“Adzo” (The Untamed) Season 2 Episode 15 FINAL


She went further to the bedroom and there she received the shock of her life. She found her mother half naked in bed with Mr.Abdul. They were both far asleep.

Ruby quickly out of disappointment rushed out of the room without any of them noticing her. She went into her bedroom crying deeply.

Why would her mother do such a thing? Even if she felt the need of being with a man, it shouldn’t be at this moment where her husband had just died some few days ago. She quickly began packing her stuff to leave the house completely. That was when she heard a knock on her door.

Upon going to check it up, It was Sakina, Efe’s sister. Ruby had no idea of who she was neither did she know that she was Efe’s sister.

“Who are you, and how did you get here?” Ruby asked again

“Sorry to bother you but there is something you need to know” She said.

“Look, tell me who you are right this moment” Ruby asked again.

“I’m Efe’s younger sister, I just came from the village about an hour ago, she actually sent me to you” Sakina said.

“And where is she? Ruby asked.

“She is still in her room, you really have to listen to me. It’s really important” Sakina said.

Ruby had no option, she let her into her room. She wasn’t in a good mood because of what she had seen, she just wanted to leave the house and seek solace somewhere until her father is buried.

“Why isn’t Efe here herself that she had to send you over” Ruby asked.

Sakina kept her calm and advised Ruby to do same, for what she was about to tell her will freak her out.

“It’s about your father” Sakina said.

That definately got the attention of Ruby. What is it about her father that Sakina had to tell her?

“Efe, had really done very bad things that she needs your forgiveness” Sakina said.

“What has she done to me? Can you just go on with that, I’m really in a hurry?” Ruby said.

“Hmm, I actually talked her out of it; she told me everything when I came today. And to be honest with you, she doesn’t know I am coming to tell you this. I have done some few bad things and am using this to make amends for them. As at now, she is in her room crying over what she has done” Sakina said.

Ruby was running out of patience. “Would you please go straight to the point, What has Efe done” She asked her again.

“First of all Miss Ruby, She is pregnant for your boyfriend Fred” Sakina said.

“What” Ruby asked. She was stunned by what Sakina said; little did she know that Sakina had more in stock for her.

“She is also an accomplice in poisoning your father to death.” Sakina said.

Ruby was filled with shock and anger. She didn’t know where to address to this issue from.

“Are you sure of what you are telling me? Did Efe actually tell you all these” Ruby asked.

“She did, If I were you, I will confront her and get everything out of her. She really needs your forgiveness” Sakina said

“And if I may ask, who was her accomplice? Ruby asked.

“She didn’t tell me” Sakina said.

Ruby immediately picked her phone and made a phone call to Nana who was still waiting for her in his vehicle. She needed him to be around her when she goes to confront Efe. Without hesitation, Nana came in and joined Ruby and Sakina who by then had left Ruby’s room and were waiting for him at the sitting room.

Meanwhile, Mansa was still at the church with Adzo. She was surprised when Adzo told her about the dream she had especially when she mentioned the name of Obed.

This was the best moment for Adzo to tell Mansa her story right from where she was sent to the village and eventually ended up at Ruby’s house. Adzo didn’t have anything else to hide, she told her everything and to her surprise she found Mansa’s eyes full of tears.

“I know my life story is quite sympathetic but I don’t understand why you are crying” Adzo said.

“hmmm, I was once like you Adzo, my life is a living testimony. I was on an orphan and was even adopted by my own father without knowing. He was the general overseer and the head pastor of this church.

My life was a complete mess; I almost died until God began answering my prayers. He sent a helper, and everything changed from there.

I was able to re-unite with my mother who is now in the states and just about a month ago, I got married to my husband. He is even waiting for me in the car now.

And the most thing that amazes me is the fact that you saw Obed in your dreams.

He was the same person God used as an instrument to bring me this far and answer my prayers.”

Adzo didn’t really understand the whole story Mansa was trying to tell her but she knew that she had also been through a lot.,

“I know you won’t understand me, but trust me, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. You may be blamed for all the misfortunes that surrounds you but there will be a time that you will be a blessing to other people’s life like I am today.

I sing in church and through that people see the glory of God. Adzo, I will help you. But for now, are you ready to accept Jesus as your personal saviour? Mansa asked.

“Yes Madam, but how do I do that? She ignorantly asked.

“Close your eyes and say this after me” Mansa.

She did exactly what Mansa told her and after their short prayer Mansa and Adzo decided to rush to Nana’s house so that Nana will take her to the hospital Nhyira was.

Adzo by then had already told her everything and the events that led her into running away and eventually ending up at the church where she met Mansa.

Mansa led Adzo to the car where her husband, Kuu, was waiting for her. She opened the back door for her then she went in and sat. Kuu (Mansa’s husband) didn’t know who Adzo was and was wondering what was going on.

“Is everything alright? Kuu asked.

“Yes my love, this is Adzo. She really needs our help, I can’t tell you everything now until we get home, but I need you to follow this direction she gave me, we need to get there as soon as possible.” Mansa said.

Kuu who also had an accommodating heart quickly did as Mansa had said and in no time they got to their destination, that’s Nana’s house. It was rather unfortunate that they met his absence. Adzo then gave them the direction to Ruby’s house where she knew she will meet Ruby.

Without wasting anytime, they were on their way to Ruby’s house.

Meanwhile, Nana had just joined Ruby and Sakina at the living room. Ruby requested that he be with her as she goes to confront Efe. They all headed to Efe’s room where they met her sitting on her bed with her head buried in her hand crying heavily.

Ruby had never seen her like this before, she knew Efe to be the hard and difficult type but you could see that this issue had really eaten her up.

Even though Efe wasn’t ready to tell Ruby the evil things she had done, as soon as she saw her, she quickly ran towards her, knelt down and held her legs asking for forgiveness.

Ruby being the soft type couldn’t hold back her tears, she cried as Efe began confessing all that she had done to her even before Ruby could open her mouth and utter a word. It was as if some force had driven her into confessing.

“Please forgive me, madam. She told me to do everything. I fed him with that substance for the past 3 months and that was the cause of his death and as if that wasn’t enough, I had an affair with Fred and I’m already pregnant for him” Efe said.

Ruby was much interested with the person she was referring to than Fred’s issue. She was long over him and even though it hurts, she was not bothered than knowing who was responsible for her father’s death.

“Who gave you the substance? Tell me now, Efe, Who gave tou the substance” Ruby anxiously asked.

“I can’t madam, I can’t” Efe said. She was finding it difficult to reveal the culprit to Ruby, but Ruby insisted.

Efe had nothing else to hide, she had no option than to say the truth.

“Madam, it’s your mother, she ordered me to do this. She wants to move in with her husband and son at the village, where I came from. In fact they are already here” Efe disclosed it.

“Are you talking about that man and the young boy who came here this afternoon? Ruby asked.

“Yes madam, the young boy is Aziz, your step brother and Mr. Abdul is actually your mother’s first husband.”

This made Ruby more furious and angry. The love she even had for her mother just disappeared within seconds. The fact that her mother actually killed her father because of Mr. Aziz was what got her heart filled with hatred. All this while it was now clear that her mother never loved her father.

Without thinking twice about this, Ruby just called out Nana, instructing him to call the police immediately.

“Ruby, Don’t you think you should re consider this, at least, listen to what your mother has to say first” Nana suggested.

Ruby looking very angry turned and watched Nana in a manner that obviously showed how angry she was.

“I already know what to say. As I’m speaking now, my mother is lying beside that idiot who calls himself Mr. Aziz at the boys quarters.” Ruby said.

“What, your mother is….” Nana said.

“You heard me, just call the police now.” Ruby said and together with Nana they both left Efe’s room leaving her with Sakina.

Ruby just locked Sakina and Efe up and took the keys away. They both shouted out from the room but Ruby ignored them. Nana however had already called the police and they were on their way to the scene.

Together with Ruby, they sat at the hall while Nana tried to calm Ruby down. All this while ruby’s mother was still enjoying her sleep lying in Mr.Abdul’s arms.

Ruby looked very angry now and full with hatred however they got distracted when they saw a vehicle entering into the compound. Initially they thought it was the police until they got out to meet them and noticed it was Adzo and some strange people whom they had not seen before. Adzo had actually come with Mansa and her husband Kuu.

As soon as Ruby saw Adzo, she embraced her, despite all these happenings, her love for Adzo was unique.

Ruby however invited them in and without wasting any time, Adzo asked how Nhyira was faring.

“She is fine, Adzo. But where have you been all this while” Nana asked.

Before Adzo could open her mouth to talk, they all heard the noise of a siren which seemed to be coming towards the house.

The police had arrived and quickly Ruby led them to Efe’s room and arrested her. While she was being dragged away she kept on pleading and asking for forgiveness.

“Efe, I have already forgiven you, but the law has to take its course” Ruby said.

Together with all those who were present, Ruby again led the police to the boys quarters and there they arrested her mother who was still half naked.

“what is going on here, who the hell are these people” Ruby’s mother said trying to resist arrest.

“Mum, how could you? you killed my own father, your husband all because of these people” Ruby said.

“How can you accuse me of such a thing, Am innocent. Efe did everything, she poisoned your father. she had been feeding that substance over months now.” Her mother said.

“How did you know that mum, how did you if you were not the one who gave it to her” Ruby said.

Her mother was silent. she had nothing else to say. The police handcuffed her. However the police recognized Mr.Abdul. Apparently he has been wanted for some months now for child trafficking. They also arrested him. Adzo who kept watching from a distance began crying as they led them away.

“Adzo, don’t cry, my mother didn’t love me even to the extent of murdering my own father” Ruby said.

“mmm, you see that man, He is responsible for my pregnancy” Adzo said.

“Adzo, it doesn’t matter, you are with me now, I will take care of you and the baby. he can be responsible but he is not going to be the father” Ruby assured her.

Aziz and Sakina stood begging Ruby to set Mr.Abdul and Efe free and forgive them for what they have done.

“My own mother is also going to face the law. I have forgiven them but for now they have the state to deal with. And as for the two of you. I need you to get out of my house immediately” Ruby said and together with Nana and Adzo they walked out on them leaving them stranded.

Mansa and Kuu were just waiting for them at the living room. That was when Adzo introduced Ruby and Nana to them. That night was very special as they all felt the need to accept Jesus as their personal saviour.

Even though Ruby and Nana already were Christians, through Adzo and Mansa they got their faith strengthened in the word of God.

Three months down the line, Aziz and Sakina settled in the village living separate lives however, Ruby’s mother and Efe were both guilty and were sentenced to life in prison. Ruby didn’t abandon her mother completely. She frequently visited her at the prison and eventually she confessed to Ruby why she committed that crime.

Mr. Abdul was also sentenced to 20years in prison with hard labor. Meanwhile, Fred had also given his life to Christ after Baaba left him for the light skinned guy.

Adzo lived under the roof of Ruby and together they became very happy living with each other. They were more like blood related sisters.

It was during this time that Ruby actually began falling for Nana. Eventhough it took time for her to realize it she frequently goes to his place for a visit and take Nhyira out to the children’s park. She accepted her as her own now. What even strengthened their friendship was the fact that they all worshiped together at Mansa’s church and that made them more happier than they were before.


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