"24 Days before Christmas" season 1 Episode 3


Father : “meaning”
Doc: “Your daughter has lost her memory, sir”
Father: “Oh no!”
Doc: “Her recovery will be slow, but this is the time she needs your attention more, the good news is that, she is responding to treatment and may be discharged in a day or two.”
Yvonne, on the following day, went to the station to interrogate Yaw.
Upon getting to the station, the Crime investigator also interrogated her to know her side.
It was a quick one though, now it was time for her to meet Yaw.
Yaw came out of the cell looking devastated
Yvonne: “Young man, tell me what happened, lets do this quick”
Yaw: “please  before i do that, tell me how she is please.”
The concerned look on Yaw’s face looked real to Yvonne. She noticed that there was something different about Yaw, however this did not distract her, she was determined to come to the root of the matter as soon as possible.
Yvonne : “She is alive, i guess that is a disappointment to you, just go on and tell me everything”
Yaw: “Franca and i have been friends since first year until this sudden event happened between her and her boyfriend on campus.”
Franca: “Are you saying my sister was dating, and what event are you talking about”
Yaw: “Somehow, her guy was able to take coverage of their intercourse together and sent it viral afterwards on the internet.”
Yvonne’s face dropped upon hearing what Yaw was saying. She couldn’t believe her ears that her sister’s tape is out there without her knowing.
Yvonne: ” what are saying, are you sure about this”
Yaw: “Yeah, it was out of frustration that Franca decided to take her life, that is when i came in. She had already stabbed herself with the knife when i got there. She tried committing suicide.”
Yvonne noticed that what Yaw was saying had some iota of truth in it.
Yvonne:”i want to see this video and whoever is behind it. I need to see this immediately before the issue escalates.”
Yaw: ” the video is on my phone, which is in the possession of the policemen, madam am innocent, you can ask Franca about all this when she is fine. Am innocent”
Yaw held the hand of Yvonne trying to convince her that he is innocent. Yvonne was getting convinced about what Yaw was saying. The way he held her hand firm and looked straight into her eyes, gave her a feeling she has never felt before.
She felt the warm temperature of Yaw’s hand and began to feel weird as he held on to it pleading.
To be continued