Why Women Love Elderly Men


1. He’s established
He’s confident, distinguished and anywhere from 4 to 20 years older than you. Age is just a number, but there’s something about older men that we love. Here are eight reasons why being in a relationship with an older man is tops.

An older man has had time to build up his career, which means he’s made a name for himself in his respected field. Not only does this signify clout, it also means more financial stability.

2. He has time
Yes, he may be a workaholic, but he’s spent his 20s and 30s setting his foundation in the workplace. He’s also realized that his priorities outside of the office, meaning you, are immensely important.

3. He’s stable
Again, a generalization we all know is some 40-year-old men can act more like a 20-year-old. But, life experience + career stability + financial stability = (most likely) relationship stability. Your older gent will be great to lean on during those stressful times.

4. He’ll expose you to new things
He knows who he is and has probably acquired a few extracurricular activities. Spending time with him will inherently introduce you to these hobbies, which you may also find enjoyment in.

5. He’s been in relationships
By his age, he’s actually experienced what a real relationship is…at least you hope so. That means he’ll be more capable of working through problems and navigating the challenges of your relationship.

6. He’s experienced in bed
Youth doesn’t mean better skills in bed. Your older man will have more practice with women’s bodies and may just teach you some new tricks. He’s comfortable with himself and that will create a space where you can also relax. Inside hint: If he’s been married before, he’s spent time learning how to satisfy a woman, which he’ll bring into your relationship. They don’t forget that stuff.

7. He’s confident
Generally speaking, men are historically more defined by their careers than women. His established occupation has built up his confidence, and he’s translated that into his personal life. More permanency means he believes in himself (for the most part) and knows who he is, making him a better partner.

Source: living.msn.com