31ST May Episode 23


“What is your greatest fear?” the man sitting not so far away from her asked.

she was lying on the chair, facing the ceiling , her hands clasped together on her tummy, her legs crossed over each other, her eyes closed.
“Why death?” he says, one hand holding a pen and the other a jotter , he was wearing glasses and the name on his crested vest was written “Dr James Jedieh”
“I fear getting old, I fear when I see how a once strong and healthy person , who could jump and run and scream , who is so energetic suddenly becomes old and grey, so weak, can barely move without help, can barely talk sometimes and then they literally become a liability to their family. I fear the moments when no one is there to cater for them, and they become like a child, sometimes their bowels are released unpon themselves, they eat and spill food on themselves ,they have to be bathed and cleaned . I fear old age and then. .I fear that moment when they are too weak to do anything..so weak that the bed becomes their skin ..and eventually…that the earth becomes their bed.. I fear that Doctor…dying! Total nothingless..I fear not able to see , feel and touch ..and what lays behind the living walls and that if truly there is a heaven or hell and that maybe it was all a lie, a ramblings of a mad man that had jotted it down into words and a book and called it the bible, I don’t know….but I fear death and nothingless and total..blackness. ”

“You only fear something when you don’t know about it?”
“Don’t you know about death Doctor? haven’t you felt it, haven’t you seen it?”
“How do you mean? if you are speaking in metaphors ofcourse I don’t know death, I haven’t felt nor seen it even in the context of which you speak”
she smiles, while her eyes remained closed, she smiles “Well I have Doctor.., I have …And death , death is more than a word, it’s a darkness ..its a man”
He shifts in his seat, leaning forward he writes in his jotter
“Explain what you mean Tina, why do you say death is a man and that you have seen him, what does he look like..this death you speak off..?”
she opens her eyes and turns to him..
“Yes he is a man, with eyes and ears, with skin and a heart, but he is also a shadow, his hands becomes claws , his eyes becomes a deep hallow sucking you in… that is what he looks like,darkness , because he is a sillohette of a man but he is a shadow and all that he is and about is to take you.. take you”
“to where?”
“To the mountains , where the water and the land don’t meet, where the earth is soft and hard and the water within is neither white or black…where the land never sleeps and the eyes continues to see”
“hmmmm” ? the doctors says , writing again , he jotts ” inability to separate reality from fantasy , troubled childhood, speaks in metaphors , disillusioned . Needs to be evaluated, book another appointment , not a danger to self or others around her at the moment, ”
“Doctor ?”
“You know…the bible says that one should always put their houses in order, you know, before the end. that is why here, we have lawyers , you write your will, make sure your family is okay ..knowing that when you get old, really old and sick you eventually die and your wife and kids are taken care off you know”
“Yes, I am not a christain though , I am an atheist but yes, you are correct Tina, one should put one’s house in order before the end.”
“Do you fear death Doctor? ”

“Well, I suppose but…all men would die ..someday. I suppose one should be scared of dying.”
“have you kept your house in order doctor??”
he frowns , and looks up, she is lying down and staring at him, her hands under her right cheeks as she rests on it turning to face him
“One must always be insured , we insure our cars and houses and everything, and-”
‘I asked if your house is in order doctor??”
His frown depends , unsettled ” Why do you ask that Tina?’”
“Because your family, they would be taken care off when you are gone”
“What do you mean? my family is being taken care off now that I am alife and it would be a long time before I die …years and years to come and by the time I eventually die, I would be soo old and grey and lived so much that I may even welcome death and..they might cry a little and miss me but their lives would go on because what I left behind for them would be okay for them” he smiles
“Good then Doctor, good . Then you are ready to die”
He blinks… “Ready to die?” he looks at her “Are you speaking in one of your metaphors Tina?”
She laughs “Oh no doctor , I am not. never have been . I say things as they are and as they ought to be..you have done the most important thing doctor, you have kept your house in order, it is important that little detail,order, so now ..you are ready to die, because death, the man ,he is here, ready to take you.”
he jotts “Exhibiting insane tendencies , possible state of delirium. ”
“Doctor … You must prepare yourself doctor ” She says, but it wasn’t what she said that freezes him, it was how she said it,and the way her once soft tone had turned into something more. .as though she was sneering …

He felt a sudden chill, as though someone had suddenly opened the windows and a gush of cold air baths his skin,he rubs his arms dropping the pen and book at the same time..

“Tina..are you cold.?”
“No, I never get cold. ..not when he is here”
“who..when who is here ?”
“Death.. he is here ” She whispers, staring at him
Now,he knew what he felt was not cold,it was fear, the hairs at the back of his head stands…
“Whe- re..where..is.h..h..he ” ? he asks , it was ridiculous, but whatever she was saying and how she was saying it was making him unsettled, .. now he felt his head growing big, expanding , and he felt a presence , towelling behind him…
“He is behind you..Death is behind you..And he has come to take you doctor, to the Tree where it never sleeps, and do you know why..? Because you had taken a life before it began to breath. ”
And then he saw the shadow like a cloak covering him and then he turns , standing up he turns to see a man who isn’t a man, he turns to see a shadow who is a man..
And soon as the shadows stretches out his hands towards him, he saw its claws …
“No no no no” He screams kicking the chair away trying to run away….

but the shadow holds him, grabbing him he hugs him to himself…and then he holds his face , causing Dr James to stare into his face that isn’t a face , but a shadow of a man who isn’t a man…
“Relax doctor …And stare into its eyes…For where he is taking you , paradise woulld be far from it” Tina says, standing up behind him she urges him, while the doctor who had been forced by the claws of hands to stare into his face began to scream and scream and scream
The hallowed holes of the shadow’s face sulks him in,taking all of him in untill what was left were nothing but Death and Tina standing close to the chair ..
then Suddenly she slumps to the ground. .and the shadows evaporates, living nothing .

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“Tina..wake up, wakeup ” Her husband shakes her up,

“What..I am awake . stop I am awake , what is wrong ??”
“You were talking in your sleep..and making sounds and ..moving your hands ”
“I was? ”
” Yes,” her husbands says Sighing , he rubs his eyes and puts on the bedside light. it was still dark.
“Yes. Where you having a bad dream,because you seemed so”
She frowns …”I don’t remember. .I don’t remember what i was dreaming off” She confessed..
“it’s okay, just go back.to sleep..” he tells her pulling her back to him , pulling the covers back over them, hugging her back to him,he puts off the light and they fall asleep.
“Don’t you want to have breakfast baby before you leave for work??”
“No babe, I am already late. .over slept ” her husband says
“I am sorry baby, guess it was my fault, ” she says handing him a cup of coffee , which he takes and kisses her lips, then he takes a sip of the coffee. ., grabbing the remote he puts on the TV as Tina places a plate of food before her.
“it’s okay baby, ” he tells her focusing on the TV as a woman pops up,and a picture of a man pops up behind her.

Tina frowns “Wait, turn it up baby, the man’s face looks familiar, what are they saying about him?”
he turns it up.
“Dr James Jedieh was found dead this morning in his office , time of death was put around yesterday , mid afternoon. his secretary had said he went in with his last appointment for the day,a woman who had fixed an aporitnment with him personally instead of going through the normal Secretary, but it wasn’t something that was new. Patients who didn’t want their problems public knowledge always did that.
Dr James Jedieh was found , dried to his bones , without a visible areas to show that he had bled to death and even if he bleed to death, the blood should be visible but there is no blood not in his office , on the floor and not even in his veins , and the strangest thing was that…he didn’t have his eyes , what was left was just am empty hallow shell in his head. .where the eyes used to be.
investigations are on going , to find out who the last patient was with Dr James and if she had anything to do with his death which..is strangely impossible. Dr James was a healthy man, a comfortable man and what ever was the cause of death made him look from a young and vibrant man to that of a old greyed sickened man, he looked like a dried wood. it is safe to say that everyone is as shocked as I am, this isn’t possible.

Dr James Jedieh is survived by his wife and two kids ”
“Oh my God ..that is horrible babe, did you see his picture like. .how possible is that, doesn’t make any sense ” Her husband says,

Tina is silent, she is blinking rapidly,..

Her husband turns to look at her
” Tina? baby are you okay??”

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To be continue