“You seem like you have everything figured out in life” -Christiana Asamoah
One day, I was talking to a lady friend in church and she said, “You seem like you have everything figured out”, “No” I replied. I just wake up and show up because I have motivation. No matter who you are or what you know in life. There comes a time where you will be shattered and the only thing to give you hope is motivation.
Do you know Ronaldo Luis Nasaro De Lima? The Brazilian player who torments the whole world with his dribbling skills and scoring prowess. Yes! That guy who annoyed Ghanaians at the World Cup sometime back. He is affectionately called Ronaldo because his full name is too long. He used to play for Barcelona and later signed up for Inter Milan. He had a bad ending at Barcelona due to how his negotiations ended. He was not performing too well when he finally got to Milan.
The psychologist of the team had tried everything to get Ronaldo to play like the way the team wanted but to no avail. They later realized that his mum was the love of his life. The psychologist arranged with management to bring the mum to the dressing room to meet the son preparing to go on the pitch. That day, his face was lit and knowing that the mum was going to sit right behind their bench, he was so motivated that he netted three goals on that day.
What is my point here? You don’t always need money as motivation to do something you love. The greatest resource you can ever find is people. Who motivates you? As you get ready to step into the world every morning, what pushes you to do exploits? My motivation comes from God, my parents, brothers and my kid sister. I can spend 20mins on the phone with my mum before I emcee a program. Sometimes before I host my shows, I just speak to my dad to have a good laugh. If I’m working on a project, I call my big brother for advice and motivation to pull through. I wake up and show up because I am lit.
There will be days where you don’t feel like it. The world would seem like it’s crushing in. You may have all the right words to say and ideas to execute but there is no motivation to do it. Who is in your dressing room, before you step out into the game of life.
“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily” – Zig Ziglar
~ Smart Takyi Nixon