The type of people in your life has a lot to do in your journey of life. Never start a new year without screening the people in your life. Evaluating them will let you know who to upgrade, downgrade, or totally terminate.
Always remember that, not everybody deserves the special guest star to participate in the movie of your life. Anyone who is not adding any value to your life shouldn’t be in the front line of your life.
The dream of a sadist is for every body to be miserable in life.
Those who cannot see greatness in their own life will never see anything good in your own life.
Whoever sees or treats you as an option doesn’t deserve to be a priority in your life.
Never put temporary people in the permanent place of your life, and don’t be afraid of removing the wrong people from the right place of your life. If its your life then its your right.
Be bold to take any decision in your life. If they call it pride, tell them its class.
No matter the economy of the jungle, lions will never eat grass. Even if education is free, a rat will never go to the same school with a cat.
You can never go anywhere with negative people. Negative people are like cars without petrol and engines. You can only sit in them, but they will never take you anywhere.
Always remember this: Never ever embark on a life journey with someone who is not going anywhere in life, or willing to add value to your life.