I was looking at Samuella’s face as she told her lies, that girl was a tertiary liar! I could see Diana, Akosua’s sister looking and listening from my sisters’ room. The timing and everything seemed so perfect👍!
When my sister was asked about what Samuella had said she told the truth:mrgreen:. She had recorded everything Samuella said to her. It said “please tell your parents I was with you that night okay?—what will you give me?—I will get you a boyfriend:oops:!”.
That was jx a part of the interaction between my sister and Samuella.
Now let me tell you everything.
The day I planned with Julia to get rid of Samuella we decided to make it real. So after we had taken our plans we faked another conversation and recorded that one instead. She was able to mke Samuella think that she hates me.
I had already told her what I had done with Samuella and so she had to lie to Samuella that she had seen us, and that she wasn’t going to tell anyone about it. She only wanted Samuella to help her get a boyfriend. I know that is crazy but it sounded good enough to make Samuella look bad. So she had already taken the painkillers out of the bottle and filled it with Vitamins instead. The next morning it was her duty to make sure my dad is the first to see the book. We all know my dad loves us even though he sometimes acts otherwise. We also knew that he would never mention what I did to anyone at all. So everything I did was an act and I had to make it convincing. Samuella was a fool to think that she could turn my own sister against me. Blood has always been thicker than water! My sister Julia talked about Samuella saying she wanted to spoil my relationship with Akosua, hence her actions. Now Samuella looked like a goat😂😂!
I was so happy:):):)! Then my dad asked about my big brother too. She couldn’t say anything. Then the moment I was waiting for arrived! My father asked her to pack her things, she was going back to her parents’ house…yesss😋. When I got to my room I had missed 3 calls from Akosua. Her sister had delivered the message just as we had planned:):). I had also received a message asking me to meet her outside. When we met outside she hugged me tight. I was so happy. I could see Julia watching us from home 😄but there was no cause for alarm. She was smiling, I was smiling, and so was Akosua! And that was enough for me!


Thank you all! Its ur boy Eddy💥 Much love😘!