"24 Days to Christmas" season 2 episode 11


Franca’s mood changed completely as if she knew who was behind the door.
Franca went to open the door to see who it was.
It was Susan. She looked more furious now.
As soon as Franca saw her she again shut the door behind her to prevent Yaw from seeing or hearing them.
Susan walked Franca to some few distance away from the door.
“Susan, he is still not here, i have not heard from him.” Franca said.
“Yeah, i know, change of plans. How i just wish i could end everything now, i hate that guy” Susan said.
“Susan, i still don’t know what you got against Yaw, but i love him, what do you want from him. I think this is the time you tell me everything” Franca asked.
“I don’t owe any explanation to you or anyone. Yaw has poked me in the eye and will pay dearly for it. Stop talking about love, you don’t know anything about it. You couldn’t even see it when he was in love with you” Susan said.
“That’s in the past, but why change of plans, whats going on?” Franca asked.
“He said the deal have been made, you will get the cash eve of Christmas. Until then, He is going to remain on a low note and strike when anyone least expects.” Susan said.
“Wow, that was so fast, i was expecting her to be a hard nut to crack.” Franca said.
“Well you have what you want, don’t interrupt when we are also on the move, i will be on my way now.” Susan said  and left.
What was Franca up to, it seems she has a hand in everything that was going on.
One thing that was not clear was “what she was really after”.
Was it money, love or what?
All this while, Yaw was starring at them from the window, he couldn’t hear a word of what they were saying.
He went down to his seat when he saw Franca returning.
On Franca’s return Yaw went to the bath house to take a shower.
His phone beeped. It was a text message from Yvonne.
Text message:
“Am home Yaw, let me see you now”
Franca quickly picked up the phone to read it. She wasn’t surprised at all, as if she already knew Yvonne was at home.
She texted back saying “Busy” and quickly deleted the text.
When Yvonne on the other hand received the message, she began calling Yaw.
Franca switched the phone off after several calls from Yvonne.
Yaw returned from the bath house. He dressed up as if he was going out.
Franca : ” Are you going somewhere?”
Yaw: “Yeah, to see, your father, i need to find Yvonne, i can’t stay here with you, while i know Yvonne is in danger”
Franca: ” Yaw stay calm  i told you i need to tell you something about my Father, that will be the starting point to find Yvonne, just sit down and listen to me, then tomorrow we can go find Yvonne”
Yaw sat down on the sofa, Franca quickly came to sit beside him on the sofa.
Yaw knew it was a friendly act so he ignored it.
Franca: ” My father, revealed something to me at the restaurant right after you and Yvonne left.
Yaw before i continue, promise me that you will never mention this to Yvonne”
Yaw promised and Franca carried on.
“Yvonne is a twin” Franca said.
‘What? How? Where is her twin? Yaw asked as he was surprised about what Franca was saying.
“My mum only told my Dad after they had divorced. She said, she gave away Yvonne’s twin to her uncle who raped her. Apparently, that was the agreement he made with my mother before he gave out her hand in marriage since he was the only member left in my mothers family. At that time, my father was on a business trip in Tokyo. He only came a month after they were born.” Franca revealed.
“Hmm i see, but where is the whereabout of the other twin? Yaw asked.
“He is dead, its Ray. Yaw” Franca said.
“Oh no, tell me this is a joke, but how is this possible” Yaw asked.
“My father had a picture of him, he was looking for him, he wanted to unite the family again before Christmas, they are not identical though but one thing that i know is, Yvonne and Ray are twins” Franca said.
Yaw stood up in shock and was lost in thoughts.
“That means i killed Yvonne’s related brother, i can’t forgive myself for this” Yaw said looking very disappointed.
Franca also stood up and went closer to him. She held Yaw’s face and looked right into his eyes to give him comfort.
“Yaw, look at me, everything is going to be alright” Franca said.
Before she could end what she was saying, the door opened with someone calling Yaw’s name.
It was Yvonne. In her pains and distress, she came looking for Yaw after he had refused to pick up her calls.
Yvonne saw Yaw and Franca in that uncomfortable position which seemed liked they have been kissing.
To be continued a