When Love Dies Episode 24



When I regained consciousness, I felt a sting of acute pain on my head. I touched the back of it and my palms brushed briskly against the gauze and bandages used to patch it up. I couldn’t see very clearly as my vision was still AWOL.

I opened my eyes and saw my entire family with me in a small room. I was shocked and I tried to get up but a force brought me down . I looked at my arm and it was Kate’s grip- Soft and gentle, urging me to stay down.

” Rest , Love. please don’t move yet”

” Where am I? I asked after seeing things that were strange. Kate explained everything to me and told me how Tayo had been bleeding severely. And how the doctors requested for a police report before treatment.

“….and Right now” She said ” Tayo’s in a deep Coma. Chances of him pulling it through is a 50-50 bargain. I’m sorry”. I asked them to take me to him, but no one granted my request. I got up and this time , everybody held me down.

” Please take it easy” Maxwell grabbed my arms firmly. I felt pain and I saw as my little boy – David – He cried bitterly. His jaws were open and tears flooded down his cheeks. Suddenly, I became weak in my bones.

“Let me see him… Please let me see him. I want to see my friend…” Mother called on the nurses and even the janitors that were outside cleaning the corrider. Before I could say jack, a whole medical team rushed into the room. They held me down . They brought out a big syring-very big and monsterous. I struggled . The doctor gave out orders to hold me tight. Then , the ceiling started to spin round in my eyes, that was when I noticed the syringe which stabbed deep into my veins. The pain travelled up to my elbow………


” Please , how do I get to the ward for gunshot victims? I asked the nurse at the reception counter. The counter was made of marble stone, and it glittered in the reflection of the energy lights that were above the hall. Behind the nurse, were posters of disease management techniques , like diabetes and co.

On the wall to the right was a fire extinguisher. I sparingly looked across the hall and saw people who sat down on plastic benches and looked very depressed. The stench of drugs intensified as my nostrils suffered severely.

” Hello… Excuse me ” I continued ” Please where can I find the ward for gunshot victims? She looked at me with suspicion and fondled her pen , then said.

” What is your mission? You want to finish someone off?…” I smiled

” Negative . I’m just a concerned relative’ She furrowed her eyebrows then gave me directions accordingly.


The door to Gabriel’s room was heavily guarded by two hefty men. I couldn’t get in easily , not even with my lady charms. Even if I lied to them. *What the… you can’t be serious* I thought . I moved past them with fear to the other end of the corridor , hoping to catch a glimpse of their weapons. Each man had a short pistol ( 9millimeters) attached to his waistline. Just then a lady came out of a locker room to my left, while I thought of how to conquer my bloody hiderance .

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I pushed the door open and saw clothing of nurses and lab coats for doctors arranged properly with each cabinet having a name on it . Each contained bags with personal belongings kept safely inside. I took a coat and a stethoscope. I walked out of the room and went back toward the men with some audacity that screamed ” Demon” as I moved.

” Let me pass , please” The men spread out and allowed me gain a superb entrance. Finally! I thought out loudly. Fortunately for me, He was all alone. Perfect timing! He was sleeping peacefully like a sacrificial lamb.

I drew the chair near his bed side and called out his name as I sat down comfortably.

” Gabriel?? —- G-A-B-R-I-E- L?? His eyes opened religiously and he gazed upon me with shock. I wondered what he was thinking , I could see agony in his brown eyes. I grabbed his arms gently and gave him a big cheerful smile.

” What are you doing here? He said, as he withdrew his arms.

” Is that what they usually say? I thought its the other way round… Like ‘” What am I doing here? I chuckled another smile.

” What’s so f—–g funny? I stroked his forehead and he jerked as I touched his bandage.

” Easy now . You don’t want to tear up your stitches. ” I began” But tell me… Why would someone want you dead? I need you alive. I want you…. All of you… Not your corpse, but your body , soul and mind.” He smirked his lips.

” How long have you been there? Where is Kate, my son ? Where is my family?

” Its just a few minutes , probably five. I tried to get in earlier, but hey- those guys out there: they are scary as scary can be” I joked about it.

” Why do you have a coat on you?

” Really? … Is that.. Is that all you ‘ll ask me? … What about me? –us? About Funmi? Are we not your family too?

” There is no ‘us’. There is just ‘me’ and there is ‘you.” He replied without emotions.

Tears clouded my eyes as those words bloodbathed my heart. My lips engaged with his pale lips. He didn’t hesitate at first, he kissed me back. I could feel passion and mindblowing tension as my tears trickled down upon his cheeks. Then, he pushed me slightly and looked away. I felt disappointed. I whispered into his right ear.

” Very good. Show less emotions and you’ll live longer” ***

” Excuse me…” a voice came from behind as the door creaked open.

” Mrs…Mrs… Ege…Egdege?. I was shocked .

” Sorry to intrude ” she replied. Smiling , I moved a little bit away from the bed but she was suspicious of me- I wondered what she was thinking.

” Well don’t be. At least not yet ”

” And you must be David” I waved at the little boy beside her. He was so gullible but very cute , just like his dad.

” How is my husband doing, doctor?

” Oh!! He is fine. For now, we just have to keep an eye on him, observing his progress. He should be out of here in two or three days. I’ll leave you now” I walked towards the door.

” wait..” My knee cap buckled as I turned and glanced at Katherine. ” You forgot your stethoscope” She gave it to me and smiled.

” Right. Thank you.” I opened the door and left through the back door. I was happy with my narrow escape and planned my next line of action. In no time, Gabriel would come crawling and begging me to let him back into my life. Surely he would….Definately….