31st May Episode 1 Apartment 51


Story By Stephanie Egberike

It’s a cold night in September, the wind blows a stiff air, suffocating the tiny mouses that crawled out of the smokey chimney , shaking in the cold as they scamper away looking for refuge in the bin littered with refuse of the city

A few blocks down, there is music coming off the top of the building, a few people are seen walking in and out, some holding on to similar body structures like theirs or more masculine build as they stagger together to the corner, swaying in the intoxication of their drink or themselves, tongue tied together they fall into the open car, fighting to release themselves of their clothing, wanting to sink into each other’s warmth

Veering away, you see shadows smoking at the alley, two males, sharing a drag of a cigarette and a bottle of vodka, .. towards the outer end, more people troupe into the building and others leave, the body guards finding pleasures with the girls who loitered the streets looking for a quick fix and a few bucks to live on for the next few days.

Walking into the night club, more atrocities are being committed, you would think the Sodom and Gomorrah was rebirth in the down alley club of Winchester streets.

Heading to the bar, avoiding the alluring bodies of the Egyptian seductress as she swayed her waists and bare chest towards you, you side step her, heading to the bar to ask for a drink.. you never liked anyone who wasn’t a blond.

Too preoccupied with the other customers, they hand you a scotch on the rocks, or was it a lady red with a green umbrella, you smile, they didn’t bother to look at your face or notice your hands.

The cute bartender didn’t realize he gave you the wrong order, his attention is diverted by the pretty brunette who had her bosom up in his face as he drooled out his lust. But it doesn’t matter, you have what you need. You find your way into the dance floor, snaking your hand up a girl’s waist you pull her down further to the dance floor, everyone is high or stoned, or just too dumb to notice anything amiss, so everything literally goes.

She grabs her drink and downs it, a few trek down her neck, you kiss it, trailing your tongue up, then you nibble her ears. You dance for a little while, pulling the girl closer to you, you kiss her passionately, she responds, the Spanish fly inside her drink was taking effect, how did it get in there? That would be an explanation for later, you smile into her eyes, rubbing the small of her back, you whisper close to her ears because the music is loud

“Do you want to go somewhere private, so we can get better acquainted?’ you ask her, making sure not to break contact with her body, it was important for her to feel your need, pressing her to yourself even closer you nibble her ears yet again, your notice it made her squirm in delight.

“Yes” she breaths against your lips, you can feel her nipples harden, you smile and kissing her again

Leading the way, you usher her out the back door, where it is dark, the two males smoking a cig had left, perfect timing. Your car was parked out back.. going through the front would cause a stir, you didn’t want the light on your face.

“Be careful with your head” you tell her, helping her into your car, giving her a kiss she settles in while you go to the driver’s side

“Your place?’’ she asks you, You smile,

“Ofcourse, or where would you rather we go, yours?” She laughs throwing her head back

“Mine is quieter and we have a lot of room to….explore positions” she tells you

“Your place then” you nod. It always goes the way you want. You should be a psychic, She tells you it’s off boulevard street, you pull up to a dark suburb area, less walking neighbors about. Good.

You help her out the car and you wait patiently for her to open her door, it’s important that she does. The elevator takes you both up, entering a spacious building that looked too big for her to stay alone, so you ask the question

“Roommate?” while you watch her lock the door, you scan the house in one quick fashion, two doors..the toilet and maybe the kitchen, the bed was in full view and the small area where the two chairs sat, big screen tv and a stereo, a bar like dinning with lots of liquor on the shelf, one window, a balcony, a cigarette tray on the table, a flower vase, cloths littered the place. You need to make sure..

“Yes, occasionally. But she isn’t around. We had a fight, might be at her boyfriend’s for the night. Can I tell you a secret though, I had sex with her boyfriend and she found out and was mad, so we said mean things to each other and blab la bla.. you know the truth, I didn’t even like the dude, I was just fxxking stoned and he was available, the cheat..always had roving hands, wanted to prove something to her anyways but she didn’t take it well…but she would come around eventually , we are friends aren’t we? …she might hate me now and want to kill me but..she would thank me later. I just hope she went to break up with him not shag him ..girls, very unpredicatable” Good . she is alone tonight. You have time.

“Hmmm” you answer uninterestedly

“Want something to drink..or we should just get right to it” she says stripping to reveal matching red undies, she was beautiful, petite, blond. You don’t say anything, you remove your jacket, your phone and watch you place them on the table, you take the rose, its red, and sniff it walking towards her

“Why , what do you want to do with that?” she is smiling , she is on the bed now, waiting for you

“Oh you will see” you tell her Climbing the bed, you kiss her from her toes, trailing the rose over her body as your lips leaves a spot. They say one’s sensitivity is spiked when intoxicated with an aphrodisiac , the sexual impulses is skyrocked off the roof Before long she is moaning in anticipation, ridding her off her undies, she lies naked infront of you, rose in your mouth you rid yourself off your cloths, naked and burning with heat, you capture her mouth, caress her full bosom, bringing her above you , you press her to you, squeezing the soft cheeks behind her.

You watch her laugh, you watch her moan and twist her waist, you watch her need for you grow as you smooch her intensely.. Placing her back on the bed, you part her legs and taste her there, feeling her build up to an orgasm and shatter , you go again until she is begging to be had.

Trailing the roses over her body, watching her quiver in excitement, slowly she calms down enough to pull you back up to savour her lips, while you do that, the rose is making circles with her body, leaving its scent…that scent that you love.

“I want you so much right now…please..please take me …I can’t bare it anymore” she pleads pulling you up above her, spreading her legs apart for the second time, positioning yourself at the middle, you enter her with a quick thrust.. in and out, gaining momentum as her moaning increases..throwing your head back as your desire causes your veins to pop out, pinning her down harder as your thrusts becomes ferocious, her moaning turned to screams..

“Yes yes yes’’ she says at first Your breathing is loud, your eyes are closed, your weight is heavy, your hands pulling her close, before long you turn her back, pulling her waist forward, letting her go on all fours you ram into her ..hard..harder..harder non stop She realized the change..she places her hands behind her to slow you down

“Baby, slow down..” she says But you don’t stop, when you get there..you can’t stop. This need is…unstoppable “please, please stop” she cries out in pain

You slap her butt, It makes you harder, makes you go faster.. Your groan comes as a grunt, like an animal Now she is screaming, struggling to go.. You pin her down, with one quick move you grab the pillow, push it out, and stuff the pillow case sheet into her mouth, in another you grab her hands and pin it over her head as you push her down “sshhhhhh. You whisper…it feels so good….”

Resuming your thrust, you go at her…like a beast starved of sex for soo long, you don’t stop, not even when you know she is wailing with the cloth stuffed in her mouth. You don’t’ stop even when she is struggling beneath you. You don’t stop… Not until you feel your release at your tip, and then you shatter with a loud voice, collapsing over her.. Breathing hard. She is crying, you gather her in to your arms, cooing softly to her

“It okay, I am sorry, I am so sorry” you tell her, but she is shaking, she is scared..her eyes tells you to leave, begs you too. But you aren’t done yet, not nearly done. This desire is like a pang of hunger, you satisfy it now, it comes back..

“I will..i will go..but not yet” You go again with her, and then again with her, and then again with her.. Soon there is no more fight within her anymore, she can’t struggle, she welcomed the pain and then the numbness came You know what she is thinking..

”kill me …kill me, because I am damaged “

“sssshhhh, just one more” you tell her, but it’s a lie Again and again and again, soon the white sheets is a coat of red stains, her thighs dripped of red water. Then you sleep off.


It is 3am when you leave her, closing the door to her apartment 51. You go home, satiated, happy, fulfilled. Another night on the streets, another blond girl to satisfy your urges.. Soon many night later, you would seek another one .


The red and blue lights fill the streets, people loiter around, wanting to see A car pulls up, and he comes down, showing his badge to the officers on duty, bending under the restricted tape line drawned he goes into the building.

“Sir” someone nods at him, he nods back

The room is filled with police officers, someone is snapping, another is taking finger prints, someone wearing a white overall is bending over the bed, there he walks too

‘’What do we have?” he says She doesn’t look up, her hair is in a bun, her glasses in place, her hands covered in white gloves, a pen between her fingers and some jotter in her hand, she screws up her face, her identification reads ‘Stellinky’ who names their daughter Rogue Stellinsky. …you cock your head to the side “

Death placed about the early hours of this morning. Female, caucasian blonde,name is Jane Crowber, appears to be in her mid 20s. she was alone in the apartment when her roommate came in to find her dead. She appears to have had a good rump last night, rump gone bad, her vagina looks to be ruptured, whoever he wasn’t gentle and maybe he was slighty too big, there is blood all over the place. No sign of breaking and entering, so it’s safe to say she knew who he was or it was a consentual ‘rump” she says looking up, a sad smile tugged at the corner of her lips,

“There are traces of alcohol in her system, Spanish fly…maybe to get her really horny, no sperm to take samples, he must have been wearing a condom, the torn park is on the ground, no used item, not inside her or in the toilet so he might have taken it with him.

No fingerprints of the ‘stranger’ , so what we have here is like saying she had sex with herself and then killed herself. Death is by strangulation, amongst others. those marks on her body is from the rose petal on the floor, its thorns must have been pretty subtle and she didn’t release that it was kinda tattooing her , it read “love and thorns, find the worms’ whatever that means.

Her tongue was pulled out with a plier, her eye sockets with a knife, her breast were cut out, each cup nailed to the mirror over there “ she points to the mirror where he sees the cut breast, he did an excellent job, the killer, even managed to make the nipples look perky. Sadistic prick ! “

The slice cut to the sides of her mouth is epic, looks like a scene from a series I watched recently..the originals, when Nicklause sliced his once-unpon-his-friend’s mouth who had been killing people like that, he had drank the blood that made him more powerful than the original vampires and the hybrid himself

‘’Nicklause and…” He was just staring at her,

“Right. I digressed but you get what am saying . it’s a mimick. Anyways ,the items are on the table there in a bag, no fingerprints either”

“So, this means that…we don’t know who this guy is and no way of possible suspects? And we don’t know if it’s a work of a serial killer either and maybe it’s a first of his many works soon to appear all over the streets?” She shrugs Right .

“Any eye witnesses?’ Caleb asks

“None. But the neighbors said they were in a fight the night before, some harsh words were thrown, they heard the roommate saying she was going to kill her, she hates her and wishes she dies and bla la bla ”

‘’Perfect. There is a motive” he mutters “let me speak to the roommate “

“Maybe. She is over there, “ she points, he turns to see a girl, red hair, big eyes because she has been crying, she was wearing a loose shirt and a tight bum shorts.

“Hello, my name is Detective Caleb Fisher, and you are?” he brings out his jotter when he got closer to her

“Stella…stella jones” she sniffs He wonders if she is in anyway related to ‘Stellinsky’ stella – stellinsky.. he smiles, then clears his throat

“And you knew the dead girl for how long?”

“We have been best friends since high school, being living together since after college, got a job as waitresses in a bar down the road, “ she wipes her eyes, sniffing again, rubbing her nose

“Okay, so where were you last night”

“At my boyfriends” sniffs

“who is her boyfriend?”

“She didn’t have, not for a couple of months” sniffs sniffs

“So who are the guys she hangs with when you are not together “

“Randoms, she really didn’t have any friends, when we aren’t working she is partying and clubbing and occasionally took a guy home,she doesn’t have a friend other than me I can point to” she blows her nose into the hankerchief she held, sniff sniff snif again, a roll of her face, sniff sniff, rubs her nose. He is irritated

“Would you mind if we speak to your boyfriend?”

“Why” her eyes shines, she wasn’t expecting that

“To ask him to go drinking with. what else..to confirm that you were there last night” he smirks She looks at him

“Are you being serious, I was, why would I lie?”

“Do I look like I am being anything other than serious, your friend is dead, you were her only friend and I heard you both had a fight before you left, can you tell me what it was about?” She scoffs

“Friends fight all the time . Doesn’t mean shit , excuse my french”

“Not when part of the words thrown says ‘I will kill you, I hate you, and that’s English young lady and not french” he smirks, she rolled the ‘whatever’ eyes at him, he smiles. She looks rebellious,

“i—I was mad and angry, she made me angry”

“what did she do?” Silence Sniff sniff…sniffsssss “Waiting miss stella”

“She was sleeping with my boyfriend” Ouch!!! That must have hurt. He saw the dead girl’s pictures on the wall, the blond was hot, he would sleep with her too if he met her. Something about blonds. hmmm

‘’hmm, the one you were with last night?” he asks her


“do you see that this feels like a motive to have her killed”

‘’I didn’t kill her”

“okay maybe you didn’t’, maybe you had someone else do it, like your boyfriend”

‘’why are you accusing me? Plus how do I get my boyfriend to kill a girl he has been screwing, he was into her not hate her. See how that doesn’t make any sense and why the hell are you accusing me, I was her friend” she gasps

“ Doesn’t mean none, killers are the best lovers and friends turn to foes..but I am not, just having a conversation. When you got home did you find anything amiss’’ Folding her arms she shakes her head,

“Nothing.. but there is one thing though’’

“Which is?’

“ the room had an awfull smell”

‘’Of what… death?” he smiled ruefully , ofcourse, there was a dead girl in the room. It should smell of death

“No, cheap perfume. She never used anything other than channel perfumes and then when I followed the smell, it was coming from the rose, and when I raised it up, that’s when I saw it”

“Saw what?’’ he stares at her

“The worms, I saw them between the petals.” Sniffs sniffs He looks at her, he should check the items pulled from the room and the rose with worms and petals

“Don’t leave town miss stella, we would be contacting you” nodding he turns away, back to her

“Anything?” she asks him

“Nope, the rose, did you find anything odd about it?” She straightens up, picking a bag up, that the rose was inside

“Yep, its poisonous . it smelled like it was soaked in cheap perfume though, guess the poison was made locally “

“No worms then?”” She pulls her brows together

“Worms, where did you get that from?”

“Stella, the friend , she said she saw worms between the petals, it smelt like death” She turns and looks at stella , who was hugging herself at the door, talking to one of the officers “she does look stoned from where I stand though”

“I thought so too, would have the medics check her, she was sniffing too much for a normal nasal congestion”

“Good idea”

‘’Have the Rose sent to forensics ,let them check it out, send whatever you find to my office, I have to run this by the boss, this might be a one time kill, let’s hope we find the killer before sun down” he walks away leaving her to go back to her duties

“Aye!!’’ she replies, her phone rings, sighing

“Hey babe, am so sorry, I won’t be stopping by for lunch, work..some dead girl and killer on the loose, how about an earlier dinner? My treat. Great, kisses’’ she cuts the call as an officer comes to her with another bag.. it was a watch, She takes it and looks at it “ Where did you find it?”

“Was on the table, “ looking at it, it wasn’t working, time stopped at 3:00am , on the dot. She stares back at the remains of the dead , wondering if the time meant anything. Sighing she moves around the house the killer knew what he was doing, making sure not to leave a trail, not even a pin, careful not to touch anything, probably wearing gloves when they walked in, had mad sex on the bed, kills his victim with well selected items, leaves them behind without a traces to him… he is like a ghost. But even ghosts live behind a scent, a scent she hopes to find .

“Alright guys, pack up, lets clear this place, the media is mad outside, we don’t want them scaring the kids at night with their 6pm news of a ripped dead girl.” She says

“Aye’’ they reply her, moving fast


He is standing by the window, a cup of coffee in one hand and the other tugged into his pocket.

“Let’s begin” as the last person walks in

“Boss wants this wrapped up faster than saying ‘wank ‘ so what do you have, anything?” They were in a room of 10 people and Stellinsky was the second female in their mix.

“We went to the bar, she was there last night, she came alone, she always came alone and left with random guys when she isn’t working” Cole, with the white beards says, he is perched on the desk

“Anything else more specific” He asked

“Well, we pulled up the log from the camera from last night, going through them to see who she left with.’’

“Good, let me know if you see it. Anything else?”

“The Rose, the poison is traced to Cyanide. I told you it waswas made from local concoctions right? So check this, It’s found in a variety of great substances such like almond, apple seeds, apricot kernel, tobacco smoke..yes..tobacco smoke, erm insecticides, pesticides ..anything associated with the elements this things has. Can be made inside your kitchen and no one would even suspect, it’s like mixing rat poison. How it is administered ? it can be ingested depending on how it’s made, either by food or water, or an open wound, or in this case a rose with thorns, which while tattooing its victim gave her tiny wounds and the poison gained access through her skin, or used as in a gaseous form.

Further research , I came unpon ‘Hydrogen Cyanide” ..it was an agent used by Nazi Germany for mass murders in gas chambers during the holocaust,.’’

She nods her head and continues , everyone is paying attention

“ Anyways a fatal dose of this Cyanide for humans is 1.5mg per kilogram of body weight. Secondly it’s a rapid killer , depending on the dose, death occurs within 1-15 minutes. So the Rose was soaked in this Cyanide after it was made and check this, that awful smell, was from an actual perfume, those ones you find on the streets of the hawkers,

“Red Petals” a cheap Imitation of the original by Hugo Boss “Scent” . Talk about taking a page right out from one of Agatha Christies novel right?’’

They are staring at her. Like really, don’t they read crime books, thrillers..is all they do work and work. She shakes her head, Caleb Fisher raises an eyebrow


“So…our girl didn’t die by strangulation, she was killed first by the poison, the strangulation was just for effect, a dramatic end maybe, before he went ahead to dismember her of her delicate parts, and other sensory organs”

“ that still leaves us with nothing’’

“Not quite, we have his watch, “

“No finger prints”

“Well yes, but the time, exactly 3am in the morning”


“am just saying “ Right Someone knocks on the door, carrying a tablet

“ We have the video of the club. It’s a whole 10 hours clip from when she came in and left, we fastwarded to when someone came to her”

‘’Did you get to see his face?”

“He backed the camera all through, as if he knew the exact position of it, but see this “ he places the video , attached to the big screen, the watch he is wearing, “

“erm..what’s with the watch”

“The time, its saying 3am, but the time at that time was saying just 11: 45 pm, according to the time of the recording. And then, we got a side view of his face when they left outback, if you notice no one pays attention to him as we rewind back to the beginning.. we see him walk into the club, even the bouncers don’t see him or was preoccupied, he goes to the bar, gets a drink, his face is down, but you see him dip his hands into his pocket, right before he hugs the girl and take her to the dance floor, he taps her glass.. you see that” they see it”

Something is dropped in it. Okay fast forward to back of the club before they zoom off, the plate number of the car..A500-45777 is registered under a Mr Gibson Devonson “

“Hmmm, so our ghost isn’t a ghost afterall. Have you checked him out?”

“We ran him up our data base and internet, he is a lecturer in Georgia university, late 30s”

“Good, pick him up., take a search warrant too. Think we have our killer. Nice one guys”


’’What’s your name sir, and what do you do” Caleb sits opposite him, he is wearing a sweats shirt and a jugger, he was picked up while he was taking a run, a search party had gone to his house, behold, he had a garden of red roses. A couple of watches ,same brand, the car was parked in his garage and covered, and his neighbours said he came home in the early hours of the morning, he looked as though he had been busy in his kitchen, tobacco, almond and pesticides . Talk about being a lousy cover up killer right.

“Gibson Devonson, I am a lecturer and I don’t know why I am here and the police barge into my house with a search warrant and before I know it I am cuffed and brought here. I demand an explanation”

“Right. Where were you last night?”

“Home, I was home” Lie no. 1

“I would repeat the question, and I would want you to answer truthfully Mr Gibson , where were you last night”

“I said I was home” He smiles

“Very well, Cole, hope you are taping this” Cole nods

“So , you would not say you were any where near a certain club down at winchester streets?’’ A quik waver

“No, I was home watching tv” Caleb takes a file and places it infront of him

“ Is this your car sir?” He looks at it ,

“Well it looks like my car, but I am sure everyone has that same car in the city”

“Look again, you should know your plate number”

“I don’t have it memorized in my head” Being smart.

“well lets help you with that, we took a picture of your car parked in the garage, and guess what, it’s a match” he says throwing him another file

“It doesn’t mean anything, anyone would have gotten the same number”

“Not when it’s registered only under your name Gibson Devonson, mother’s maiden name Gloria jude, married to Devon Devonson, the 3rd, born april 23rd , should I go on ?” Silence

“But I don’t understand why I am here. Fine it’s my car but I don’t get it all”

“Your car was found in a club last night, a club a strange man came to and left in your car with a petite beautiful blond to her apartment and by this morning she was found dead and no trace of her killer other than the rose he left behind which you happen to grow in your backyard, a watch , which you happen to have same kinds..and then poison called cyanide which it looked like you were making in your kitchen ….and now we have you..and you bear a striking resemblance to him when you back us. So again I ask, where were you last night Mr. Gibson and I hope you do have an alibi because you weren’t home, your neighbors saw you get home by 4am this morning” Silence as he looks up

“I didn’t kill her, I didn’t , I swear “

“So you were at the club”

“I – I was, but we just had sex, that’s all and I left, I didn’t kill her, she was okay when I left, I admit I was abit rough but..thats how my sexual drive is but..i swear I didn’t kill her” Stupid fool

“Book him Cole, we just found our killer”

‘’I didn’t I swear, the rose was just for sensitivity, and my watch I took it off and I swear she was okay when I left, I didn’t kill her, I didn’t “ Cole had cuffed him already and reading him his rights “I need a lawyer, you can’t do this to me ..you can’t”

‘’You are getting a cold cell for manslaughter and trust me, you may never get out alife. So no you aren’t getting a lawyer, lock him up. Case is closed “ Caleb says , as the man began to shout and kick, Cole pins him down as he cries out

“I didn’t kill her …I told her I was sorry for being that way…I hurt her but didn’t kill her I swear it. I need my lawyer, I need my lawyyyyyerrrrr’’ he cries He meets Stellinsky as he comes out

“That easy huh?” she hands him a coffee

“Told you I close cases like flash. This , easy peasy. He was smelling like a rat as soon as we brought him in, plus we have all the evidences in his house, no alibi, he was smart but wasn’t smart enough”

“Sad, he looked rather innocent “

“ A man who repeatedly did that to a girl and eventually killed her, in the most goriest of ways and you say he looks innocent , do you by any chance …use your glasses well, I mean its supposed to give you foresight but I think it kinda stunted your brain and plus your thinking falculty ..stellinsky “

She adjusts her glasses “ I see okay, I was just saying “

“well, I closed the case, killer is behind bar, he ain’t getting out. We need to tell the family so they can atleast mourn in peace”

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A week later Stella, dressed in black, hovering over her coffin, Her friend’s family is here, it’s a small service, her mother is crying at the end supported by her father, she has only one brother, too small.still too young to understand death. Stella looks down at the closed coffin, they didn’t open it, didn’t want to upset the parents anymore. She had come to pay her last respect, she had even begged her boyfriend to follow her, he was standing next to the cop, Caleb , and that woman named Stellinsky, she didn’t understand why they still needed to be here, they caught the killer, he was behind bars, the judge ruled against him, he got the gas mask, he was dead.. he wasn’t killing another girl ever again, good thing he didn’t have a family, it would have been sad to know that their husband, father or brother was a rapist and a killer .

They had said they wanted to come by, was in the area, to see that the service went successfully, some jist of people usually disrupts funeral services too. She sighed , staring at the coffin one last time

“Sleep well Jane, I hope you see more dxxks to fxxk in hell” she whispers and walks away to join her boyfriend Caleb turns, watches her leave the coffin area, taking a cup of coffee and going to the dead girl’s mother to hug her, her eyes swollen , red. Stellinsky follows his eyes

“She misses her friend’’ she says to him

“Yeah, I suppose. Well, our work is done here, shall we?” She nods,

“I wonder, what’s the time?” she asks Caleb, realizing she dropped her watch in the car, she checks for her phone in her back pocket. He checks his watch,

“ 3am’’ he says absentmindedly, as his phone rings, he answers, soon he is smiling, he has a date tonight, with a certain blond. He likes blonds, he liked them blonds.

“Actually its 4:45 pm” she frowns into her phone, as she slides it on, seeing a message “ Your watch isn’t correct or it just stopped? Am supposed to be at home, getting dressed for dinner by 6pm all the way across town. “ she looks at him , he is still on a call, she leaves him and walks to the car to wait. Stella is done, she goes to the young man, back resting on the wall

“Shall we? Paid my last respect, cried and blew my nose, I just want to leave here, let’s go” she grabs his arms

“Sure princess, “ he says” just gimme a minute to say goodbye”

“fxxking her wasn’t enough you want to masturbate on what’s remained of her corpse ?” she digs her nails into him

“What does it matter, you hated her”

“Well you screwed her”

“She was a better lay than you” he smirked

“Fxxk you!!’’ she whispers into his face

“yes yes yes..you love it. Now let me go say goodbye” he says, walking away from her He goes to the coffin, placing his hand on it

“ I Loved you jane, I really did. I am sorry. “ he says, opening his coat, he places it, by the handle of the coffin , placing a kiss on the coffin he steps away

“Now, can we leave?’’ she snaps

“Fine . whatever”

The mother later on, looks to find a red rose , she wonders who had dropped it. They enter the car, Stella opens her bag to take a cigarette, inside it was an empty bottle of Cyanide that drops to the car floor

“Why do you have that in your bag Stella?’’

“What else, to kill rats. Since we are in the mood to ask questions, why do you wear the same bloody watch everyday, the battery is bad , always showing 3am.”

“because it’s a swatch, its expensive, and ….its sentimental to me. ’’

“fine, whatever . lets go”



Caleb pulls over , it was 9pm, he saw her walk into the restaurant. He alights from the car and goes after her. He was carrying flowers, white and red roses, he crosses the streets, into the restaurant and is seated across a beautiful blonde Three hours later, Drunk, she and him stagger to her car

“So, your place or mine?” he asks her, nuzzling her inside the car, he uses a red rose to run it up her thighs, she shivers . A bottle of “Red Petals “ perfume laid at his feet, which he nudges away

“Mine, my husband is out of town’’ she breathed against his mouth Perfect , he smiles


Predictions :

Question one .. Was Mr Gibson the actual killer of jane .? if yes, state your answer and reason in the comment box. If No, go to question two.

2.Who killed jane ?.

*Suspects A- Caleb …( He had a watch, which had stopped and shows 3pm, he likes blonds, he says ‘’he always likes them blond’’ and he likes red roses)

*Suspect B – Stella, Jane’s friend. Jane slept with her boyfriend or has been sleeping with him. She hated her, she probably wanted revenge. She had a bottle of Cyanide in her bag, the poison the rose was soaked in”

*Suspect C – The boyfriend – he always wears a swatch, same time , 3pm, and he dropped a red Rose So who did you think killed Jane?

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