Sam yrs ago wen i was abt de age of Julia, i remba samtn hapnd dat i cnt forget. It was Sunday aftanun. N de whole family was watchin TV. I wasnt payin much attention cuz d Americn English was all noise to me. My bro hd also bin complainin of a runnin stomach😄. So he kept movin to n fro. Den der was dis instance dat i saw his shadow crawlin its way into de kitchen. I folwd only to see him bitin hard on sam stolen meat:oops:. My parents always wntd me to be lyk him oo. N even de sunday skul didnt change him…tweaaa😄. So i told him its either he givs me sam or i tel on him. He told me to fetch it myslf n try nt to gt caught😁 as he left fr de washrum. I den undastud de whole runnin stomach tin. So i silently shiftd de lid n reachd 4 de best. Bfor i cud bite i caught eyes wit my mum😬. She was lukin ryt at me. Bfor she cud call my dad i told her it was my bro’s idea:roll:. I cudnt afford to be caned for samtym i avnt dan. Dt was always my plan B.
At de momnt i hd no choice bt de plan B. Wen my dad cald me 📢 i walkd out boldly. Alredi i cud hear my mum tellin him i was wit pastor:). So my dad den askd me, “Who ws it den?”. So i told dm it ws Mike:roll:, n dat i ws afraid he wl be sackd if i told dem de truth. I cud see my dad calmin dwn. Den my mum askd me who de lady was. I immediately told her i av neva seen her bfor🙈. Well i hd to say dt so dat de issue dies out quietly.
I ws sent bk to my rum to call Mike. Wen he went i cud hear my dad blastin him frm my rum🙉. I forcd myslf to sleep hopin everytyn wil be fyn:) de nxt day.
Wen i woke up i ws alone on de bed. I went to tk my bath n returnd only to find out dt i had no trouser or shoe to wear😧. I went to ask de werabts of Mike n i ws told he ws sent off yestnyt:oops:. So dat guy stole dem err🙇. Fyn!!
So i borowd sam clothes frm my bro fr wrk. Wen i got to de junction i recvd a call frm an unknown numba. I cudnt bliv my ears! I didnt no if dis ws a tym😆 to laf or a tym to cry😭.


Watch out for episode 11. Its ur boy Eddy💫