“24 Days before Christmas” season 1 Episode 13


He immediately pounced on Ray, landed a heavy fist blow on his face that got his nose bleeding.
Ray returned the blow but wasn’t too strong enough to weaken Yaw. Yaw indeed had the upper hand in this by battle, he gave him another punch that pushed him towards the wall.
Franca by then was coming to live, she saw the whole fight but was helpless cause she was weak. Even when she wanted to scream for help, her voice got faint. She had no option than to just lie on the floor till she gather more strength.
Before Yaw could make his next move, Ray had already  got hold of a knife and was ready to stub Yaw.
Yaw held his hand which the knife trying to force him to let go of it.
Indeed it was a horrible fight, it got very bloody, as Yaw tried to force the knife off Rays hand, Ray was pushing it towards Yaw’s tummy.
Yaw was stronger than Ray, anytime be cast his eyes on Franca, the more strength  he gathered.
He was able to turn the knife around and suddenly the knife rather pieced Ray’s tummy.
It was a deep piecing, Ray screamed as blood gushed from his tummy like fountain water.
Ray was dying. Yaw left hold of him and attended to Franca with Ray’s blood all over his hand.
He helped Franca up, carried her on his hand and left the scene.
Ray was lying down bleeding, with the stubbed Knife still in his tummy. He tried calling for help but no one was around.
Yaw took Franca home, gave her some pain killers and laid her on his bed.
He rushed to the bathroom and washed down Rays blood off him.
Now he began feeling nervous, was Ray alive, he kept asking himself.
He shivered the more he thought of it.
He then took the phone to call Yvonne and informed about what has happened. Franca didn’t like the idea.
“Yaw, don’t tell her anything, just inform her to come and pick me at your end” said Franca while she still lied on the bed.
Yaw did exactly that but he realized that Franca was sobbing. He went closer to her on the bed, wiped her tears.
“Yaw, why did you risk your life for me” Franca asked.
“Shush dear, calm down, just get rest until Yvonne gets here, then we can talk about it.” Yaw said.
Franca looked straight into his eyes, she realized that there was something secured around him. He looks honest and pure.
Yaw noticed the gaze from Franca. This is the closest he had ever been with her. For a moment, he had forgotten everything that had happened.
He looked at Franca from where he was seated from the side of his bed. His eyes kept looking at her filled pink lower lip. He felt like kissing it that moment.
“Do it” Franca commanded.
“What” Yaw asked.
“Do it, go ahead, do it, i know what you are thinking” Franca said.
She realized that Yaw was not having the courage to do that. She held his neck and slowly pulled him towards her.
Yaw responded immediately, and gave her a kiss. It was a soft kiss and a short one.
Before they knew it they were invaded by the police.
“Are you Yaw” said a Police man.
Yaw: “Yes, thats me,”
Police: “You have been arrested as a prime suspect for the murder of Mr. Ray Eshun.
You have the right to remain silent or anything you say will be used against you in the court of law”
Franca kept pleading that he was innocent as she saw Yaw being handcuffed and taken away.
She was still weak to get on her feet but eventually she managed to get up and followed them as they walked to the door.
Yvonne arrived just on time to see them.
“Whats going on here officers” She asked.
Franca quickly answered her. “Yaw, has been arrested for the murder of Ray, Yvonne, it was a self defense, Yaw saved my life”
Yvonne had little to do about the arrest at that moment but had a plan in mind.
Yaw was then taken away to the police station.
To  be Continued