Echoes of the past Episode 1


No matter what you do in life, always know that life itself isn’t a bed of roses and doesn’t always go as planned. Sometimes we don’t deserve what life throws at us but we either learn to accept it or to change it…

It was a beautiful Monday morning. The sun had risen and it’s ultraviolet rays made the window panes shine brightly in it’s reflection. The curtains opened and behind it was a well furnished sitting room. Everything inside looked spick and span ranging from the tiled floor to the glass center table, etc.

Mrs Laura Scott sat on the couch looking very beautiful in her pink long sleeve gown. Her hair was covered with a black hair net and in her palm was the television remote she constantly used in changing the channel on the flat screen plasma television that hang at the far right end of the room. For the umpteenth time, Beryl kept running in and out of the sitting room, looking very restless.

“Always running around every morning,” Mrs Laura intoned and bent forward slightly to drop the remote on the center table.

“You and Cheryl wake up late only to start running around like helpless chickens.”

“Mom!” Beryl smiled and moved to sit beside her, then bent to buckle the strap of her blue stiletto heel. She wore a light makeup which made her face look radiant and calm.

“It isn’t my fault you know?” The mother smiled amusingly.

“I see, it’s my fault, right?” Beryl’s smile turned into a grin as she stood up and picked her handbag from the side stool. She was dressed in a blue short sleeve shirt and black skirt.

“Gotta go mom,” She said and glanced at her gold wristwatch.

“Breakfast?” the mother asked.

“I’ll get some from the office cafeteria,” Beryl smiled and bent to kiss her lightly on the cheek.


“Beryl?” Mrs Laura called in a low voice just as Beryl was about opening the door.


“Please make sure you have breakfast.”

“Alright ma,” She replied and opened the door,stepped on the porch then shut the door behind her. She removed her car key and walked towards the black SUV that was parked beside a blue Camry. Soon she was speeding out of the compound towards the high way to the office… :

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“Good morning mom,” Cheryl greeted as she descended the stairs in her pink nightie.

“Beryl just left, it’s now your turn to run around,” Mrs Laura said.

“She did? Oh no,” Cheryl frowned and ran back upstairs.

“Any problem?” the mother asked.

“I’ll call her,” Cheryl shouted from the corridor.

Mrs Laura shook her head negatively and focused on the television…

Beryl got to the office but just as she was about entering, her phone rang but as she dipped her hand into the bag to remove it, she bumped into someone.

“Excuse me,” the person started to say.

“Excuse you,” she interrupted.

“Are you blind or something??” she asked angrily but the person just starred… :

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