WHY ME? Episode 2



Abt dat gal, her name is Dora. She is a nyc person to av as a fren dats all. My frens kip sayin shes into me so make i do wild. Hehe, i dnt tink so?.

Dora has a nyc face n oda stuff i cnt describe. Bt wen she opens her mouth i dnt lyk wat i see. She has gap teeth?. N hers is so wide dat u cn stick two fingers der n she wont notice. ??. Okay i tink am exaggeratin bt wateva it is, i am not into her.

I forgot to tell u am on fire 4 God, i only hope dat Jesus gvs me tym to do one or two tinz b4 he comes.?

Let me tel u how i hapnd to av dis date wit her. I am an instrumentalist @ church, n i play 1 of de most imp instruments i mean de tambourine?.

Wen de music is very touchin i drop de yam n go n dance. I was dancin dat Sunday durin praise tym n d boys were doin a lot of jumpin:|. Dat was a danger zone for me bcos i patchd my trouser jx dat mornin n my shoes made no room 4 my toes to play?, u no wat i mean??

So i dcided to withdraw frm de crowd wen a hand wrapd around my neck. Hehehe…dat was not Dora?! It was Philip,sam off beat dancer bi oo? singin n jumpin n sprayin me wit sweat. It was actually thicker dan sweat bt neva mind. Now i cudnt gt out of de dancin crowd? n ma shoes too eeeshh:twisted:.

I managd to dance, makin faces wit every jump. So it was after all dis dat i met Dora. I had taken off my shoes n i was sittin under a tree ?behind de church. I av seen her many tyms bt i av neva approachd her. She wavd n came ova. I was nyc to her durin de chat n ocassionally threw my arms around to clr de smell frm my shoes. She said she wnts to no me more n wantd to no if i wil be available this Valentine?. I said i wud bcos i wanted her to leave sharp#.?

So today i was xpectin her call. N wen she finally called i was kinda happy:). Me too a gal has calld me hehe. Bt listen to wat she said ” Hi Eddy, am in a taxi comin ova to ur place can u gv me directions?, n hmm i forgot my purse oo hope its nt a big deal”?. Eeeiii?. This gal paa. Is my name Edwin Gates or Edwin Woyome??? Hw3!! I faked as if my mum was callin frm another room n told her i wil call her back.?

Watch out for episode 3. Its ur boy Eddy?