"24 Days to Christmas" season 2 episode 10


“Look, this is not the time to ask me that question. Just let me know when he gets here”. Susan said and left.
Meanwhile , Yvonne was still begging Daisy.
But she couldn’t trust her anymore.
Daisy knew that if she let her go without any leverage her plan will not succeed.
“Tiger, what are you waiting for, we don’t have much time, do it” Daisy commanded.
He tore up Yvonne’s cloth and subjected under harsh conditions into raping her.
Yvonne cried her heart out. What has she done to deserve this. She cried bitterly as Tiger raped her.
Daisy took dozens of pictures during the act. Yvonne bleed as Tiger used force to thrust her.
Yvonne at that moment just wanted to die. Death was the only option she could think of. She just wished Daisy will just take the gun and fire it at her.
She begun to have a different perception about life.
She casted her mind back, pondered about what Franca did when she needed Yaw.
Is this world all about survival of the fittest?.
She kept asking herself.
When Tiger was done. Daisy made him blind fold Yvonne and took her out into the streets where she would be seen.
Quickly they left her. Before Yvonne could remove what was rapped on her face, they had already left.
Fortunately for her, she was noticed by a lady who was driving by.
She quickly helped her into her car and drove off.
Initially it was her plan to take Yvonne to the hospital but she insisted she drive her home that night. She then had no option than to drive her home .
Back at Yaw’s apartment, Franca had entered the room after seeing Susan.
Yaw didn’t waste time, he asked for explanation. Quickly Franca started answering him as if she had planned whatever she was going to say.
“Those Text messages were to my Dad ok, Now Daddy wanted to get my mum’s love back and i was to help him do that.
I texted him to meet me up at the restaurant too so we can talk about it more, and as soon as you and Yvonne left he came.
We planned on getting mum some presents. So I thought the right thing we could do was when you and Yvonne decided to see mum. He had idea were mum lived so i had to text it to him.
So Yaw, i don’t know why you and Yvonne will think that i have a hand in my own mother’s death” Franca explained.
She sounded so convincing , Yaw was totally confuse. What she said seemed to be the truth to him.
“Look, your sister and i are very frustrated right now, I’m sorry Franca” He apologised.
Before he finished talking, there was a heavy knock. It seems the much awaited person had arrived.
Franca’s mood changed completely as if she knew who was behind the door.
To be continued