WHY ME? Episode 11.


Episode 11

Prince was dead💀. And dat was a very hard blow 4 me🙀. Let me jx tel u a lil abt Prince. His real name was Longsufferrin:mrgreen:. Oh yeah… He was an Ewe. U no how people say dat Ewes r so spiritual dat dey name deir children afta de fruits of de Spirit? Yh he was a livin proof.
I av non him frm a tender age👬. We attended de same primary skul. De first tym i heard his name i lafd heavily. Trust me, i gav him a hell of a tym in skul dat one wednesday mornin durin worship i was summond to de headmaster’s office. He was der wit his mum n was cryin n tellin all sorts of truths abt me😄. D headmaster told his mum dat i am a gud boy n so she shudnt worry abt it. He askd me to report to his office every firstbreak togeda wit Longsufferrin. So eventually we bcame frens. He dropd out of skul to pursue a music career 🎤in dis country’s Music Industry….smh:?. But am sure u neva heard of him, did u?😆. De nxt tym we met was abt 5yrs ago wen he cam to my church. He had changd his name to Prince. He was God fearin and had given up on his drm of bcamin a musician. He told me he hoped to bcam a pastor one day. Until a certain gal who used to be in de church came into his lyf and turned tinz around. Makin Prince d bad boy every wan in church new. Der wer tyms he told me he was confusd and i wil laf at him bt at home, i wept n prayd for him. This was de kind of fren i had lost. N now dat he was dead, i cud barely slp. Wen i checkd my fon der wer two mesgs frm two gals. One frm Dora n de oda frm Samuella. D wan frm Dora read
“I must be honest n tel u dat i rili lyk u. N dt makes me nervous wen I’m around u. Am rili sorry for accusin u falsely. I want to make it up to u dis Sunday k,:|….plssss??”.
N de one frm Samuella read
” I no all is nt well cuz i actd rudely today. We both no how we feel abt each oda. Lets talk wen we meet on Sunday k? Luv u bunch😘”.

Now i new sunday was gonna be anada hell of a day. N der was no way i cud run frm it. I was confused. U no hw in movies wen people r confusd dey bang de table or throw tins. I tried bangin on my bed n oh dear:oops:…i bangd ryt into de screen of Philip’s laptop🙆. I had no idea it was on my bed.🙊

Watch out for episode 12. Its ur boy Eddy💫


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