​“Broken Chain Reloaded” Episode 6


That was unexpected, Adoley wanted to show gratitude but that never changed the fact that she had still lost her trust in Fafa.  So it happened that, Fafa somehow had found her way back into their lives again.  
She passed the night over at Adoley’s end. That night was really a long one since Adoley and Nana spend their time awake trying to catch up with updates from Adoley’s new work.  seems there was little Nana could do about it, it seems the harm has already been done, the only thing he could settle for was to find a way to adjust with Adoley working and keeping this new maid around. 
As if that was enough, he couldn’t take it when Adoley broke the news of her traveling to South Africa in the upcoming weeks.  Nana didn’t feel right about it. There was something not right but again, he decided to give Adoley the benefit of the doubt.  Who knows, something good may come out of it. Beside it was just a short trip. He can manage that. 
Nana spent hours thinking about this whole new life of his wife, adapting it was different.   Fafa on the other hand just spent a night at the house but she kept on visiting frequently. For some time everything was seemed cool until Adjoa began behaving strangely. It wasn’t much of a surprise as it was expected from every growing person. 
She started telling lies and running off from school to the house all influenced by friends.  It was difficult for either Adoley or Nana to notice it because they mostly spend their time at work.  It took Fafa to prompt them of Adjoa’s behavior. It was hard to believe since Adjoa was not really that type.  It took Fafa to walk Adoley to the Adjoa’s school and just as Fafa said, Adjoa’s head teacher confirmed the problem with Adjoa’s frequent absence in school. 
Adjoa didn’t have it easy with Adoley. Again, Fafa intervene on her behalf and asked for a moment to speak to Adjoa alone.  Adoley noticed that Fafa had really been helpful ever since she came. She gave her the moment she asked for and from the distance where she stood, she saw Fafa advising Adjoa. 
There was something different about Fafa that Adoley couldn’t just pin point. However, she was beginning to feel comfortable around her. She almost forgot that Fafa had once been an obstacle to her marriage.  On the other hand, she began to feel bad for not even noticing Adjoa’s wayward attitude. What  kind of mother could she be? If it wasn’t for Fafa, she would have completely been blinded over this attitude of Adjoa. 
She however was worried about this whole thing and thought that she may be doing something that was not right. 
“Fafa, can I ask you something” She asked Fafa..
“yeah sure, go ahead” Fafa said.
“Am I failing as a mother, if I can’t handle Adjoa, how much more my own child Oko” She said. 
“Oh come on, what Adjoa did is nothing you should blame yourself about. She is a child and such things are part of them. You have to check them and that’s all” Fafa said. 
“But what if you were not around, what would have happened, she may have even ended up in some guys in the house or something” Adoley said.
“Come on girl, you still haven’t changed,  always afraid. Look, you are a good mother, look at how respectful Adjoa is in the first place, all thanks to you because you brought her up that way. You should be proud of that, look I must be on my way ok” Fafa said. 
Adoley however gained some confidence from what Fafa told her. It really encouraged her to do more for the child.   She then promised herself that once she comes back from her business trip, she was going to pay much attention to her family especially her children. 
Slowly Fafa and Adoley were getting back to their old days without them even noticing. Indeed ever since she arrived, she had really been an angel and very helpful. Everything about her had completely changed and Adoley became more and more comfortable around her.   It became a topic for discussion when Adoley informed what Fafa discovered about Adjoa to her husband Nana.  
“And my love, can you imagine, Fafa and I went to her school and even her head teacher confirmed it.” Adoley said.
“You mean Adjoa has been skipping school all this while and we haven’t even noticed” Nana asked.
“I know how you feel my love, it’s mutual. Fafa have been really helpful. She seemed like a change person my love, she is so different now.” Adoley said. 
“Well, I can see that too, but let’s just becareful and focus on the family” Nana said and went straight to bed. 
Adoley was sitting on the bed, lost in thoughts. She was gradually gaining trust in Fafa. 
To Be Continued tomorrow 
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