15 Days Fiancée Episode 7


Written by Authoress Ti Fe


I stole glances of her as I drove us to the restaurant I already prepared for us. I wished I could focus but her beauty just couldn’t stop to amaze me.

“So….” She said and I looked away quickly.

“Yea.” I said looking at her again.

“Will your stepmother be present? Since she is the one we are doing all this for.” She said and I sighed.

For once I was so stupid to think she was going to see this as a real date.

“No. She won’t be there,it’s just two of us.” I said and she looked at me.

“So what’s the occasion if she isn’t there?” She asked again.

“It’s just a dinner to get to know each other that’s all. If we want to convince mom, we need to be perfect at acting.” I said and she nodded looking away.

“That sounds fun.” She said smiling and I stared at her again.

We got to the restaurant and I climbed down the car after parking it. I moved to Elena’s side and helped her with the door.

“Thank you.” She said climbing down and I smiled giving her my hand. She took it and we began to walk into the restaurant.

“Jace. Jace Bone.” I heard some people murmuring. I looked at my side and I saw some ladies staring at both of us.

“Should I be worried??” Elena asked and I smiled.

“I don’t even know them. You have no reason to be worried.” I said and the restaurant door opened. We walked into the main building and the waitress came to us instantly.

“This way sir.” She said walking in front of us and we followed behind still holding hands.

“This place is beautiful.” Elena said and I looked at her.

“I see you are impressed.” I said getting to the table they prepared for us. The waitress moved the chair to the back so Elena could sit while I helped myself.

“Of course I am impressed. It’s been two years since I went out to dinner or even a date. Even though this is not real, I love it here.” She said and I smiled.

“I am happy you love it. But why has it been years before you went on a date?” I asked as the waitress served us.

“I don’t think we should go down that memory lane Jace.” She said and I shook my head.

“You don’t get it. I need to know everything about, that’s the way all this can work. I promise your secrets are safe with me.” I said and she sighed.

“My Ex-boy friend. He was the one that took me on a dinner, and since then I haven’t gone on one with Anyone.” She said with her head bowed.

“I am so sorry.” I said and she nodded grabbing her cutleries.

“So it’s been years since you went on a date after you broke up.” I said and she nodded again taking a bite of the chicken.

“But why didn’t you let another person take you on a date? You are beautiful, I know you would have men who would want to.” I said and she looked at me.

“I know Jace. But since he left, it was like he took my heart away. Since then I have not been able to love. He was my first love.” She said sadly.

“Oh dear. I am so sorry. I guess some men doesn’t know how to value very precious things. If I were him,I would never let you go.” I said and she raised her head to look at me.

“So… Enough about me, what about you? Your love life?” She asked and I breathed out smiling.

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“Mine is quite the same with yours. After I met with my first love in college, she left me and travelled out with a family. I was so hurt, It took a while before I could really believe she was gone. But then this lady, Isabella, she showed up and made me feel something again, I loved Isabella so much, not until when I heard she was having an affair. I called her to question her and the rumors were true, This broke my heart more than you can imagine, and since then I have not been able to love someone else.” I narrated taking a bite of my chicken too.

“I am so sorry Jace. I never knew hot guys have heartbreaks.” She said and I looked at her smiling.

“You think I am hot?” I asked happily.

“Of course. You are one hot dude. If no one as ever told you, then I am telling you now.” She said sipping her champagne and I smiled widely.

It was very nice hearing that from her.

“So back to why we are really here. What do you think your step mother will like about me?” She asked. It seemed like fun to her truly.

“I bet everything. Your beauty, personality, your voice.” I listed and she laughed softly.

“Really? My voice?” She asked and then I realized I shouldn’t have said that.

“I am sorry. I meant how you sound when you speak.” I said and she shook her head laughing.

“No it’s fine.” She said and I nodded smiling.

“So if I want to be your fiancee,you would need to introduce me to your family and your friends.” She said and I nodded.

“Exactly. Seems you are really in for this.” I said and she smiled.

“I want to take a break from brooding over Stefan. And about introducing me to your friends and family,isn’t that too extreme? What would happen at the end of the 15 days. We should tell them we broke up?” She asked and I nodded.

“We need to make this real Elena. That’s the only way. We can just come up with a fight and we would break up.” I said and she nodded.

“Sounds great. Until someone tries to spoil our fun.” She said and I arced my brows.

“Who would spoil our fun?” I asked sarcastically.

“Your friend of course. Lydia. We had a clash and I really lashed out on her, I don’t think we would be friends anytime soon.” She said and I laughed.

“She told me about it.” I said and she looked at me.

“And what did you say? That you never knew I was that rude?” She asked and I shook my head.

“Not at all. I told her that was quite amazing of you.” I said smiling.

“Really? Taking my side? Why do I find it hard to believe?” She asked and I sighed.

“You need to trust me, I have no reason to lie to you. That was what I told her because no one has ever talked back at her. And you broke the record, so you are one brave fiancee.” I said and she laughed.

“Fake fiancee.” She said and I nodded.

“Right.” I said smiling.

“Why do people find it hard to talk back at her?” She asked.

“Because her father has this crazy influence in town. And no one dares gets on the nerve of his children.” I said and she looked at her in fear.

“And now I just did and my death is near.” She said and I shook my head.

“No Elena. I will never let them hurt you. I promise.” I said and she stared at me nodding.

“We should get going.” She said and when i looked into her plate, she had finished all her food. And I smiled.

“You are one eater. Let’s go.” I said standing up and she did too. We walked out of the restaurant and the Atmosphere was cool and dark, though people were still outside.

We headed to the car and I opened the door. I saw she was looking down the road.

“Hey. The door is opened.” I said and when she looked back she leaned closer to me and planted a kiss on my lips. I kissed her back quickly feeling so happy.

She disengaged and hopped into the car leaving me lost in another realm.