"24 Days before Christmas" season 1 Episode 4


She felt the warm temperature of Yaw’s hand and began to feel weird as he held on to it pleading.
She has never felt that way before. It was strange feeling. There and then she began to see him in a different way that she can’t describe. Yvonne quickly took her hand off. Yaw thought that probably his actions offended her.
“Sorry madam, sorry” He apologized.
“Don’t worry, am ok, i have to take my leave now” said Yvonne
“Please am innocent, madam am innocent” Yaw kept pleading as he was led back into his cell.
Yvonne got to the counter and with the influence that she had as a minister daughter and requested for Yaw’s phone.
The phone was handed over to her without any questioning. She took time went through the content of the phone and finally saw the tape.
She began to feel bad as she saw the video of her own sister being treated that way.
Immediately she ordered for the release of Yaw and also dropped all charges against him.
Her decision was not only influenced by the video but by what she felt for Yaw. As a matter of fact, for the first time, she was falling in love.
As much as the crime investigator was so much surprise of her order, he had no option.
Before Yaw was released, Yvonne left leaving her complementary card to be given to Yaw. He was then instantly released and was subsequently given the complementary card.
Yaw was so surprised that Yvonne would take such a step. Probably he may have been able to convince her, he thought.
He quickly called her not only to show appreciation but find out were Franca was so he could go and see her.
On phone:
Yvonne: Hello
Yaw: hello madam,
This is Yaw, thank you so much madam, God bless you. Thank you so much for seeing the truth in what i said.
Yvonne: no need for that, Anyway, i saw the video on phone and i need you to get in contact with the guy behind this. I want to meet you two latest by tomorrow. I have a deal for him. Can you do that?
Yaw: madam i will, i will bring him to your office, madam one more thing, i want to know the where about of Franca, i need to see how she is doing.
Yvonne instantly got jealous. She expected Yaw to be hailing her all the time but not to show too much concern for Franca.
She hanged up the call without answering him. She unnecessarily got upset over Yaw.
“What does he take me for”
She asked herself.
To be continued