I ws standin infront of a whole congregation confusd😐. Nt knowin wat exactly to say. Wen i relaxd n lukd at pastor’s face he was smilin:mrgreen:. Den immediatly, i realisd dis was no where near any of wat i hd supposed in my head😄. I den realisd dat bcos Dora was seated on de front row pastor coincidentally cald her. N bcos i was also lyk a son to him he cud use me fr any illustration at all. Dis was a mere coincidence  All dis while i cud feel my fon makin plenty short vibrations. Dose wer defntly nt flashes bt whatsapp mesgs:?.
So i told de congregation dat Dora was samwan i new frm church. Dey lafd as pastor continued his sermon by sayin we each dnt no wer we’ll meet our spouses. If i hd followd de sermon i wudnt av panickd. Bt one tin☝ i no for sure was dt Dora was neva goin to be my spouse:o…tweaaa!!
Afta church i met wit Daniella n talkd abt de police report stuff. She lukd frightend. She had startd de process n der was no bailin out. Frm a distance i cud see my plan wrkin out:). Pastor was talkin to my mum.
Akosua wasnt ard for de service so i pasd by her place frm church. She was nt feelin well n she was angry dt i hadnt chckd in on her de whole day.😁 As3m oo. I apologisd, n den afta sam mins i left. Wen i got home i was waitin fr d face 2 of my plan to unfold. My mum was suposd to ask me who den was in de room.
Bt wen i got der she was watchin a soap, n obviously notin cud take her eyes of de TV. I went to my rum n chkd who had been makin so much noise on my whatsapp. And guess wat??? It was sam boys in a grp i had created😂😂. Sam wer insultin, odas wer leavin n sam too wer makin nonfa commnts. De interestin part was wer sam pip wer addin fire to de heat😄😄! Whiles i was readin thru i heard a car comin into our house! It was my dad:oops:😰😰! Oh mine! N as soon as he came inside i cud here him telin my mum. “Edwin is leavin my haus tonyt”😪😨😰. Trust me, my dad dasnt joke wit his words!


Watch out for episode 10. Its ur boy Eddy💫


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