WHY ME? Episode 3



Dora almost gav me a heart attack??. I hd to tinka samtyn fast bt nt of samtyn to stop her frm comin cos i was sure dat wont workout. I searchd my room 4 sam rasta coins. I did emaths in SHS so u can b sure i was wrkin de maths by now. I figured her taxi fare had to b 7cedis or less. If it was more den she has connivd wit de driver n i wil tel her i went out only to return n find my house lockd by my sisters n so i dnt av much on me. Nyc format:). Anyway it wasnt my intention to meet her @ home alone. My two sisters were supposed to be @ home bt dey left wen a fren cald dem to cam n watch a video @ her place. It was one of dose soap operas n u wil agree dey cud stay der all day. The devil was wrkin tinz out 4 my bad. Wen i out to meet Dora i cud hardly smile?. B4 i cud get closer de taxi left?. I askd her wat she had said to de driver n she said “i told him my mum was dead n i was bein ejectd frm my house @ d moment”. Eii ds gal can lie oo?. Den she said she was kiddin. Wat a relief! I told her she shd av stil let me pay?( 2 no).
De nxt tin i was tinkin of was de beans seller shd she start talkin abt fud. Bt shame on me she had brot fud wit cutlery koraa??. We didnt talk much n we startd eatin. I was bleedin my gum wit d fork n i almost stuffd my nostril wit chicken. I was nervous?. Wen she startd talkin abt Van Vicker n Jackie Appiah i changd de topic to Samson n Delilah. Eventually de talkin stopd n she startd starrin. I was uncomfortable? bt i cudnt luk away too. She askd me if i had a galfren n i said no. I shd av lied bt i dnt no wat came ova me. Den she askd me wat i tink of her?.
I was speakin in tongues in my head n for no reason we wer already standin. Eeeiii?. Jx wen it was gettin to d climax i heard my sisters walk in. I went to check n dey said d lyts went out n dats y dey r bak so soon. U cnt imagine how happy i was. Jx wen i was abt to fall ECG stepd in n saved d day?.
Bt den i saw Dora walk past n out of d haus. She didnt reply wen i calld?. I went to my room to see if samtyn der had for sam reason pisd her off but i didnt see anytin. Wel d only tin dat wud av pissd her off is my gbatometer. Wer i kip records of tongue slips. I chased her only to catch up wit her in a taxi n tears in her eyes:'(. N den d taxi drove off!

Watch out for episode 4. Its ur boy Eddy?