The President’s Daughter And I Season 1 Episode 36


The question came as a big shock to me, I wasn’t expecting it at all. I didn’t need to think before i answer her ‘coz i gat answer for everything, yea. But why did she ask that question? Is she suspecting me and promise?? Let’s find out….

Promise: Uhmmm…. **I interrupted her**

Me: I met her at the gate when i was dropping down from the taxi. Why?

Mirabel: Nothing,,, I’m just curious to know.

Me: See, I know you’re worried about what Lola had said but u don’t have to take her serious, u know how she is na

Mirabel: I know but, this is quite unusual.

Me: And now you’re gonna let that ruin our fun?

Promise: Maybe i should just leave

Mirabel: No no no no please stay,,, i apologize for my attitude,,,, i’m so sorry. It won’t happen again i promise

Promise: It’s okay…

Mirabel: Thanks Promzy **Silence**

She walked towards me and hugged me tightly, then she spoke into my ears

Mirabel: I’m so sorry honeyy, please forgive me

Me: Do i have a choice? **Teasingly**

Mirabel: Pleaseee…

Me: Its okay I forgive u

Mirabel: Really?

Me: Yea

Mirabel: Prove it

Me: How?

Mirabel: With a make up kiss

Me: Buh we didn’t break up

Mirabel: I know…. its to make up for my attitude earlier We kissed and lip-locked passionately for many seconds that I forgot Promise was around.

Promise: **Clears throat** Hhmmm… I have to go guys, i have lot of things to take care of

Mirabel: Oh Ok Prom-mzy,,, thanks alot for coming and ermmm sorry for the distraction earlier

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Promise: Its okay…

Mirabel: So,,, how is it gonna be? Are we gonna meet again before we all go home?

Promise: I dunno ‘coz I will be traveling next tomorrow

Mirabel: To where?

Promise: To my family house in Onitsha
Mirabel: Oh… that’s quite far. I thought u would be around to visit me at the villa

Promise: Too bad I’ve already informed my family about my arrival… maybe some other time

Mirabel: Its okay

Me: So,,,, this is it?

Promise: I guess so

Me: Woah… I have been speechless ‘coz i dunno what to say. Mirabel excused herself and went inside leaving Me and Promise in an awkward silence. She finally came back holding two shopping bag and gave them to Promise.

Promise appreciated Mirabel over and over especially when she saw the new iPhone6 given to her. I was like “Wow”. I didn’t get to see the remaining package but i could guess that it contains clothes, shoes and maybe Jewelries.

We walked her to the gate, stopped a taxi for her, did our final goodbyes and off she left. Walking back into the house
Me: I’m not spending the night here

Mirabel: Its okay,,, we’d go out for dinner then crash at your place

Me: Sounds like a plan **Kisses**

We got inside, and the music was still on

Me: U know,,,, I’ve never seen u dance before

Mirabel: U want to see me dance?

Me: Yea

Mirabel: I like dancing buh i’m not a good dancer

Me: I don’t mind…. show me what u got She shyly went to the center and started dancing slowly with some cool moves.

After a minute or two, she started dancing comfortably,,,, shaking her shakeables for me. Lola is far better than her buh all the same, she was hot and s-x√ and impressive. She became more s-x√ier when she sexily used her fingers to invite me to dance with her.

I got the gesture, I smiled and joined her on the dance floor. Chai! See rocking!!

The music changed to a slow type, her dance move also changed. She changed her dance to a slow dance move, using her hands to rub my body in a cool way that sent shivers all over my body.

Even lil vame catch cold instantly. I followed her move to a romance, to kissing… We stopped and stared at each others eyes for a while… the lust became obvious, we kissed again and started ripping off our clothes and fell onto the couch during the hot romance.

Me: Let’s go upstairs She didn’t say anything, she just smiled and open her hands wide for me to carry her, which i did. I took her upstairs still kissing till we got into the room. Then I remembered I had no rain coat on me, my facial expression changed.

Mirabel: Do it

Me: Do what? ☆☆☆


Final episode at 8pm, stay glued


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