knock her off for days and weeks and when she has low self esteem, her spirits is killed and she won’t hurt another person again” Stella smiles, yes she won’t hurt anyone again because this poison would kill her, she would be dead and life would be perfect without her

“Hmm but she told me to fxxk off and that whatever you told me was true and that she doesn’t want to ever see me again. So she won’t let me get close”

“So …who will” They think for a second

“What do you say the name of this new guy she is meeting again?”’ Tobi asks her

“Gibson Devonson, a lecturer at Georgia University”

“Fine, we would be at the club tonight, get to him before he gets to her” Stella smiles


Jane is seen walking into the club, Stella and Tobi enter soon after, Tobi wearing a cap and sunglasses, and a suit, he is seated, Jane, with a black wing to cover her red hair , and blue contact lenses for her brown eyes, she is seated . They had checked him out from the school’s profile, only one Gibson Devonson taught at the school, they had his picture printed. While people trouped in they looked at every male face, waiting.

Jane, was high already, dancing .. away from them, but you could see her blond hair all over the place as she whooped her hair to the music, shaking her tush and laughing while she danced seductively. When Jane was high, Jane was really high He was running late

“She is drunk” Tobi observes

“She always gets drunk”

“Which is good for us,”

“There, he just came in” she says, amidst the crowd of people, they saw him walk in, with glasses and a face cap

“Let’s cut him off before he meets her” Both walk towards him

“Oh hi, Gibson, remember me, Georgia University??’’ Tobi says shaking him,

‘’Er yes…am sorry do I know you?” a perplexed look as Tobi lets go of his hand

“Yes..well no, actually I admired your work , I read it online and I never miss a face, thesis on the human anatomy, great work, and I attended one of the conferences you spoke in too. ” He smiles ,

“oh really, that’s nice” he look at Stella

“ Oh, my girlfriend” Tobi says, Jane shakes shim

“Hi. Well thank you er…?”

“Sam williz, Veer is her name . we are huge fans of your work. You here to see someone or just come to have fun”

“Er I have a date”

“Oh wow, she must be pretty hot” Jane says smiling

“Actually she is amazing, “

“How long you been seeing” Tobi wanted to know

“A couple of times , but today I think might be special”

“Oh wow!!where is she though?”” Tobi asks, Gibson looks around , then his eyes catches her on the dance floor

“There, isn’t she beautiful?”” he points and they turn

“Indeed she is” Jane says, with a fixed smile

“Aww, I am almost jealous” Tobi clenches his fist, but manages a smile, he turns back to Gibson “Oh so you want to sit at our table, have a double date it would be fun” He shakes his head

“But thank you though”

“Okay but let me buy you a drink for you and your date okay, oh I insists” he drags him to the bar, orders for four , then he distracts Gibson while Jane tips the contents into one of the drinks, no one saw her do it, it was crowdy, everyone was distracted dancing, making out, talking to pay attention to them. Then taking two of them, she hands one to Tobi, and then to Gibson, then she takes one for herself and says

“Well, let’s cheers to….meeting new people and making friends”

“Aye” Tobi says

“But let me get her” Gibson says “ erm no need, we have to leave now but just let her know…she is beautiful, her drink is here, you can give her as we leave, so let’s cheers to that new friendships okay and you can leave me your number, I think we would work on something together..lets drink okay” Glasses clinks, Tobi urges him to atleast take a gulp of his own and eventually made him finish it, so he doesn’t mistakenly switch his with Jane’s, Tobi and jane finishes theirs as well, Jane hands Gibson the last Glass

“for your beautiful date, hope we get to see you guys around. “ Jane says, Gibson laughs


‘Well enjoy, come baby’’Tobi says, he and Jane leaves Gibson orders another drink from the cute bartender, he gives him a “scotch or Red lady”, that wasn’t his order, the bartender was too distracted with that full bosom girl in his face. He didn’t notice what Gibson held in your hands. Gibson smiles, looking away as another person walks to the bar, when he turns the person had left. Good, no one was looking, you tip the contents of powdery substance into Jane’s drink bought by those two nice fellows you just met. You need her to be high..and horny for the journey she was going to embark on with you.

Gibson had been in this club a couple of times to pick up girls, he knew where the cameras were and where they faced, he had managed to back it all through coming into the club, passing the guards, he didn’t want anyone seeing his face, he adjusts the cap and the glasses he wore Gibson makes his way towards Jane, he reaches her by snaking his hands up her waist, she turns smiles into his face and hugs him, he hands her her drink ,they clink glasses and she takes a huge gulp and urges him to dance.

This night was going to be perfect for you pretty lady, Gibson smiles into her face Caleb had followed him tonight . He saw them together two days ago, he had been following her, Jane. He didn’t see her face the first time he saw her across the streets, she was shopping for jewels, but he saw her hair, something about blonds that makes him… want to go after them It started when he was a child, when his father had been drunk, his mother became his punching bag. He had always wondered why his father suddenly hated his mother. Then he understood. He father was never around, but other men were, and some days his mother would leave him for days, alone and then when she comes back she comes with men, whenever his father was coming back home from work, he worked in the mine, all the men would disappear. He knew what his mother did behind closed doors. And when his father found out…he went mad.

Caleb loved his mother and he hated her at the same time, for making his father angry, for letting men do to her what they do to her when he peeps from the hole. His mother was a beautiful blond woman. But…she was every man’s slut, a cheat..she deserved what his father did to her. He was the one who told his father, to tell the men to go away, his mother had beaten him and locked him up, his father had beaten her in turn.

One day he beat her so bad to a pulp, and she fell and hit her head. She was buried two weeks later. He was young and couldn’t understand death, but he felt pain and lashed out his anger by inflicting pain on others..just the way his father did. He wanted his father to punish her, never wanted her to go away forever. Because his mother was blonde , he suddenly felt all blondes were cheats, left their son at home to have sex with other men, didn’t care about their spouses, and just like his father who decided to be the punisher to his mother, he wanted to be the punisher for other men and children to their wives.

Over time he became obsessed with blond girls, wanting to know if they were all stupid and gullible like his mother and if they would cry and break, fall down and die like his mother if he punished them for their wrongs. And whenever he had tried to find out, they become still and lifeless, angry he would rip them out, limb by limb,

“Why won’t they wake up” he would ask himself ..

”Why?’’ His first kill was a nine year old grader, he had flogged her to death, she had kissed another boy when her boyfriend was having his second class, he came and caught them and she didn’t even apologize.

His second kill was when he was 15 years old, he had seen them , tasha was her name. She lied to her boyfriend she had exams so won’t be able to attend his birthday party. He followed her home, she snucked out through the back, she had sex with two different guys that night, Caleb found her on her way back, he bound her with rope and tied her, then he used his father’s farm truck and crushed her bone. Then he buried her body.

Then his third kill, the victim got away, he was almost caught. His father was dead, no living relative. He relocated, changed his name and knew that he needed to be smarter. And soon it became more than a search for answers, it became a thrill. So every beautiful blond that he saw, he didn’t stop until he had them killed..the ones that sinned. They were all the same, they cheat, they lie, they break homes, they hurt other people, he believe he was born to right all wrongs…to make sure the blonds ..don’t make men or sons hurt anymore .

It sort of spiked his sexual desires too. He could never have sex with another woman who wasn’t a blond, he killed them afterwards but he would enjoy their body too. As he grew older they became sexier to him, and his urge to kill them just soon after was on a 100 too. It didn’t make sense ..but to him it did. He needed to be smart and subtle, he needed a place to do what he wanted without anyone knowing, so that he could be able to cover his tracts.

He joined the forces, he could be anywhere and anytime, have access…never be caught. No one suspects a police officer..they kept the law and not break it. Perfect cover. And so he had taken one blond after the other, covering his tracks.

So He had followed Jane home at a distance, Apartment 51. No family close by, her parents lived out of state, she had a little brother. Cops have access to informations if they wanted them. She had a red haired roommate who had a boyfriend with wondering eyes and hands. He had watched them for awhile, then the red haired roommate had been out of town, then the boy with the roving eyes and wondering hands had taken over.

From one day to weeks. He watched them across the streets, Another blond slut to kill, he had smiled. One of those days Caleb trailed her, he saw her meet a new guy.. kissing and making out with him.

“so, this blonde girl cheats with her best friend’s boyfriend and now she cheats on her best friend’s boyfriend with another man…how..wonderful. You blonds, all thesame, Naughty naughty blonde”.

He had followed the man home after their date, he wanted to know about the man. No wife. No girlfriend . No child. Perfect . The car in the garage .., the garden of red roses in his backyard . he seemed to groom them as a hobby and sell them.


Caleb had a swell day processing the information in his head, understanding why he had to do this. This blondie was frolicking with other men when the boy who is her roomie’s boyfriend wasn’t looking, and she gets a new catch which was this ..Gibson dude. Double naughty, double the punishment. He hated blonds who cheats Just like his mother . His mother loved using “Red Petals” perfume. He loved the smell on her, it was distasteful to his nose but …he loved it.

His father hated it though and threw all her bottles away. Caleb kept one. It reminded him of her, them of her..whenever he was about to kill them, he liked them to smell off her..like a cheap cheat sluts that they were. No wonder his father hated her, and killed her. No wonder he became a drunk and died a couple of months later, he slept off while driving, went off the cliff, they found him in the morning. Dead *

Caleb went back to Apartment 51.. saw their fights.., he saw the red haired girl leave, Oh the cat was out of the bag, He followed her. When Stella had left the woman’s house he had gone in almost immediately , claiming he had a package for the owner of the house, he found Bean, he knew the story, when he asked her where the Cyanide was. She pointed to her kitchen, he saw everything else but the most important item She told him the girl took it away to dispose off.

He was outside when he saw her enter the house opposite and an hour later he saw them drive off. For some reason, he suspects that she wanted to be the punisher, he hated people taking away his job from him, he was born to punish them. So he followed. He watched them from the corner of the club as they approached Gibson. One thing about being a murderer for so long, you can easily tell the instincts and the signs, and the red haired girl ozzed of deadly instincts. He wouldn’t blame her, he wasn’t even close or connected to them and yet he wants to kill the sluty blonde. While he watched them, saw their-not-so subtle moves, He wondered if they did their background check up on Gibson. Amateur killers. He shakes his head

Him being the master at this, he did a check up on all of them. Girl Red, had a mother and a step father, father died when she was 5 from cancer, step father was a construction officer, met her mother 2 years ago on a boat cruise, married a year later. No other sibling

Wondering eyes boy, an English double major graduate, works in his parents flower shop on holidays, intern for Marks and Smiths literary firm. They sell Red Roses His grandfather and Mother were involved in an accident years ago, the woman was found dead later on, was raped. The man was sent to a mental home because he couldn’t handle it, kept talking about how he tracked them down and killed them He was in the army . Retired. Old No one believed him. No dead body was found . But Caleb smiled when he read the reports.. maybe grandpa roving hands wasn’t lying.

While he was in the mental home and after the accident, the only thing he fought them over was the fact that he told them no one to take or remove the watch he wore from his hands. He said it was the only thing he had of her from their last day together, she had bought it for him. Reports puts the time of the accident as about 3am at night, when they were going home from a late night out in town. He gifted that watch to his grandson..Roving hands. He never took it off Gibson Devonson.. He was the interesting one from all of them He was a sexual predator

He was fired from his jobs, he had sexually harassed a customer but it wasn’t proven But he was sacked, he had an altercation with another woman months later in another job, same accusation. He succeed a month later, he had almost 10 girls before he was caught. He ran away when he knew the police was after him, He moved down here, changed his name and look, trying to keep a low profile. But a sexual predator never stays under for long, soon he was searching for gullible, willing, girls. Then he meets Jane Blonde cheap cheating slutty Jane And he doesn’t see any reason to keep himself away from such beauty. Caleb smiles when he sees Boy roving hands and Red hair girl leaves..

“Amateurs!!! They need a good teacher..but for now..let me show you how to kill” he smiles into his drink, as Gibson heads to the bar to order for another drink, Caleb goes to the bar, when Gibson looks away, he switches the drink and leaves, Gibson heads to the dance floor after pouring the white substance into Jane’s drink. Unaware that it has been switched from Cyanide poison to just Hornyness, Caleb chuckles as he leaves the club thirty minutes later, and heads to Gibson’s house, no one was about, he dressed like the night..

He had all that he needed Today, today he won’t hide his kill… He wanted his kill to be found And Gibson was the perfect fall guy. Killing two beds with a stone. Jane dies, Gibson takes the fall for it because, well..he was a sexual predator and sexual predators were bad right?” He laughs as he busied himself planting what was in the Bean’s lady’s house in Gibson’s kitchen. Gibson had been busy in his kitchen as well..making Spanish fly., or a variation of it. The almond seeds, tobacco, pesticides ..the whole shebangs …and most importantly the Cyanide, Caleb makes sure they were visible in the kitchen Gibson was a flourist too.. so he had most of this things handy.. so it was to easy fish through his cupboard. And the Red Roses too in his back yard Caleb was excited ,, he whistled in the dark as he worked, he chuckles as a song comes to mind

“Love and thorns..let your love not hurt me, bleed my heart and melt it to stone’’ he whistles Going into the room, he goes through his things seeing his swatches

‘’Dude must love swatches” he sees eight of them. He picks the battery and makes sure they all shared thesame time “3am’’ He chuckles again “Grandpa Roving hands, you inspire me big “ he laughs placing them back. Satisfied he leaves the house, heading to Apartment 51. He watched the whole thing from across the streets, the binocular was explicitly clear..

He saw Gibson leave. He goes in after him. There on the bed laid Jane, spent from a night of sex..a sex gone bad. She was alife, she was in pain, the bed sheet was stained with blood that leaked from within her legs.. She had little energy in her

You have heard stories of people dying after a marathon of sex, you didn’t think he would actually meet someone like Gibson who was good at it. Caleb smiles, Gibson had left his swatch on the table.. you switch it with the one you have in your bag. The Rose on the ground..you switch it as well, you were wearing gloves..you didn’t want to touch the poison.. You go to the bed where she laid

“Help me..please” she breaths .

“I will princess, “ He trails the poison Rose over her body…as he whistles the song “Love and Thorns…” Smiling , as though he told a silent joke he tattoos her body with it, the thorns left marks…he wrote “Love and Thorns..find the worms” To Caleb it was sentimental. He loved his mother, so did his father, and yet that love turned to thorns and hurt them. And the worms…didn’t mean shit in this story….or maybe when you find worms in your Rose you then to want to throw it away. Like a soured love, a bad apple. Irrelevant but important. But he just wanted to write something deep.

He laughs. She twitches as he worked on her… he pins her down as she struggles, he didn’t want her to mess up his handiwork.. Oh..she looked pretty..really pretty.. but she was already soiled and damaged, he would have loved to screw her …but the poison would be kicking in now. You watch her squirm..slowly going number…gasping for air, He leaves the bed, and pours the in his small bag items on the bed.. Knife, plier.. everything sharp and nice..

“So shall we begin? Don’t worry, I know it’s going to hurt but you can’t scream even if you want to… No one will hear you. You see, you have been a very very very bad blondie…oh I checked you out to.. from one man to the other..leaving broken hearts at your wake, you have been busy blondie..but you see. Today is your day of reckoning and I am..well the punisher, so which goes first, your succulent breast? such firm perky things.. I would have loved to make you bleed through your legs but dear Gibson already did that…so yes the breasts then your lovely eyes….those pliers are very handy…oh we are going to have so much fun..oh wow I forgot…I know you are dying..well..the poison is taking effect but I would love to make them think you died of strangulation..” he claps excitedly Jane stares at him, tears leaving her eyes, she is screaming in her head ,

“Oh don’t worry darlyne…Stella and Tobi sends their love. You see..they planned it all, the poison..but I took it a step higher. That drink they gave to Gibson for you, they poisoned it but…I switched it. I wanted to be the one to kill you.. so while he ordered for another drink..i walked up to the bar, switched it with mine. Those bartenders..stupid the lot of them, no one noticed me, not even Gibson..oh..i was quick, I am proud of me. You see I saw Red haired pour something into it. So he takes mine unknown to him and the fxxker he pours something inside it…to get your horny you see, I was in his house so I know what he poured in your drink. See..you should be thankful to me, I kept you alife longer than you ought to live…say thank you” he says towering over her

“Oh..i can’t hear you” he says bending low… “Oh forgive my manners, cat cut your tongue?” with that he forces her mouth open, with the knife he he pulls and cut it out…she couldn’t scream out..she was struggling in pain..he saw it in her eyes..he laughs ..

Soon her mouth is filled with blood…she is crying..choking in it. He goes for her breast next, he pins it to the mirror.. he smiles He should haven been an artist.

He continues to work on her body. She was dead by now..so he talked to himself, for effect he strangles her.. He works within an hour. Done. Happy. Satisfied He drops the Red Rose on the floor… He sweep the house of his finger prints..even that of Gibson. They would find him eventually.. he wanted to give Gibson a day to relax in his bliss. It was 3:30am.. Caleb leaves, No one sees him. He goes home to have a good nap.. he knows by morning he would get a call about a murder down town in the morning. And he would come..yes he would..and he would be laughing in their faces..

Red girl thinking she killed Blondie Roving eyes Boy…did he know that the posion Red girl gave him would kill blondie not just make her sick And he would be laughing the hardest at Gibson…when they catch him…he was the perfect suspect and he deserves to be put down too.. And oh..he would be laughing at Stellinsky with her glasses and serious face, and the rest of the blue monkeys when they would be bursting their head looking for the murderer and talking “Detective’’.. Oh God, he hopes he can keep a straight face tomorrow.. He goes home..but he can’t sleep.. he laughs in his sleep


The call came .. He drives there whistling … “Jane the bad bad blondie…say hi when you get home to heaven daddy..or wait…hell’s fury hehehe” When he sees Rogue Stellinsky..he clears his throat “So what do we have here”… He masks a smile..


The burial, you see Red haired girl and Roving hands..you see him drop the Red rose..when he drops it after it looked as though they both were fighting just now.. You see them leave. You wonder if you should find them later and tell them what you did..and how you did what you did. You long to tell them how amateur they were..and maybe you can train them..Red hair most especially.. You don’t mind a student…the Punisher and his student.. Oh what perfect combination “ The Punisher and Red hair” Caleb smiles

Stellinsky is asking you the time, you tell her..not thinking, you forgot that you stopped your watch at 3am too. You seem to love grandpa Roving hands inspiration

You have a date tonight.. a certain blondie. Married for 5 years.. a cheap slutty wife blondie. Your Red Rose is in the car, your mother’s cheap “Red Petal” Perfume laid there, you have mixed the Cyanide posion to it..no wonder it had that horrible smell that Stella thought it smelled like death…and worms.. you laugh. You have your tools in your bag too.. Tonight…maybe he would take out her heart, and put it in a box and send it to her husband…and a note saying

“You are welcome” Caleb smiles walking to the car as Stellinsky waits for him


Caleb smiles into her mouth, the new blond woman as they leave his car going up her pent house… “Cheap slutty blondie..the punisher walks behind you…tell me…what you like as I touch you with my Rose of love and thorns” He watches her lock the door…he saw her lie on the bed.

“Shall we begin Princess”

He knows tomorrow he would get the call again…to find a dead blonde ripped limp for limp..and tomorrow they would find the murderer who happens to be her lover…or her lover’s wife..and then someone would be arrested, given the gas chamber Another burial.. Many nights later he would find another cheap sneaky slutty blond and the circle goes round again Caleb smiles….

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