When Love Dies Episode 6


The Turn Around GABRIEL

The ladies were feeling disgusted with my V.I.P treatment. They kept talking and making funny comments. I cared less about their discomfort. What difference would it make? I was also in great distress, the timing was wrong and terrible.

The air in the town shuttle bus was ageless and putrified. The passengers alone were more than the luxirious bus could accomodate.

” why is he occupying three seats ?”

”we are passengers too”

”I cant understand the reason why he sits there so comfortably…”

”while we are standing” the second lady cut in while they continued with their chit-chat. Their disturbances was much and the steward couldnt take it anymore. *

” please Ma’am dont get it all wrong. Those goods were paid for as normal passengers would ” he said to rid the bus of nonsense gossip. The bus was a fifteen seater-long town shuttle. Three passengers could sit on a row. That was not the case here, four passengers squeezed on each and a pack of others jammed themselves through the passway.

* my phone rang*

”hello Love” I sighed.

”hello Gabriel. How are you? Have you taken lunch?”

” No, but I will soon” I said trying to be calm .

‘why? Whats wrong? Kate enquired ”are you sick. Whats the problem honey? *

”nothing, I sold all my paper maché horses . Some lady bought them all, and I’m taking it to her flower farm now” I said.

”ok. Love . I’m here with Mimi. She is going to help me secure a job” Kate said in a more calm voice.

”ok. Bye love”

On that fateful day, I should be feeling happy about my sales. That was far from the truth. The stress of transportation was a tragedy in comedy garments.

I alighted from the bus at Eleme Junction- yes I was living in Port-Harcourt, Nigeria. thats how I got into exportation business- then took a cab that was going to ”Love Blooms ” flower farm. * Love Blooms was huge and stretch throughout a hectare of land. * The tales about this farm were ferry in nature. The exports of fresh flowers to the West(THE GREAT America) were tripple tonnes annually.

The main entrance had no gaurds and the flowers were beautiful. It was like the owner wanted to give a stranger the first impression- We have only beautiful flowers, no cash here- How sweet!!

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After the phone call with Gabriel, the thoughts in my head raced faster than ever. The great Usain Bolt would loose his reputation trying to beat their record.

”Uhm Kate…Kate…kate!!!” the voice of Mimi ,jolted me into reality.

”yes…yes… What? I said

”what are you up to now? Mimi said ” we cant sit here all day, come on lets get go search for a job” she continued.

”uhm.. Mimi its 2pm already. I have to pick Dave from school” I smirked. My eyes gazed upon the wall clock at the end of the eatery hall.

”ok then. We’ll do that tommorrow” Mimi sounded discouraged. *

David’s school was not so far from our location. The ride there was just 20 minutes away. The streets pattern was dynamic , cars trooped out of different angles . The traffic lights regulated the flow. ”RED..YELLOW…GREEN” and then I was in a flashback.


Gabriel was with me on the bed . The sheets were snow white and pure. I was still un-broken and 16 years old- a girl who was still in anticipation to explore the sweet side of life. He touched my b**bs which were very firm and super-big for my age. The electric charge that passed through me that moment were unspoken and unheard of.

” I’m scared Gabriel” I said , with fear in my voice.

” Trust me Katherine, this wont hurt” Gabriel convinced me.

” what happens if I get pregnant?’

” We will be careful, I promise you’ He said while kissing my lower stomach. He went further downwards. This time my abdomen were on fire. The fire I had never felt before. For the first time in my life, a strong the pin-like structure in my V.j was filled with so much nerves. The feeling was out of this world.

The pace of my heart increed, when Gabriel touch that pin-like structure with his tongue- uuhhhh!!! Oh my!! ”arrghhh!! Ummmm!!! Gabri…..” I moaned out.

”shhh stay put Kate ,just relax” He shushed me and grabbed my two arms that were trying to push his head away, from my v.j. These feelings were electric. Like nothing I’ve ever felt before. The sweetness turned to pain, when He inserted his finger into my V.j. A shock passed through me and my body released some kind of fluid. * The pain was excruciating and grew worse, when Gabriel put in his Pen*s inside me. He made two push and I was already bleeding. Blood soaked the white sheets and crawled down to my laps- I was fully unclad- and that was how I became de-flowered. ”ARRRRRR!!! It hurts . Gabriel please” I cried.

” Kate ,do you love me? He asked . His chocolate skin was now glowing, sweat broke out from every part of his unclad body. He was like a machine and that moment I fell in love with that Machine.

‘I love you”