This morning I was physically prepared for church but emotionally and spiritually I wasn’t.:(
My brother had left our church and joined Roman Catholic. He wanted to be a Roman father now:?. Akosua called me this morning and asked me to pass by her place when going to church…hmm, I almost told her our Pastor is on a vacation to Florida😒 so no church. Well I told her I will be leaving earlier than always. I texted Monica, asking if she will be coming to church. She said yes.
When I got to church I decided to put all my challenges behind me and focus😎. But right at the entrance someone dragged me aside.
It was Samuella’s mum😧. She begged me to date her daughter because she(Samuella) is losing it(going mad). She said I have put her in an awkward position, although she is not supposed to be doing this,Samuella is all that she has😰 and cant afford to lose her and that if I have conscience at least I should hear her out and sort things out with her:twisted:. Then she walked off wiping tears from her eyes.
That was a negative way to begin my Sunday. Then came Pastor’s message. I am not saying it was negative but it kinda hit me real hard. He talked about the fact that some people cant decide on what they want, whether they want A or B or C. This indecisiveness shows lack of maturity. I could see Monica looking at me from among the congregation. Then later I saw Akosua too.
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Now it seemed my choice was obvious, but I am scared of obvious things😬. And besides, Samuella’s mum seemed to be making things difficult for me. I kept avoiding eye contacts with her. After church I didn’t know who to walk home with, I saw Akosua beckoning me to come over. I told her to take the lead because I had some things to do around. I was looking around for Monica, then I saw her heading towards Akosua’s direction. She signaled me to tell she was going home with Akosua I smiled and nodded but deep within I was frowning😠. Then I was told Pastor wanted to see me:oops:. The last time I went to Pastor’s office like this I almost shit my pants and today too. I relaxed knowing all is well, until I opened the door to find Samuella and her mum also in the office:o.


Watch out for episode 16. Its ur man Eddy💫