31st May Episode 12


And so with a smile and a nod of your head, you had hugged them good bye, you had waved them too, then you had gone into your living room, to the center place where His picture was placed, where your unborn baby’s picture was placed too, the picture gotten from your first scan.
They were your world, without them, you were nothing. So you had cried your heart out, wishing they could come back, wishing they could , or that time would go back and you would stop him from living the house, you wish that time would go back so that you can tell him how much you loved him, you wish that time could go back so that you wouldn’t have called him that day, that minute and that moment, and then he wouldn’t have been hit, swerving off the road, and dying as soon as his car summersaults a couple of times, and another truck coming crushes him still.

You would never forgive yourself, and as though nature wanted to punish you, it takes away the only other part of him you carry.. Ridding you of your love and both your loves, shared in this house, conceived within this walls. This wasn’t how it was supposed to be. This wasn’t how it was supposed to end. It was supposed to be in sickness and in health, through the good and bad, till death and even if they were immortal, it was supposed to be forever and a day more…with their children.
Now..it’s you. Just you.
So you cry and cry, until your shells are empty of its water, until your body is weak, until you are spent.

Then, like a zombie you go through the house, waking up, sleeping, barely eating, barely showering, barely even living. It’s a week now…and for the first time in a while, you manage to sleep..

But that damn tap in the kitchen woke you up, twice already today. You sigh.

You would call the plumber if it happens again, maybe the tap needs to be changed.
“Ma’am, is that all ?’’ the cashier who is standing infront of you asks you, disrupting your thoughts

“No, I need batteries, clock batteries, apparently the one I bought here Is bad, my clock keeps stopping”

“we are sorry about that ma’am, finger batteries?”
She reaches behind her and hands me the batteries
“Sure this is original?’’
“What’s my charge?”
“500bucks” she tells me
You feel like you want mint in your mouth, you pick a pack of it “And this?’
“5bucks” she says, adding it “505 bucks” she says to me, I give her the money, she gives me my change.

I leave.
I have nothing much to do other than to drive around, but seeing people happy, seeing a family complete upsets you, so you isolate yourself, being alone is better.
You sit under the tree, wishing for miracles
That is when you see it,
You are curious , then you follow the arrow, the crosses and then the dark walls , and the stars and moon dangling from the ceiling, you enter into a dark room, where the only light is a glow from a cup, where a candle is burning. Someone had just left the room, they were two, holding hands, their eyes sparkling . Then you remember, you had seen them earlier, crying ..they seemed lost and broken like you. But not anymore…There is someone behind the chair , you walk around so you can see her face.
You see her face but not her eyes, you see her smile but not her teeths, you see her but she ..doesn’t look like anything you have ever seen. She looked …peaceful, even in her incompleteness. You should be scared, you should be but you are not

She wanted to know why you have came, you wanted to know why she had no eyes. She tells you they were taken away from her when she was a child, you asked her why, she told you because the things she saw made others wary of her, and then one day, when everything she saw came to pass, she had removed her eyes, because the last one, was her mother dangling from the tree, and her father, pressed by a car.
She said she didn’t want to see anymore and had hoped that it would stop. But it became worse, now she saw the ones who didn’t have a beating heart and help them make contact with their family who had and also had eyes.
You didn’t know what she meant. You say you made a mistake to come here, you make to leave
And she asks if you are sure, you reply with a nod
“Then why do you look so sad?”
“But how do you know without eyes”
“I sense your pain, I feel them, like heat I feel it, what have made your heart sad…who have you lost?”
“My husband, my child” You cry, infront of her you cry
“Do you, do you want to see them, do you want them back, seek and you shall find, believe and you shall receive”
“I don’t understand “
“come here..give me your hands, breath, remember, want, desire, hope, seek, believe, see” she tells you
“I don’t understand “
The candle, hidden within the cup, with no air passing through suddenly dances…
“Do you want back what was taken from you?”
You look at her, suddenly fear grips you, but then again, your broken heart speaks “Yes, more than anything”
“Then desire, want, seek, hope, believe, receive him , them back, close your eyes and remember, remember the last time, the last conversation..everything ..when was the last time?’’
“A week..ago”
“I don’t rememeber”
“Rememeber” she says,
You close your eyes, you had just come out from class, and you wanted to call him to come pick you up for your doctor’s appointment, your car had broken down, it was..it was

“ 4..or 5 . I made the call a few minutes past five”
“Good..good…close your eyes and make that same call in your mind, hear his voice, bring him back, bring them back”
It lasted for an hour, you admit you felt a sudden peace wash over you, you felt lighter, better. Then the candle goes off and then comes back on immediately.
Then she lets you go,”They are safe, they are home, safe. At peace, where they belong” she tells you “Go, be free, go believe..go . SEEK AND YOU SHALL FIND, SEE.WHAT’S BEEN RIGHT INFRONT OF YOU EVER SINCE, IT NEVER TRULLY WENT, YOU JUST HAVE TO SEE.”
You leave, happy, really happy. You didn’t see him nor them, but somehow, that peace takes you home

And then once you got home, you forgot all about it.
She was a crazy person, taking advantage of your weakness, and your money.
You forget it, and her.
Going about the house like before, doing nothing, counting the days you would return back to the world , with people, back to your life maybe, maybe back to teaching so you don’t lose your sanity.
It’s a fifth night now, you take a shower, you put off the lights and climb to bed.. tomorrow, tomorrow you get to continue living.

You fall asleep.
Drip!! Drop!! Drip!! Drop!!
Your eyes shoots open again.
You put on your bedside lamp, and get up from the bed.. you turn and face the wall,
The clock is saying 5:05
You go to the kitchen , now it is starting to creep you out.. you don’t walk fast, you walk slowly, grabbing a baseball bat from the wardrobe you tiptoe into your kitchen..
Drip!! Drop!!! Dripity-drop!!
“Who is there, who is there, I am holding a very dangerous weapon, I will harm you, who is there??’’ you scream.
Drip-drop Drip Drop DROP

You can see someone there now, in the dark , close to the sink, you can see him there.
You reach for the socket and turn on the lights, you want to hit him,

And then he turns..
Even if your eyes won’t be able to recognize his face, broken, contorted, bloody. Your heart would be able to, because you have loved him from the day one, as long as you could remember
“Richard!!’’ you exclaim, fear gripping you as you drop the bat and shift back..
He turns to you completely, his hands bloody..but something that looked like a beating heart in his hands,,
“you see me Vicky, you see us, finally you see us, I kept trying to tell you that I was here but you never saw me, I kept playing with the tap, the way I used to, I then stopped the clock, hoping you would understand , it was about 5 minutes past 5 when it happened, do you remember, but I have been here, we have been here waiting for you to see us but it doesn’t matter now, you can see us now…that’s all that matters Vicky …we came back for you, our baby and me, we came back for you’’ he says coming towards you, blood dripping from his hands, and from his destroyed face and crushed body.
Then you begin to scream and scream and scream

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You wake up,

It was a dream. You are sweating .. you are scared

But it was all a dream.

That nightmare was all a dream. You wipe the sweats off your forehead with your hands. But then your heart aches, the pain still evident, the loss strong. He is gone. Your baby is gone. They were lost to the living, dead and gone.

That was real.
That wasn’t a dream.
You slid back into your bed..you reach on your left , you pick your watch to check the time.
It is …..
You feel someone turn on your side…
You turn abruptly , and stare into the face of your dead husband, and the bloody hands he reaches infront of you..
“We are here Vicky, and we would be together forever …you and us”
You continue to scream

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The End.