When Love Dies Episode 9



The atmosphere was fair enough. It looked like it was going to pour down heavily. I set out with my car. Then it started to shower…sudden and unexpected. My meeting with Charlie wont be cancelled,so amendments should take place. I dialed a number.

‘Hello ,Becky?’ re-schedule my appointments …yes, the one with Mr. Tamuno…yes, expecially that one… Ok. Thank you Becky”

My day had not been so well. I couldnt help but wonder : can anything amazing happen today? minutes later A lady on the roadside. She looked like she needed help. Her car broke down and she is holding an umbrella :clueless. I pulled over.

” Hello. You need help?

‘no mister. I’ll be fine. Dont worry about me.

‘Actually, I think you need a lot of it’ I said and came closer to her. She had this aura or energy. Something like a spark and it was indeed beautiful.

‘You see, my bus broke down and I’ve been trying to fix it’ . She replied. I rushed under her umbrella for safety from the rain.

‘let me take a look at that’

‘It just stopped’ she continued ‘and I dont kn…’

‘I’ll fix it. Ok? I cut in. She gave me an affirmative look then shrugged.


‘The caburator is heated, got a can of water? I asked .

‘yea sure. Here ,take it’ After a while I was done.

‘Now turn on the ignition’ *

She entered the driver’s seat and the car started ,after two attempts. Shutting the burnett, I came closer and she thanked me.

‘No problem’ I continued’ it just need an expert ‘

‘I’m really grateful. Mr….?’

‘Its Andrew Esele. Call me Andy’

‘Andy thank you so much, I dont know how am ever going to pay you back’

‘You can have coffee with me.’ She bit her lower lip.

‘ uhm , I will try but I’m not certain about that’ Just then I noticed her ring.

‘You are married?

‘yes..’ she replied

‘oh! So what happened? Where is your husband. He was not here to help you. Hmmm, I bet he is lucky to have a pretty lady like you as a wife’

‘Actually, I called him. He is in a meeting now’ She smiled. She was too young to be in a marriage relationship.

The rain drenched me and my whole body was completely ,or almost saturated with the water. I stood there, hoping she would have a little pity on me. Perhaps, just feel guilty; perhaps, feel remoarseful; or rather still, perhaps feel something-anything.

”I was hoping. Maybe you could still take coffee with me…later? She smiled once again.

’ ok. Andy, maybe Later’

‘ give me your number’

‘uhm…0805468****’ she said,

‘all good? I dialed the number without her knowledge.

‘Hello? An assurance briskly touched my face.

‘ Just making sure’ I said

‘ I never got your name?

‘ Katherine, Egedege’

‘You’re a local here in Port-Harcourt? I asked.

‘Nope, I’m Ibo. Enugu to be prescise. My husband is Ikwere’ she replied.

‘Oh! ‘ I exclamed’ that explains it all. She gave another beautiful smile.

”Ok Kate. See you…later’ She left me there in the rain and I wondered why she was driving a school bus ” hmmm, probably, she owned the school’.

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At my home. In my office. Kemi was giving me a prolonged stare. Not very long before she shot at me.

” Damilola? What exactly are you planning towards Gabriel? I became puzzled.

‘ Huh? Nothing. Just…nothing’

‘What do you mean nothing?


‘Dami, you are 25. I’m probably younger than you or the same age. Gabriel is 30’ She shouted ‘

Look at me! Oh my! Kemi is always like that. Always admonishing me, like she was my mother. I managed to gaze at her.

‘Good.’ she continued ‘ I know you more than you do yourself. I am not dumb, that I cant notice when my friend is in love.

Oh! Damiii, have you forgotten your ordeal with Richard. *

’ Damilola let me go’ that was Richard’s voice, the night he broke up with me.

‘Leave me, I have to get my life together’ he shouted at me ‘ let go off my shirt’ *

I was virtually bleeding with tears, begging and crawling on the floor .

‘Please Richie, dont leave me. If you do I will die. ‘ I cried ‘ Remember, you said you love me’ Richard pulled his shirt from my hands before entering his car, looked at me and said

‘ Well . I lied’ * Kemi jolted me back to the present.

‘ Miss Damilola Akehinde. Hello? I’m talking here’

‘I really dont know’

‘What’s that supposed to mean? She said.

‘I promised Kemi…’

‘Promised her what? I looked like a fool, but I had to say it. ‘ That I would get her daddy back’ Kemi furrowed her eyebrow .

‘ so? How does Gabriel enter the picture? I feigned non-challancy. Kemi became furious.

‘Answer me! ‘

‘Take it easy Kemi Joe, I’m still your boss’ I reminded her. She didnt care.

‘and I’m still your best friend’ WHAT A BUMMER

‘To be honest, I dont know’

‘I hope its not what I’m thinking? Because…. I could not take it anymore.

‘ ofcourse not. Please let me breathe’ I shot back at her ‘ mom!! It is not what you think’ She stared at me liked she would pounce on me.