31ST May Episode 21


There were two of them, clothed in the silk of humans , breathing in their atmosphere , and seeing through their eyes. There were two of them, not born from the seeds of men, or through the womb ..were they were not carried, nor were they pushed through the legs of a woman. There were two of them, made in another Image , the image of the Most high, The I AM, but looked like one another ..even alike to the man they see sitting in the gateway of the the city in which they had arrived, the dusk of the night was dark, and the city was lit with lights. the city in which they had come was called

‘ Sodom’.
The man sitting at the gate saw them, quickly he gets up, bowing his face to the ground ,seeing that they were strangers he hadn’t seen before ..

“My Lords , I know you must be tired from embarking on a long journey, I have water to wash your feets with, and a bed to rest your head, and a roof to shed you from the night’s harm, please rest a night in your servant’s house so that by morning, when it is early you shall go on your way.” he says to them, the two of them look at the man who had bowed to them,
“Do not worry yourself good man, we would not follow you, we would spend the night in the square. Do not be worried about us strangers ”
“But my Lords, what water will you drink when you are thirsty , what food would you eat when you are hungry? and when the night flies begins to perch and bite your skins,how do you ward them off when you are sleeping on the cold earth?”
“it is our concern good sir, we would manage , ” they tell him
They made to leave but he stops them “Please, I insist , I do understand how taking a journey is and I would be grateful for a little meal and shelter. how do we be our brother’ keepers if we do not help them when they seem to be in need?”
“we are not in need good sir ..we are fine ” They insist
“please my Lords, I mean no harm, water for you, food for you and bed to rest . surely that is music to your ears My Lords ?” he says
Sighing, they agree as he persuaded them strongly , he smiles getting up and leads them into his house ,they drank and was fed, eating baked bread without yeast and they were full. He was pleased.
Bodies clings against each other , music feeling the room and down the streets , lights blinding the eyes as the bodies swayed to the music of the night, one, built as rock, muscles and fine features , he leans to his partner …a smaller man , and he kisses him , pleasuring his tongue he drinks from him, caressing his chest he grabs him tighter to himself as the smaller man wraps his hands around his neck..
“I will give you pleasure you have never felt before ” the bigger man says to the smaller man
“and I will surely enjoy the bliss you are to send me into ” he says raising his dress shirt, turning, he bends , holding unto a pole .

the bigger man stands , loosening his girdle around his waist , he leans to the man and kisses his neck, running his hands down the smaller man’s sides and reaching his firm bottom, he pats his own legs, grabs the oil from the stand, he pours some into his hands , rubbing them to together ,he reaches for his lower self that had risen to a magnificent height, he lets his hands glide through himself , making it shine in the dimly lit room, leaving it again he parts the bottom of the smaller man and plunges his erected self into the smaller man’s rectum, his own eyes going into his head and his mouth releasing a moan, the smaller man holds the small pole tighter as the bigger man, strength and muscles rams into him , in and out ..holding tighter , moving faster untill he shatters, spilling his seed into the man.
Around the room, littering the streets far and near, bodies held together they clings to themselves , they were paired in twos and fours , enjoying the feels and pleasures of their bodies, men to men, women to women, living the original aim for which they were created , A man to a woman , cleaving together , becoming one and multiplying the earth.
It was a thing of a disgust , a malfunction of the creation that he had made . Thus he looked down , he looked down hearing their pleasures , seeing thier sins, broken by their choices , This was not how it was supposed to me. He closes his eyes and shuts his ears
“MY LORD , you are greatly displeased? ” One of the Angels, who had been watching says , his takes his eyes away too
“indeed I am. See , what my creations had turned into. Did I not make them in my own image, gave them everything under the heavens and on earth to be ruled and dominated by them. Did I not cause the heavens to leak out water to water their hard work, did I not cause the light and darkness to be separated for them, so they can see the day to work and till and then see the night, were they would rest and sleep, did I not love them enough ,? did I not make another like them,when first making them ..the first one from dust , Adam, breathing into his nostrils and giving him life,? did I not understand his need , knowing that as he named the creatures of the earth, he was without his own kind ,and so I had put him to sleep, taking a rib from his side and made a one for him, as he was called man, he , giver of names named her eve, she was a woman. And they have multiplied and populated the earth.. Now, years and years have passed, why then..their children’s children’s have they now left the bosom of women to cleave to the hard chisel chests of their fellow men. and the women had left the stronge arms of their men to cleave to a softer feel of their fellow women..it is an abomination! !! I cannot even dare to look at them because I cannot behold inquity. their stench rises to my nosent and their voices reaches my ears.. This..this is a soiled creation, dented, with blemishes..This is not what I have created in love and made in my image, these people are worse than infidels ” God says, turning his back away from the earth

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“Speak MY LORD, and I would do as you have commanded”
“The outcry of my people, the ones who haven’t been soiled against the abominable acts of the people is so strong. , that I cannot close my ears to it. Go down, Go down and mett justice to them. Go down and cleanse the land..I your GOD have commanded you. ” He turns to the Angel who stood behind him, his head was bowed because his couldn’t behold God’s face , his face was as bright as the brightest light,
“As you have commanded Father .”

“Go with him, But perceive the one who meets you at the gate , him and his family should not be harmed ” GOD says to the other angelx
The second Angel who stood at the side walks forward .. “As you have commanded.”
“Do not go in your true form, your sight would scare the men of the earth. ”
“then , how must we go?”
“clothed in their skin, breathing in the air they breath in, talking in the language that they speak. shield your wings , and mask your brightness, for they are mere men,they would not freely accept the things of the heavens ”
The two Angels nod, turning away they fly out of the pearly gates of heaven ,after walking down the streets of gold, parting the clouds they ascend.. touching the ground ,their wings hiden behind their hands and their skins become like man’s
God watches from the heavens ..

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To be continued