31st May Episode 15


As expected, the party had thinned out, but he was still partying , on another blond. He wonders how he manages to get it up, maybe being less than two minutes makes it possible to spread it all out to others.
He closes the door behind him, he in the shadows suddenly comes into light, they turn hearing the door slam, he , the bastard orders him out, asking him if he didn’t see that they were busy using the room.
He , smiles,

“Oh I would wait” he , says “It would only be a minute and half

“What did you say?” the bastard asks, standing up and coming to him

“You should leave darling, I need to teach little boys how to treat women or no wait, I want to punish him for not treating a particular woman right” he opens the door wide for her, maybe it was the look in his eyes and the deathly smile on his face that caused her to shiver , because even when the bastard tells her to stay , she grabs her things and flees down the stairs , then he , he shuts the door

“You asshole, you don’t know who you messing with” the bastard grabs him by his hood-shirt and pushes him to the wall. But that was fine, he , the one in the hood , he was smiling

“Yes, but do you know who you are messing with? Why don’t I show you?” he removes his hands as easy as he would remove a paper from his shoulders, then he pushes him, the bastard, to the bed…with a force that make his eyes go big.
Then pins him down with one hand, with the other he continuously jabs a scissors into his hand..repeating “You do not hurt the one you love’’
While he screams , he in the hood punches his mouth closed, then he takes the other hand, the knife on the table seemed a good tool. He stabs him to the bed.
He was screaming , like a girl he was crying in pains. Good thing that the music was loud enough to dull out his whinning.
He leaves him on the bed..and fishes throw the drawer, there was a screw driver, a clipper and some other useful tools, he smiles. Whoever the owner of the room was, he should give him a thankful card.
He turns to the bloodied bastard on the bed..
He plugs the clipper and shaves off his head, he struggles but he, the one with the hood is stronger, even for a thinner build. Then taking the screw driver he jabs it into one of his eyes..while his screaming, the bad tainted one, the one who hurts her becomes noise to his ears, he ..the one who is now out of the shadows, stuffs his hair, into his mouth, pouring down the spirit he had gotten from the drawer as well down his throat. Watching him choke his hair down, closing his mouth afterwards with the bra the blonde left behind .
“please. .please ” cries in muffled words
“You didn’t stop when she cried ..you didn’t stop when she bled, you didn’t stop when she fainted, you never stopped when she was broken to pieces every single day since you began to hurt and break her. you never stopped her flowing tears. you never stopped to bend her wounded heart. you have soiled her beautiful features and I watched you both for so long to know that …you deseve all I am metting out to you because .because…she can’t take anymore, because. .because I won’t let her keep taking anymore …you deseve every pain she had gone through, every hurt would be given in a thousand folds…You. you and all of you would be nothing but bones and flesh”
“You are crazy. .!!! you are crazy!!! please please am sorry ..please Help!!! HELP!!!” he screams when he takes the cloth of of his mouth. Then he laughs, watching him call for help…
“No one is coming, they are too stoned and high to hear, the music is loud and she..she is home, barely herself. ..and that is a wrong I want to correct. ” he stuffs the cloth back into his crying mouth and then, taking the screw driver and the knife, pulling it out of his bloodied hands, he stares down at the scared mam reduced to a crying little boy, begging for his life .
He smiles “You should have thought of that when you made her cry” Then in quick repeated successions , you make his chest a a pitiful version of what it was, and as the blood sprouted out , soiling both faces, he doesn’t stop, not untill he felt him jerk his last, cry his last, beg his last and jerked to a stop, his eyes void of life and his mouth a fountain of blood trekking into his ears and his heart, stopped.
Then he, gets up, smiling down at him, him the tainted bad lover, him the beater, the hurt giver, the pain disher, him, the pretender , the uncaring lover, the heartless fool , him the one that she loved, him, the one that beat her to almost a dead pulp.
He smiles, glad to have ended her pain..
now she would have to see him, see that he, the one who had lurked around in the shadows, the one who had followed het all through, had smiled when she smiled, cried when she cried, being hopefully when she was hopefully, was loved when she felt loved, was sad when she felt sad was the only one who truly truly loves her, and he..he would help her love herself, he would teach and show her what love truly is..
Leaving the dead one, one the bed, he goes down the stairs, and as fools , as stupid as irresponsible fools, they don’t stop him nor ask why he is in that state , why the black hood he wore was dripping red water …No they don’t care, because they were busy being busy ruining their lives, drinking, smoking , getting stoned, so what they think they see may actually not be what they see…so it wouldn’t matter anyways, Tommorw ..they would find him dead, they would call the police and because they were stupid and unreasonable irresponsible. ..no one would be able to tell who did it. not even the blonde, she never saw his face, only a man wearing a black hood, and a deadly smile he wore. ofcourse , whatever she says would make sense…
he was nobody, nobody they knew.

Happy now, he goes back , back to her house, back to her room, and then he had climbed into bed with her, hugging her tight, keeping her warm.

Tommorw , she would be pleased that he had gotten rid of her pain.
Her screaming wakes him up, her screaming peirces his ear bud..

she wanted to know who he was and why he was in her bed, all bloodied.. she wanted to reach out and call the cops, she wanted to run away from him, she was scared but he don’t want her to be. he grabs her, keeping her still he calms her, he calms her, but her screaming in none stop so he goes to th corner and sits there , waiting her out .
she tries to run but he does’nt let her. he tells her not to be afraid. Nor to be scared ..and when she saw that…no one comes to her rescue because no one was near, and that she was the only one who could hear her and that she could not leave the door ..she begins to cry, so he tells her, from the start he tells her. . then the call comes in during …but he tells her to let it go to voicemail, so she does scream her alarm.
“Rick. .Rick is dead June, he was killed, murdered like an animal, his body has been taken, they don’t know who” whoever calls tells her “Call me as soon as you get this. we are all so sad, and we can only imagine what you would be going through now that you know…Oh Ricky !!!” the line cuts
he is happy, he is happy “I made him stop. I made him stop” he says..
she is looking at him and not really looking at him. shock vibrates through her body, she is shaking , she is crying , she is…unbelieving .
“I saw and watched him Hurt you, I saw and watched him harm you, I saw and watched you break over and over again …I willed you strength to fight , to fight and let it go but my strength was not stronge enough for you , because whenever he came to beg, you accepted him back, regardless of his faults. but last night. .last night…he was worse than before…you were worse than all the states he had ever put you through. I brought you back, I protected and took care of you. then I went back and took care of him, pain for pain, hurt for hurt and broken heart for pierced one” he laughs
“Why. ..?? why…you will pay for it..you will. I will tell the police, you killed my baby my baby ” she wails on the floor, crying , roaring
but he is angry ” I did it for you for you .. I want to show you what loves means, what love truly means. I want to love you untill you learn to love yourself. don’t you see. ..see that I live you and did this for you. Don’t you see?”” he says walking to her, bending lows to touch her but she hits him off,
“All I see is a psycho! !! All I see is a MURDERER!!!! ALL I SEE IS A KILLER !!! YOU KILLED MY RICKY, my love ..my heart …my one true love ”
“But he hurt you , he made you cry. ” he says
“I don’t care. I didn’t. I loved him.. I loved him. ..
“How do you love someone who doesn’t love you, who hates on you and pretends with you. how do you love someone who harm you constantly. that is not love that is delusion , that is crazy. .that is ..inhumane”
“What you did is inhumane and you will go to jail I promise.. my baby” she cries, screaming when he comes closer touching her ..
“I want to love you. let me love you. let me love you ” he pleads. Not understanding why, why she doesn’t see
“I WILL NEVER LOVE ANOTHER LIKE RICK..I RATHER DIE THAN LET YOU LOVE ME..YOU ARE A KILLER A KILLER. A MURDERER! !!” She flings whatever she came in contact with at him. he docks…
“please ”
“You took him away from me”
“He was hurting you…he was–”
“I didn’t care. I didn’t care ..I didn’t care!!!!!!”
He is hurt, he is sad. he should have never loved her, he should have never believed that… His love would have been enough to cover for him..the one who is dead now, his sins. he should never had hoped that ..she would see.
she didn’t see, she was stupid. She rather have the one who mars and scars her everyday, breaks and hurts her everytime …It didn’t make sense.

His father used to say..used to say that they would see, they would see eventually who truly loves them.
But she does’nt see, she …June doesn’t see that hed done it for her…

June doesn’t see….
“So you won’t let me love you . give you peace and joy and happiness. but you would let him harm you..break you..Mar you..destroy you”
“Because he loves me..because he loves me.. because I love him” she says repeatedly. .
Angered now.. pained now..

He looks at her …
He was wrong, his father, He was wrong. one cannot be loved when one cannot even allow themselves to be loved.
And June, June didn’t love herself , he should have left her in her pain and miseries and should have loved her enough for two.
“I had hoped you would have LET ME LOVE YOU, until you learned to love yourself. but now I see..that pain and brokenness and scars is what you desire . then allow me to send you back to it, and I hope you both continue in your desire. ”
With one hand he reaches for her, with another he grabs the bedside lamp and hit her head with it, continuously till he heard a crack and sm her once Strong hands goes weak.

standing away form her he doesn’t smile., he doesn’t smile.
He walks out of her room, down the stairs, it takes him five minutes , he goes out the house and back into the corners, lurking in the shadows , in his hood..Back to the quiet, weird invincible stranger that anyone barely knew, who was barely there and was never really anywhere else.
And whenever he sees a pretty girl, beautiful as she, created in perfect image, he would see him, the all tainted bad bastard that they usually fall for.
And the story would begin all over again. Now instead of loving this broken birds and wanting to set them free, love them untill they learned to love themselves. ..
He reaches out and breaks their wings, There was no point in saving a bird who isn’t willing to fly .

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