"24 Days to Christmas" season 2 episode 1


Out of no where, Daisy came to their table looking very furious.
Yvonne, Yaw and Franca looked surprised and were wondering why she was there.
Yvonne sensed trouble coming, she knew with that look on Daisy’s face she was capable of doing anything.
Daisy was there for lunch when she saw Yvonne sitting across her together with Franca and Yaw.
She felt that this was the only way she could confront her. She was so much into Yvonne that she could not afford to lose her.
Daisy just took the wine glass on the table and splashed it on Yaw.
“Is it because of this “thing” that you are avoiding me? You just took advantage of me last night all because you were hurt, now you are going to leave me once again just because of him?” Daisy asked making reference to Yaw.
Yvonne got pissed as she splashed the drink on Yaw, however she apologized and ignored Daisy.
She took the tissue and began wiping the wine off Yaw’s shirt.
This made Daisy more furious that she pushed Yvonne aside to call her attention.
“Hey, am talking to you, don’t pretend i’m not here”
Her actions began drawing the attention of other customers.
Yaw who almost lost his temper because of Daisy’s push cautioned her to stay off Yvonne’s back.
Tempers raised as they began exchanging words. Yvonne and Franca’s reputation were at stake.
If it gets escalated, the public will know that the ministers daughter was a lesbian.
Franca was the one who calmed down and controlled the situation.
Daisy left on a warning note that, she was not done with her. Yvonne felt very embarrassed after the confrontation.
She then requested that they leave there immediately.
But to their surprise Franca asked them to take the lead because she was waiting for someone.
They didn’t bother to ask too much questions because they were in a haste.
They left Franca there and went to the car park only to see that their car has been tempered with.
On the windscreen of the car, again was a blood written inscription
“This is just the beginning”.
They thought that it was the doing of Daisy, but could she have done this in just a short time.
Yaw and Yvonne realized that note that they came across earlier today was actually to them and not a political game as Franca’s father thought.
Yvonne was carried away by panic when she saw this. Yaw quickly used water to clean the writing off.
Yvonne was so much scared that she wasn’t with the idea of taking the car home.
Yaw offered to drive and take her home safely. It was on their way that Yaw  noticed that the brakes of the car has also been tempered with. It wasn’t working.
By then he was on a top speed in rush to get Yvonne home.
He run out of options and had nothing to do. He kept stepping on the brake but it was still not working.
There was a sharp curve ahead of them, and with that kind of top speed the car is likely to run off the road.
He had no option than to quickly drive into a bush before they get to the sharp curve.
Unfortunately for them, the car crashed into a huge tree leaving the bonnet badly damaged.
Yaw’s head crushed against the steering wheel which led into bleeding profusely from the nose.
To be continued


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