WHY ME? Episode 4



It was Sunday. N i was hopin to see Dora today. I may b a stubborn boy? or man ? or wateva bt i dnt enjoy makin people feel bad unless dey slip tongue. Dats always kinda irresistible to me. I hapnd to b de Compound prefect in my SHS. Dat position was so lame bt wat made me enjoy my wrk was simple. Listenin to d excuses people made to escape punishmnt?. It was common to hear strong subject n verb disagreemnt n tense conflicts. One nice gal said samtyn dt i cnt forgt. She said”pls senior, i does plenty tinz @ home b4 i cam to skul. N yestday bcos she raind de whole area too is water water”. I spared her bcos she made my day?.
Now bak to Dora. I cudnt make contributions as usual durin sunday skul n Dora kept avoidin me. Dat day pastor preachd abt liars goin to hell? I was glad i didnt lie to Dora. Jx den i recivd a mesg on watsapp?. It was Dora n it said “pastor’s mesg is for u paa”. Now i was confused:oops:. Wen  I lukd at wer she was seated, she lukd lyk she wantd to cry. I jx put my fon off n tried to concentrate. I was curious bt not ready to chat wit a gal wen pastor was preachin. Bsides our pastor is blesd wit de grace to disgrace u under such circumstances.
Afta church i headed towards Dora bt my boys caught me up  in sam useless Chelsea-Manchester debate?. I managd to escape n der was Dora. I went straight to de point by askin her wat was wrng? She den askd me y i lied to her. I told her i didnt lie abt anytin. She was talkin a lil loud n i was uncomfortable?. Den she said she saw an artefact frm my galfren in my room.Wat??:oops:.
All dis while der was a gal standin behind me waitin to speak to me. Her name was Samuella n we wer gud frens. If it was Samuella @ my place instead of Dora i guess..??. U no wat i mean? Lyk i wont mind ECG mpo. Bt dis was a bad tym. Wen Dora left, Samuella said she didnt no i had a galfren. Bfor i cud explain she hushd me n said it was none of her business. Bt i cud see it was part of her business:|. Den she walkd away?. Ewo!! Wat trouble is dis Dora gal bringin koraa? She was spoilin chances oo. I new my day cudnt get worse!:twisted:. Hw3! Wait! I was told pastor wantd to see me in his office. Eeiii?. Gossip travels fast papa. Wen i askd dem why he was callin me dey said dey dnt no bt dey overheard him sayin “i didnt no Edwin cud do dat”. Now i was sure i was dead!?.

Watch out for episode 5. Its ur boy Eddy?


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