15 Days Fiancée Episode 8


Written by Authoress Ti Fe


“What was that for?” He asked as he hopped into the car and I swallowed hard.

“I wanted to make it real. You said our act must seem real, and we were outside, so I wanted to show people we are a couple.” I stammered and he stared at me.

“I am not complaining trust me. I was just surprised you could do that.” He said smiling widely.

“Why can’t I? The last time I checked, you have no mouth odour.” I Said and he laughed.

“Yeah right. It was pretty amazing though.” He said and I nodded looking at the mirror.

“You should get used to that.” I said watching Stefan through the side mirror. I made sure his eyes were on us before kissing Jace.

Now he would never think I didn’t move on.

I grinned looking at Jace who actually looked happy. I just hope I didn’t give him an impression that I like him.

Or did I go too extreme?

“So…” He said looking at me as we drove.

“So…” I replied looking at him.

“When are we going to be having this dinner again?” He asked and I sighed.

“Is there any need for that? We have gotten to know each other right? Why should we have one again?” I said and he looked at me.

It looked like he wanted to say something but then he changed his mind.

“You know to introduce you to step Mother and family. So they can get to know you.” He said.

“Right.” I said nodding.

“We can have the dinner another time then. Since your mother and family will be there.” I said smiling.

“So you don’t want to go out on a date with me? I mean both of us alone?” He asked and I laughed.

“Of course not. Since it has nothing to do with the contract. We shouldn’t waste those time, don’t you think.” I said and he nodded quickly.

“Right. It’s a contract.” He said and I nodded.

“We stick to the plan. We act for 15 days and that’s all.” I said firmly and he nodded.

“Deal. And one more thing. I spoke to the head of the institute.” He said and my eyes widened.

“Really? What did he say?” I asked eagerly.

“He is willing to give you a chance. It’s just that your voice has to worth it. You need to sing and he judges.” He said and I sighed.

“You know my voice isn’t good for this.” I said sadly.

“I know but it can be refined. I could help you get into the institute by training your voice.” He said and I looked at him.

“How would you do that? You are a busy man, at work everyday. When will you be chanced?” I asked and he smiled.

“I could take some days off at the office. But only on one condition.” He said and I looked at him.

“What is it this time?” I asked.

“You agree to stay in my house for the 15 days. That is when it’s worth me leaving my office.” He said.

“That’s when it’s worth?” I asked.

“I need to know you will pay attention to whatever I teach you. I need zero distraction and it can only get achieved when you stay with me.” He said.

“And what if my voice doesn’t improve during the 15 days?” I asked.

“It’s better we don’t think about that now. I trust my teaching skills though. But if you aren’t interested it’s fine, that’s just the only way into the institute now.” He said and I breathed out staring at the road.

“It’s worth the shot. I am in. I will talk to mother about it.” I said and he looked at me.

“Talk to mother? You can’t tell her we are fake you know?” He asked and I nodded.

“Of course I know that clearly. I know what to tell her.” I said and he nodded smiling. “And if all this institute sh*t doesn’t work. We go our separate ways right.” I added looking at him.

“Yeah. Yes no more contract, no more institute.” He said and I nodded. I looked up and I saw we were home already.

“So quick.” I said carrying my bag.

He got off the car and rushed to the door helping me open the door.

“You don’t need to do that Everytime you know.” I said stepping out of the car.

“Contract or no contract, I am still a gentle man.” He said and I smiled nodding.

“Okay. I will go in now.” I said and he pulled me carefully very close to his face that I could feel his breath on me.

“Your mom is watching.” He whispered and placed a kiss on the side of my mouth.

“Good night.” I said and walked into the house making sure I didn’t look back at him.

I got into the house and I saw mother and Celine at the stairs grinning.

“Okay I am tired. The last thing I need from you guys is asking me to explain in details how the date went.” I said tiredly and they laughed.

“You know that is inevitable. So tell us ” mom said and I approached her.

“Mom I promise to tell you everything tomorrow morning. I am tired and I need a good night sleep.” I said and she nodded.

“Tomorrow it is.” She said kissing me goodnight before walking to her room. I looked at Celine and sighed knowing she would never back off.

I walked to the room and she followed behind me giggling.

“Celine Seriously.” I said turning to look at her.

“You know you can’t get rid of me easily.” She said sitting on the bed and tapping it for me to sit too.“So tell me how the date went.” She said and I sighed sitting down.

“You calling it a date makes it sound real and it’s not.” I said.

“Fine, anything you call it. How was it?” She asked.

“It was fine. We got to know each other better. It wasn’t bad actually.” I said smiling.

“Now that’s the spirit. So any other thing? Like hugs, kisses?” She asked and I sighed again.

“Yes we kissed.” I said and she jumped happily.

“Now I love that the most.” She said and I looked at her.

“I kissed him because I saw Stefan coming.” I said and she was dumbfounded