I bliv der r dose who lrn to be smart n der r dose who r born smart. I tel myself i was born smart:). Altho i av lived a life full of troubles i av neva bin overcam by dem. I either pray my way out or wrk my way out.:mrgreen:
Ryt now am headed towards de conferenc rum to b interviwd by sam senior staff of my company. And here i am;😓sweatin, ⌚late, n wit uncombed hair. I nided 3 tins to solve dis prob; a convincin smile, fluent english n a quick brain. Since i hd dem all i tried to relax:mrgreen:(2 no boy).
Den i enterd de rum wit a smile dt simd to confuse de 3-member committee😄. Dat was unexpectd of a latecomer. Den without hesitation i started.

“We came into the scene late
Many companies had takn de lead in dis field
So we had a very cold fate
But we sweat hard neva to yield
Our equipmnts wer nt up to date
Lyk hw my hair dasnt match dis guild
Bt it tuk jx a smile.
A smile on de face of a client.
N dt made odas accept our style.”

They stared at me in amsemnt. Dey didnt no wat to say. Dey all agreed dat dey rilli admired my courage😄. Tweeaaa😂!! Wen dey askd me if i hd prepared for dis intervw i sed i had no idea of it. A ‘yes’ wud av put my boss in danger. Wen all was sed n dan i came out smilin, n my boss n colleagues kept wonderin wat hd transpired. I left to church happy dat my job ws secured. Wen i got to church i went strait to pastor to pls tell my mum dat i was wit him ystday. I didnt tel him much cuz i no wat he cn do😅.  Durin de tym of de sermon i caught eyes wit Dora. She quickly lukd away ashmd n shy. I chuckled softly😄 to myself. Bfor i noticd de whole church ws lukin at me. Pastor ws callin me to cam n stand infrnt of de church:oops:. Wen i did, he askd me to face de congregation😁😐. I began to wonder if my mum hd approachd him b4 me. My perfect plan was in dangr now. Den he calld Dora frm de congregation😬 Eeiii!!! I doubt he hd seen me lukin @ Dora. Wat ws rilli goin on😮?  Den he gave me de mic to tell de church de kinda relationship i av wit Dora🙆. D3n as3m koraa ni???😵


Watch out for episode 9. Its ur boy Eddy💫