It was when I was lying on my bed tonight🌙 that I remembered that I was making a mistake. I had played my cards well but things weren’t getting any better😣. My mistake was that I never invited God into the situation🙏. I prayed, yes, but I don’t remember praying about my life partner.
So I started praying, and my prayer was simple; God please help me choose👉 Monica because I love her, and if she’s not good for me let things turn out bad for the both of us so that i cnt even tell her how i feel about her, amen.
If I wasn’t true to myself I had to be true to God, I was in love with Monica but I have been fighting it all along.
This week has been really uneasy. Dora and Philip seemed to be making a good pair and I was glad about it☺, Samuella’s mum was no longer worrying me, but Akosua who used to be the only good thing in my life was the bad nut now:(.
As if threatening Monica was not enough, she had gone to tell her parents that I am her boyfriend. She personally told me that if she cant have me then no one can😐! Her advice for me was to follow my brother to become a roman father too😒(eunuch).
Mr. Acheampong, Monica’s dad told me he was ashamed of me. But I have managed to let Monica see the whole picture, though I haven’t proposed love to her yet. She now understands how difficult my choice had become and though I have chosen her, she is also not ready to have anything to do with me as long as Akosua keeps tagging along:|. And I understood her too. She doesn’t come to my place like before and she doesn’t answer my calls either.
After my prayer I heard a soft knock on my door. It was my sister Julia and Akosua’s sister Diana. There was a big problem.
According to Diana, their mum had been away for some time and tonight Akosua left the house saying she was going to sleep over at a friend’s place and come back with pepper spray and scissors✂. She would invite Monica to her place telling her she is sorry for misbehaving and will no longer have anything to do with me. But will after the deception spray her in the face and cut her hair:oops:. My bad dream seemed to be coming true. I had to warn Monica but she wouldn’t answer my calls😨, and early tomorrow morning I have to leave for a church program too.


Watch out for episode 20. Its ur man Eddy💫