Echoes of the past Episode 2


Beryl stood and glared at the handsome young man in front of her, who had removed his specs to have a clearer view of her.

‘’Are you just gonna stand there and stare at me?’’ She asked.

‘’What do you expect?’’ He asked with a smile.

‘’An apology of coz,’’ Beryl snapped with a raised voice.

The smile on the young man’s face widened thus really showing his dimples.

‘’I’m Gavin,’’ He introduced and stretched forth his right hand for a shake.

Beryl stared at the stretched hands and hissed loudly,

‘’Nonsense and introduction,’’ She eyed him angrily and walked past him into the office.

Gavin stood speechless as he watched her walk and disappear into the inner room. He couldn’t believe his eyes and so in order to avoid more trouble, he quietly wore back his specs, put his hands into his trouser pocket and walked out of the office…


‘What’s up with the odd look on your face?,’’ Rex asked as Gavin opened the car door and entered.

‘’Mehn! the manager is d–n rude,’’ Gavin spat out and sat, then leaned on the driver’s seat.

‘’You met with her?’’

‘’Yes. And I regret it.’’

‘’I smell something fishy.’’ Gavin turned to look at him in a confused manner,



‘’What love?’’

‘’Never mind, What about the business deal?’’ Rex asked, still smiling in a funny way.

‘’I’m no longer interested,’’ Gavin said with a deep frown.

‘’Come on guy, you’ve worked with so many other rude girls. Why is the manager of SCOTRYL COMPANY an exception?’’ Rex asked, watching Gavin very closely like he could read his mind. Gavin knew exactly where this was heading, so he simply ignored him and ignited the car engine…


Beryl walked into her office looking really pissed off. she felt insulted and resolved within her that no matter what, that Gavin of a guy must apologize to her. She dropped her handbag on her desk and sat on the swivel chair behind it, then began tapping her fingers on the desk top.

‘’Good morning ma,’’ Rose, her secretary greeted.

Beryl looked up and without thinking twice started pouring out her anger on the poor girl.

‘’Are you crazy? Couldn’t you knock before entering?’’

‘’I did ma, I knocked,’’ Rose said with quivered lips.

‘’You must be a…’’ Beryl started to say but the sound of her ringing phone stopped her.

‘’Get out!’’ She ordered the secretary while picking up her bag to remove the phone.’

‘’Cheryl?’’ She said immediately she placed the phone on her ear after accepting the call. Cheryl on the other hand quickly knew something was amiss coz Beryl had called her name coldly.

‘’Any problem sis?’’ She inquired.

‘’Say whatsoever you have to and get off my phone line,’’ Beryl fused.

Cheryl refused to say a word but instead ended the call on her while Beryl hissed and threw the phone on the table.

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Mrs Laura was still sitting on the couch by the time Cheryl descended the stairs the second time, looking like one who was about to fight a war.

‘’Why the angry look?’’ the mother asked as she sat on the couch beside her.

‘’Senior is at it again?’’ Cheryl spat out, picking up the TV remote. The mother perfectly understood what she was talking about, so she quietly stood up and began walking upstairs. She hated it anytime she had to discuss about Beryl’s attitude.

‘’Mom!’’ Cheryl called out but the mother ignored her and disappeared into the corridor.

‘’I dislike this, how will I pay my way to school now?’’ Cheryl soliloquized and stood up.

‘’Mom!’’ She called again and ran up the stairs with the TV remote…


Mr Lewis sat on the couch with a newspaper in his hand. He wore a white native and had his reading glasses on. The sitting room was well furnished and looked more beautiful and modern than the Scott’s. A mere looking at around the house, one didn’t need to be told that Mr Lewis was very rich, powerful and famous. Suddenly, the front door opened and Gavin walked in with Rex who was smiling amusingly. They both moved and sat opposite him. Mr Lewis adjusted his glasses and looked up while Gavin removed his specs and stared into the space.

‘’How did it go?’’ He asked, his eyes flashing with excitement.

‘’Bad Sir,’’ Rex answered and glanced at Gavin.

‘’I have decided to partner with another company, dad.’’ Gavin added.

‘’You dare not do that son. What happened?’’ Mr Lewis asked as his jaw dropped.

‘’She is too rude dad, I can’t imagine myself working with someone like her,’’ Gavin complained.

Mr Lewis smiled and stood up with the newspaper.

‘’SOTRYL COMPANY or forget about the deal,’’ he concluded and walked out on them.

‘’But dad…’’ Gavin began and raised his hand but the father ignored him and climbed upstairs.

‘’Wow!’’ Rex exclaimed and leaned forward.

‘’What’s next now? I’m not going back there.’’

‘’Then you loose the deal?’’ Gavin sighed deeply.

‘’I’m confused. That girl is over rude but d–n it, she’s beautiful too, an angel,’’ he said with a slight smile as Beryl’s face glowed in his mind.

‘’I knew it!’’ Rex chuckled. Love at first sight.’’

‘’I doubt, dad is taking this partnership of a thing too far as if that’s the only existing company,’’ Gavin said and dropped the specs on the center table.

‘’Are you gonna go back there?’’ Rex asked instead.

‘’What do you think?’’ Gavin questioned in reply but Rex just stared at him without saying a word…

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