“24 Days before Christmas” season 1 Episode 14


Yaw was then taken away to the police station.
Yvonne and Franca quickly followed them in her car.
she asked Franca what really happened. Franca told her everything and even about the sex tape she saw.
Yvonne:” am sorry dear sis, its all my fault”
Franca:”Thank God, Yaw was there to save my life. He is an angel”
Yvonne face changed when Franca made such comment. She was so jealous at that moment.
Franca: “Yvonne, how come you didn’t tell me you two were going out, until i met both of you kissing at your office?
Yvonne: ” sis, this is not the time for this discussion ok, Yaw is in deep trouble cause of you. Let me deal with that first”
She said this in angry tone. Franca noticed it and cast her mind back to Ray’s room and how it all happened.
One thing that kept popping into her mind was the short soft kiss from Yaw.
It felt so real and even though it didn’t last long, it made an impact to her.
She began thinking deep about Yaw and kept asking herself so many questions.
“Why would a guy go to that extent for me, why didn’t he hesitate kissing me, How come he was on time to save me, was he spying on me ? ”
She kept asking herself. Soon they arrived at the police station where Yaw was already placed behind bars after writing his statement.
Yvonne kept calling his Dad, just to use his influence to release Yaw, but was to no avail.
Yvonne then decided to go after her Dad at his office. Franca stayed behind until Yvonne returns.
Because of who her father was, she was allowed to speak to Yaw.
Yaw actually didn’t look troubled, somehow he knew that in no time he will be released.
Franca spoke to Yaw and expressed gratitude for what he had done for her.
She ensured him that she will make sure he gets out of cells within the shortest time.
“Where is Yvonne” Yaw asked Franca.
“She is after our Father, he can get you out with just a single phone call” said Franca.
Yaw: “Father? Are you sort of related to Yvonne?
Franca: ” What kind if question is that, don’t you know Yvonne is my sister?
Yaw got surprise when he heard it, but he didn’t make it obvious for Franca to notice.
Yaw: “Sorry, am just not myself”
Franca: “i understand, you are here, and your girlfriend is out there fighting for your freedom, i really envy her”
Yaw face lighted up when she heard that statement. He quickly followed up with a question
Yaw: “why do you say that, do you wanna be in her place”
Franca: “oh please, no girl wouldn’t love a man that will protect her”
Yaw quickly had a different impression about Franca. Must she have a reason to be in love. He began comparing Franca and Yvonne.
Yvonne saw something in him right from when he was accused of attempting to kill her sister, even to the extent that he owe her gratitude for his freedom and now she is out there trying ones more to get him out of here.
Franca have been loved by Yaw ever since they met. Even though Yaw has never been bold to tell her because Ray was around, she had never been able to see it.
She lost her memory alright but must one have a reason to love. Must he save Franca’s love before she feel anything for him.
One thing that he never liked was the fact that Yvonne had lied to him about being Franca’s sister.
Franca pushed Yaw to the wall by daring him with these statements.
“You think, i don’t see it in your eyes that you feel something for me, even from the way you stared at me this morning, from your kiss right after that chaos. Who will do that, except if  you feel something for me, Tell me Yaw, are you in love with me?”  Franca asked.
To be Continued