“24 Days before Christmas” season 1 Episode 15


“You think, i don’t see it in your eyes that you feel something for me, even from the way stared at me this morning, from your kiss right after that chaos. Who will do that, except if feel something for me” Franca asked.
Yaw was in a dilemma, yes he was in love with Franca, but He knew there was no way she will ever feel the same way for him. Franca will only be with Yaw for saving her life.
Yaw didn’t want his relationship that way. All what he wanted was transparency, mutual love, honesty and sacrifice.
He has been able to get that from Yvonne, except that he does not feel the same thing for her.
Earlier today, he had already made a commitment with Yvonne. He availed himself to be taught by Yvonne how to love her in return.
This bothered him so much that he didn’t know what to tell Franca.
However he decided to be honest about it.
Yaw: “Franca, if i say that i don’t feel anything for you then i will be lying to you. I love you. I have loved you all this while but there comes a time that, love may not necessitate a relationship.
I love you alright, but this same love does not permit me to be with you. I owe my commitment to Yvonne.”
Franca became very sad and emotional about what Yaw was saying. She has never seen any guy with such a pure heart as that of Yaw.
For that reason alone, she was not ready to give up on Yaw. She wants to be with him, she can’t let him slip by. Yaw in a null shell was just a good “thing”.
” Yaw, Yaw, you can’t deny what your heart is telling you, i make my decision now. I want to be with you. Don’t take away this happiness from me. It is me you love not Yvonne. Your happiness lies in me.”
Yvonne had already returned to the police station, and was listening to them without their notice.
They only noticed her, after she began sobbing hard. Yvonne for the first time cried over a guy.
She stood there and looked at them, Franca felt bad for her sister hearing what ever she had told Yaw.
Yvonne still in tears said
“Yaw, I love you, you are my first ever love, i gave myself to you without you asking for it. Yeah, i know i have lied to you but that makes me human. am imperfect. But i understand.
Anyway, Yaw you are a free man. My Dad has ordered for your release immediately. Your bailing is being processed.
Franca, i will be waiting for in my car so we go home. ”
She said this and sadly went away to her car.
Franca and Yaw was at that moment speechless. They both felt guilty especially Yaw.
At that very moment, Yaw felt the pain Yvonne was going through. It was the same thing he went through all this while with Franca.
Probably Yvonne’s own hurt the more, her virginity, her pride was given to him at a silver platter.
Yaw saw Yvonne differently now, he finally saw the good in her and that made him more guilty as ever.
To be continued