31ST May Episode 20


“What in the world? ?” She ran down the hall ..then she heard them before she saw them..

Clawing at each other, making sounds as they tore at each other’s flesh…jerking and jerking, vomiting and spitting out blood…
She backs away….
the ones who had been sedated were up..and the ones who weren’t sedated..the doctors and nurses had suddenly began to jerk..even the doctor who had been sitting down when she left was on the floor…

he was scratching his neck…as she ran to him..
“Doctor..doctor..?” He was burning hot.
He had the Fever..he had the Influenza. .. “Oh my God” she backs away from him..and from the others as they began to struggle amongst themselves making sounds…biting each other…parents , friends…children. ..and suddenly…the ones who had been long affected would reach for another. .bite,jerks jerk..and then falls to the ground…and stop breathing. .
she needed to get out..she needed to get out of here…
Seeing that she was the only one who hadn’t been infected or touched..she begins to run out the doors, pushing away from them as they try to hold on to her, screaming and kicking, hitting them off…
Everyone was infected..within a few minutes they all began to show syptoms. .as bodies began to pile on the floor after biting another. ..

it was spreading fast..
it was their bite..their bite caused another to get the disease..

so she ran …untill she was out of the hospital doors…grabbing an iron she jams the door..backing away into the road..
Just then two cars stops infront of her, as people jump out..wearing masks and overalls, jumping down with boxes . Some jumps down with guns and a green comuoflage.
“No..no..its too late. .you cant ..you can’t save them..its too late. they are all infected..Maybe killing each other in there..don’t go in there ..dont” she screams.. as she fell to the ground trying to stop them..

Reaching the door..and peering inside…they see… they take a step back..
“What do we do??” the doctor says to the Military personnel who had escorted them, the others stay behind. it was a lost cause.

“we call it in, wait further instructions. ..”
The nurse was covered with a cloth and put in the car, she was shaking in the car, tears streaming down her eyes..
After what felt like a couple of minutes, the Military personnel answers a call,

calling his two colleagues …he whispers into their ears..
“What ..what did they say? ” the doctor ask
“we have to contain this. .”
“What does that mean?”
“it means that ….if this gets out…a whole city might be wiped out.. If for now these are the only people infected…we can wipe them all out now..the ones who survived. .too., they are going to die anyways.”.

“what does that mean wipe them out, they are people in there..there are families..you can’t just wipe them out ”
“if you rather go in there and be the hero doctor, go ahead. you already see through that window. .they are killing each other in there. .That’s what the desease does, and the box of drugs you have there isn’t even a cure..so do yourself and your family a favour, get back into the car…you go in there..you die with them. I don’t know about you but I want to get back home to my kids”
“No buts doc” The military personnel says..as they usher the doctor into the car next to the Nurse who hasn’t stopped shaking..,
“it’s so bad in there..so bad…they were just going at each other..dying afterwards I had to get out if there..I had to..I had to” she cries..

They watched from the car as the Military personnels go round the compound.. good thing that there was only one door in and out of the hospital ..
they get to the garage , ..letting the fuel pour to the ground… As they poured it round the hospital. .

they could still hear the sounds of tearing flesh and screaming..and people hitting the door to be let out. .eyes red, vomiting blood..

“Jesus!!” one of the military personnel says
“let’s torch this place up and get out of there.. ” The other says
Soon the entire hospital is burning. .

No one got out..

They enter into the car, driving back into the city.. Stopping in the city hospital, they take her to get checked in
“she is in shock” the personnel tells one of the nurses who comes out to take her in..
The doctor who had been with her in the car is watching her..
“Are you okay??” he asks her , telling her to relax as he shines a touch into her eyes..
she nods her head, but it only gave her headache,..then she touches her head.” I am , just that my head hurts ”

“Did you hit your head?”
“I I don’t remember ” she says frowning., she rubs her neck..” I just feel pain on my neck”
“let me see, maybe you got injured during your escape ”
she bends as he takes a look, frowning. .”Were you in a fight? were you bitten? ”
“What. .bitten??” She touches her neck, his hand had been there, he pulls away..shocked. she was hot..very hot.
“you are burning hot nurse..are you okay??”
“I..I am okay. .I was..I am ..” she trails off as she began to scratch her neck…painfully as she began to groan in pain closing her eyes and holding her head…
that nurse.. that nurse had biten her.. that nurse had…She groans
“Nurse nurse are you okay?” he leans into her grabbing her shoulders trying to calm her down as she began to jerk..and jerk…
The next time she opens her eyes , it was red, grabbing him she claws at his skin then bites his neck, causing him to scream..
the nurses ran inside…trying to restrain the nurse , the doctor is bleeding on the floor..holding his neck..crying out in pain as the bite burns into his skin, the itching began, the pain. .then the fever starts almost immediately, he jerks and jerks screaming and struggling as the nurses approaches him…he reaches for her..trying to stop the pain..he needs the pain to stop. .struggling and jerking, clawing and biting he is suddenly out of breaths. ..he sinks his teeth into her arm.
The first nurse had stopped moving. ..

soon the doctor did too..
but the nurses ..the nurses are after themselves. ..Burning hot, groaning and screaming …and..
the FEVER continues to spread.

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