When Love Dies Episode 40



The blood on her face had masked her completely , it took only her dark bunny- like eyes and her clothing to recognise her. ( meaning: if one hadn’t been sure, but no . I knew my wife’s figure , it was definitely her).

Her hair was messy and sand mixed with dust crowned her once black jewel of hair strands.This was very painful for me to endure, I couldn’t imagine the depth of cluelessness and hopelessness that overwhelmed me at that crucial moment. What could I do?

” Kate.. Love , Its me ,I’m here —it Ga–” tears escaped my eyes. Pull yourself together man* An inner voice said. But how could I ? My decisions and stupid actions had lead to my wife’s misfortune. I bent down on both knees and held her neck round my arm,

” Please hold on– just hang in there — dear God, Please! ” Pain in my already craoaked voice. She tried to utter something, but the words wouldnt come out, her lips were soaked in blood and she coughed out even more.

” My ba– my baby, Gabe my— our baby, save our -” she muttered into my ears .

” I know, she will be fine”. I said trying to give her an assurance ,even though I was clueless of its gender or even if it were still alive. ” Please hold on , Kate. Just a little longer. ” I got confused and knew not what to do. I couldnt move her, or I was afraid it would cause more harm than good. People started popping out of their various homes or holes where they had hid, I suddenly became paranoid and glanced through their faces with anger. It could have been any one of them: Maybe that grumpy looking guy in brown shirts, No, maybe that one eyed fellow with a walking stick? Or maybe still that old looking hag o’er there. Who could have done this hideous act?

” Kate tell me, who did this to you” She whispered the name of the culprit and I clutched my fist in anger. I carried her in my arms and blood stained my sky blue shirt, dust was all over my arm. A young man offered to help, he was in his twenties and I couldnt explain how happy I was at that moment.

” Oga , lemme drive the car, stay with her at the back seat. She is still breathing, and loneliness won’t do her any good. She needs you now, more than ever.” Indeed I wanted nothing more than to be with my wife ,not just that moment but forever. I opened the passengers seats’ door and carefully placed her on the seat, shut the door and went over to the other side to enter the vehicle. The young lad ignited the engine and we sped off. There she lay on my laps and life gradually eluding her. *

We arrived at the general hospital ,the same one where Tayo had been all these while .And the thought of it, brought omen of bad luck. Thankfully , Kate was still breathing, she was indeed a fighter and all along she kept muttering

” My baby,..my little baby” The young man parked into a space, without thinking twice and he stopped the engine. I hesitated to move, but his voice brought me back to reality,

” Bros, carry her down nah. Person go die here o!” Kate’s heart pace reduced, and she gasped for air, I jumped out of the car and carried her like a mad man. My shirt was flying in different directions. I ran into the ER ( Emergency room).

” Help o .. nurse , doctor? Anybody” I cried out. ” Norsuuuuuuuuuu!!!? Dokkkuuuuu!!!! Help me o my wife is dying here” In a blink. Emergency props became utilised to full potentials. The entire staff in the ER , abandoned other patients, which were too numerous to count .it was a busy day indeed.

” Code blue– code blue” A tall doctor with moustache announced. An alarm went off , and started ringing in the entire hospital block. Whatever that code meant, I knew it was the clarion call for all hands to be on deck. And it wasnt a code for good news.

They put her on a bed . They flattened the bed and removed all pillows. and pulled it into a corner, covered its surroundings with curtains. They plugged machines to wall sockets. More doctors came rushing from other wards.

” Check for pulse ? ” the doctor said to one of his surbodniates

“Carotid pulse is dropping ” someone replied. The doctor began manual resuscitation as he compressed Kate’s chest with his palms. CPR was taking place. And I suspected that she had gone into cardiac arrest.

” What’s happening , Doctor she suddenly shut her eyelids ” I became afraid ” Don’t let her die ,please . ” Kate eyes closed and in the light of reality that dawned on me , it was obvious she was loosing grip onto life.

” Pulse is 30 and descending, sir, ” A female doctor said calmly.

” Bring in the E -cart and Charge AED ” He commanded again Everyone was active , I was the only helpless individual present, I rubbed my palms on my lower lips and scratched my head , paced up and down and couldn’t stop fidgeting.

“Lord Please, I will change for the good , don’t let this befall, me ” I prayed in my heart ” Kate is innocent, take me instead , please”

” AED charged ” another female doctor responded ” Clear ” she concluded. The machine zapped electricity and the impact on Kate’s chest yanked her up the bed and down again.

” she has lost a lot of blood, get the I.V fluids” The doctor commanded and a nurse did the job immediately. I stood there , silent , not knowing if I should cry or join the medical team.

” We are loosing her ” A fair skinned doctor said ” Pulse rate is flat”

” No, no– ” I cried ” Do something, please … She can’t die.. Kate!!!! ”

” Somebody get this man out.of here ,now” The first doctor commanded. More doctors came , and the guy with moustache was still in command, I suspected him to be the attending physician. A nurse dragged me out ,

” sir , we will try our best. Please move back a little.” A security officer in white vest, pulled me back as he tried to control the crowd in the ER, there were a lot of people there, everyone was inquisitive as they giraffe just to get a glance.

” sir , kindly step back please , be calm. Put yourself together. Madam ” he spotted another intruder ” move back please, don’t crowd that response team” I could hear the voice of the doctor again as he dished out orders

” Get me the head of plastics.. Where is the second response team?..Check for inter cranial activity and suture that bleeding.. Increase charge ” The AED machine zapped again and this time the charge was prolonged..

“Come on, Come on!!! Dammit !! ” The doctor cursed under his breathe. ” come on!”

” Fight it!! Fight for me Kate ! Fight !!” he said trying to remain calm.

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The gate was left open and I’d never do such . I never enjoyed the intrusion of others into my compound and my neighbors thought me to be awkward. I never kept pets, neither did I enjoy blasting music or even throwing parties. I liked it cool and calm. Kemi probably left the gate as it were , when I drove in. What kind of tricks was she up to ? She now lived in my home and practically assumed the role of madam already, women and their thinking faculty. ” Well too bad, I am not ready for a life time commitment ” I thought to myself.

” what had she been thinking that made her leave the gate unlocked ? I questioned my subconscious mind and pulled the gate as it gave out a metallic cry. It could only be shut properly through the control room and that was inside the house. My mobile had been vibrating all day in my pocket and I was too busy to even take a glance . I often missed unimportant calls like Kemi calling when I’m in the middle of a board meeting, that’s stupid. 10 missed calls ? Who the heck left me these much? Mimi? What did she want. It’s been ages since we last talked and for her calling every two minutes ,it had to be urgent.

I walked into the living room ,while I dialed Mimi’s line but it didn’t connect. I put it back into my pocket.

” Baby ” I called out ” Baby I’m home ” I tried to sound romantic , like I forgot she left the gate open, which was a taboo. ” Kemi? . I got no reply . It became suspicious enough for me to conclude that some fool had burgled into my home, but how did he breach my security code? I unlocked my brief case and brought out a 9mm pistol gun. I never thought a day would come when I’d have to use it , after purchasing it for self defence. Time to work o’l boy ” I entrusted my life in its capabilities.

I clicked the cartridge and it cocked with affirmation. This was why I lived a private life, I had trust issues. I moved into the control room and checked the camera footage., All clear. So where in the world was she, only one place had no camera installed in the entire house.

I light footed my way to the bedroom and my right hand twisted the lock handle, to give way into the room. Every breathe I took was important as I tried to be as quiet as possible. Fear sipped into my veins and shivers ran down my spine. My enemy could attack from any angle. ‘ Oh yes this was scary, but I took courage”

When I opened the door, I heaved a sigh of relief. I lowered the weapon. Kemi sat near the half length mirror, adjacent my shower room’s door , she made up her face. I hid the gun behind as she turned , a bit surprised to see me. I carefully put away the gun when she wasnt looking . I hid it in the bed’s drawer. ” How long have you been there?

” Two minutes – ” I began

” why do you enjoy leaving the gate open ? . Thats the second time now–” She cut me short of words as she turned and stared lustfully into my eyes. She packed her hair in a bathroom towel and was in a bathrobe. She came forward and kissed me. Where ever she took this , I was still to know. On several occasions when we made out, she never kissed me — she’d never do that before growling lustfully into my ears — wait ,something was fishy here.

” what’s wrong? I looked her in the eye.

” I’m sorry .. Andy, they forced me to do it ” She hid something from me, and I wanted to know

” Who forced you, what are you saying? ” I pushed her slightly and went backwards.

” I’m sorry ..I truly am ” She began in tears.

” What have you done , Kemi? ” I asked ” What the hell is going on ? Talk–” Before I could say anymore, the door behind me rammed open and I turned with fear, to behold my captors. Police officers ? In my house ? What the hell was happening?

” Get down, on your knees!! NOW !!! ” a fierce looking man commanded.” Your hands behind your head , I said your hands behind your head.”

” what’s this ?? I havent done anything wrong? I’m not a criminal , why ?–” He pointed the gun at my forehead and I shook with fear. They were five in number, even if I outsmarted two, I’d be dead before I jumped out of the window.

” What are you doing in my house? Do you know I can sue you for breaking into my privacy? , whatever happened to human rights in this country? ” I used the last resort I could think of. I glanced at Kemi who was terrified as fuvck. I was disappointed. Then a familiar figure entered the room, he was blue all over with pain and anger.

” Gabriel? What the fuvck is he doing here?

” Mr Andrew , Esele. ” the police Sergeant said, while hand cuffing me” You are under arrest for the murder of Mrs Katherine Egedege …you have the right to remain silent ,as any…” He kept on with his speech ,but I was shocked to listen anymore. Kate?? Murder? No way ” the thought ate me up”