"24 Days to Christmas" season 2 episode 3


“What are you doing here Franca?”
Yvonne asked.
Yaw joined them at the door way to confirm whether it was truly Franca.
Yes! It was. Yaw and Yvonne wondered what Franca was doing there at that time.
The only thing they could think of was that Franca was back to her appalling behavior because she knew very well that Yvonne was at her office.
So then the question still remain, what was she doing there?
Yvonne was loosing her temper and kept asking her until she finally spoke out.
“Yvonne, calm down, i know how it may sound to you but i just wanted to maintain the friendship Yaw and i had before i lost my memory, i meant no harm” Franca explained.
Yvonne was easily convinced as soon as she said that, she calmed down and apologized for her out burst.
She didn’t hesitate to invite her in. However, something about her didn’t convince Yaw. He suspected that she was up to something. He then decided to be very observant with Franca’s actions, so he can prepare for any strike by her.
All three of them sat while they talked. As much as Franca claimed she had a good intention for coming there, she had a bit of jealousy in her seeing Yvonne in Yaw’s shirt.
It looked as if they were already married.  The atmosphere there was filled with tension and suspicion even though they engaged in chit chat.
Somehow it looks as if they were all being cautious of each other.
Yvonne and Yaw didn’t trust, Franca on the other hand felt awkward at that moment.
She sensed that she was been watched carefully. She began to feel discomfort but was finding it difficult to leave.
As much as Franca had shown a sign of regrets with what she had done in the past, that possessive attitude still remained in her.
She was indeed jealous and felt bad for herself for not being in Yvonne’s shoes as Yaw’s girlfriend. You could expect this from her, she is a human with flesh and blood, it will only be a matter of time to make her completely forget Yaw.
Franca gave them a more reason to be doubtful about her when she asked this question.
“Yvonne, i didn’t see your car parked outside, where is it?
Yaw and Yvonne looked at each other and begun to be more suspicious.
Yaw jumped in with a quick answer.
“It had a mechanical fault on our way here yesterday, it’s with a mechanic as we speak”
Franca changed the topic and went on to discuss about other things.
For a moment Yvonne was carried away and forgot about being secretive about their movement.
“Hey Franca, Yaw and myself will be going to see mum tomorrow morning, would you like to join?” Yvonne asked.
“Yes i would love to, its been awhile since i last saw her” answered Franca.
Yaw didn’t like the idea but had no option than to keep mute.
After awhile Yvonne wanted Franca to leave. She needed to derive strategy to make her leave. Still in Yaw’s sleeves, she opened the first three buttons from the neck. That slightly exposed her firm breast with bra.
Yaw noticed it, but kept on a low key. All this while Franca was still there.
Yvonne placed her head on the laps of Yaw. She took his hand and just placed it on her breast.
Franca saw her actions and quickly requested to leave.
Yvonne had succeeded with her plans, little did she know that she had triggered Yaw sexual feelings.
She locked the door as soon as Franca left. When she got back she noticed the look in Yaw’s eyes.
To her it was funny, she just wanted to tease him the more.
She placed her head on his laps again, this time around, she opened all the button of the sleeves.
Yaw just sat there and enjoyed the view of Yvonne’s breast.
Yvonne noticed that Yaw couldn’t take it anymore, she took his hand again and placed it in between her breast with the bra still on.
To be continue on monday